My Top 5 Pet Youtubers in Korea

September 28, 2020 | 8706 Visits

Animal influencers are on the rise in South Korea.

For this article, I picked out 5 youtubers who feature their pets on their Youtube channel. This list is not in a particular order for ranking.


Rupong’s House

Subscribers: 560K

This channel is all about two pomeranian dogs: Rudy and Pongki. Their owner takes super good care of them and the videos show their daily routines, like swimming in the pool, bathing, getting massages and the likes.

Subtitles are available and these dogs have fans all over the world for their cuteness.




Subscribers: 3.75M

CreamHeroes is a channel about a butler and her 10 cats. The channel initially started off with 7 cats but a mother cat with her two kittens were also added to the family recently. DD, TT, Momo, Coco, Lala, Chuchu, Lulu, Nana, Dodo and Toto have fans worldwide who love to monitor their every move.

Other than the two CreamHeroes channel, the butler owns two other channels with similar content – Kittisaurus and Claire Luvcat.



Subscribers: 1.52M


This channel is run by a couple who own a pet beauty salon. The main stars are two dogs (Shu and Namu) and a kitten called Ann. The videos often show dogs getting makeovers done and groomed.


Spoonful of Ragdolls

Subscribers: 104K


Spoonful of Ragdolls stars 11 ragdoll cats: mostly related to one another who all live under the same roof. Amber had kittens a few months ago so, the videos show Gucci, Giselle, Google, Gemma and Goofy learn and adjust to life.


SoonMoo Cat

Subscribers: 99.1K


Soonmoo is a Scottish Fold cat that is named that way because of the color of its fur. Soonmoo means “turnip” in Korean. This cat likes to laze about like most cats do, but still doesn’t fail to attract the viewers with its charm.



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13 responses to “My Top 5 Pet Youtubers in Korea”

  1. lee joyce says:

    it’s definetly true i love them <3

  2. Chandrakanta says:

    👏 For rudy pongki

  3. &&& says:

    Pongki and Rudy…

  4. isabel says:

    For rudy and pongki

  5. Marian says:

    Rudy and Pongki soo cute!!!!

  6. Marian says:

    Rudy and Pongki so

  7. Manju Natha says:

    I love the soy channel of rupong pets. Both the dogs are so cute and the lady who makes all these is super cute. Her voice, her laughing, nice to hear. But why she obscure herself from the viewers? I love her.

  8. umar says:

    I love the soy channel of rupong pets.

  9. Diane says:

    Really there are other channels besides RuPong. Yes, they are cute but these other channels work just as hard. They need some love as well. Shu & Tree are adorable. I just started watching and can’t wait to see more.

  10. pom says:

    Rudy and Pongki are my favorite poms!

  11. Pongiya Rudy pls respond your phone number i will talk to you

  12. anaya says:

    Rudy and Pongki of course

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