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September 27, 2014 | 1454 Visits

There have been numerous movies that were released in 2014 and I would like to introduce you to a couple of my favorites!

Hot Young Bloods
Hot young Bloods
This movie is set in 1980’s background in Heongseong, South Korea.   Young-Sook is the leader of a gang at her high school.   She is known for being tough and mean, but she secretly has a crush on Joong-Gil.  Joong-Gil is a player.   He tries to get with all the girls at school except for Young-Sook, because Gwang-Sik, a leader of another gang group has feelings for Young-Sook.   One day, a new female student transfers to their school who is very pretty and was different from the rest of girls at school.  Joong-Gil likes the new girl and Young-Sook gets jealous and tries to keep the girl away from her crush.  Trouble starts to occur as Gwang-Sik finds out Young-Sook is trying to get in between Joong-Gil and the new student.

The Admiral: Roaring Currents
In 1597, it has been six years that Joseon Dynasty has been attacked by the Japanese. As things started falling apart, in order to defend the country, Admiral YI is once again chosen as the Chief of Naval Operations.   Japanese Chief Commander Kurushima is known for his cruel and clever strategies.  He destroyed the Turtle Ship, which was Joseon’s last hope to win against Japan.   With only 12 battleships and an army of soldiers, Admiral YI faces Japan in the battle known as The Battle of Myeong Nyang.

Man in Love
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Tae-Il is a criminal who goes around the town in Gunsan collecting debts and harassing people for money that he owes to a small gang he works for.   Tae-Il is 42 years old and he lives with his brother Young-Il.   Tae-Il has never been in love and wasn’t very interested in it until he meets Ho-Jung who is a bank clerk that is busy taking care of her debt, which was spent  on taking care of her ill father.   When they first meet, Tae-Il forced her to sign an agreement that required her to sell her organs if she wasn’t able to pay back the debt on time.   After getting her to sign the agreement, Tae-IL cannot stop thinking about Ho-Jung.   He wrote her a new contract that said he will free her from her debt if she went on dates with him.   The more she goes on the dates, the less debt she has to pay back.   At first Ho-Jung declines it but when she realizes she’s not able to pay back the debt , she agrees to the new contract.   As they start going on dates, the two start to have more and more feelings toward each other.   As a serious relationship begins, Tae-Il tries to leave the gang but it doesn’t work out too well and unfortunately, he is diagnosed with cancer, which leaves his relationship with Ho-Jung in limbo.

Another Promise
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When Yoon-Mi graduated from high school, she looks for a job to support her family. What she wanted the most was to be able to pay for her younger brother Yoon-Seok’s college tuition.  Sang-Gu, Yoon-Mi’s father, was very happy and proud of Yoon-Mi when she go hired as a worker at the Jinsung semiconductor factory.   Two years later, Sang-Gu finds out that his daughter is diagnosed with leukemia.   After four years of having leukemia, Yoon-Mi dies.   Her father later learns that Yoon-Mi’s coworkers at the factory are also suffering from diseases and he is convinced that the disease was from the factory.   Sang-Gu visits a labor attorney and filed a claim against the company.   The company used many different methods to keep Sang-Gu’s and other families’ claims from becoming public.   Jinsung workers would spy on and approached the families and offered them money to keep the problem from being exposed to the public.   Despite what the company is doing, Sang-Gu is determined to get the truth out for his daughter.

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