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For over a decade, this institute has produced a substancial number of Korean speaking students. Currently affiliated with Kenyatta University, the institute offers free Korean classes to the university’s student fraternity and the community at large. The director, who initiated and also teaches at this institute, is a Korean and so is his beautiful wife. One of the two main teachers is a Kenyan who has studied in Korea for over 7 years making her perfect for the job. The institute also endorses a student as an assistant thus promoting leadership qualities. The institute also receives a K-pop teacher; who is usually a Korean university student, from Korea’s main office on a yearly basis.

The institute offers various Korean related activities including; k-pop, k-drama, k-cuisine, k-culture, and Korean lessons. The class has an inbuilt library with numerous books ranging from Korean novels, newspapers, and language books. The lessons are divided in terms of levels in addition to a single common class every end week for students of all levels to mingle. Each lesson is divided into reading, writing, listening and speaking sections with certificates awarded at the end of each semester and level. There are numerous contests and competitions amongst the students of within the institute and against those of other Sejong Institutes; including ones were international finalists compete in Korea, with prestigious prizes and certificates to be won. The students get the opportunity to interact with both the Kenyan and international Korean community.

During the pandemic, the institute switched to online mode as with other fellow King Sejong institutes worldwide meaning individuals outside Kenya can gain access to the class. Other than participating and enjoying Korean cuisine, one of the other most interesting aspect is the numerous scholarship opportunities available to the Korean students. The staff is very patient, understanding, hospitable and always available to offer whatever help they can. I would highly recommend the Nairobi King Sejong Institute to any individual interested in furthering their Korean language.


—-P. Earlkh



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