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September 26, 2014 | 1815 Visits

On Saturday 13th September, I headed off to Kintex in Ilsan to attend a fashion show, plus to see some of the big names in K-pop perform live. ((Kintex stands for Korean International Exhibition Center and Ilsan is in Northern Province of Gyeonggi-do, located an hour from Central Seoul)

This three-hour show starting at 5 pm that day was to be a combination of fashion runway shows and K-pop performances of pop acts including DJ DOC, 2PM, Teen top, 100%, B.A.P, After School, BOYFRIEND, Girl’s Day, Stellar, Dynamic Duo. And other and solo acts like Kyebum Zu and a Japanese group called Sweet Bullet and others were to highlight the concert with fashion shows by various designers. 2PM’s Taecyeon and girl group Stellar’s member Hyoeun were the main hosts for the events.

Since I’ve been to KINTEX many times previously for concerts or various events, so of course I expected to have a seat especially since I had a ticket with a seat number, but surprisingly enough the seats were not really visible except for some seats for the camera crew and their staff.

Inside the concert hall, before the actual concert took off, I saw that there were half a dozen tents where people were queuing up to receive free lollipop sticks and yogurt drinks from companies who were promoting them.

There was also a tent that was getting people to sign up to bring awareness towards treatment for people with burns and scars. I learned that this whole concert was held to raise funds for the victims who suffer from accidents resulting in skin damage, rash, scars and etc.

Later, in-between the concert performances, Taecyeon and Hyoeun informed the audience about the cause the importance of the charity.

Overall, the atmosphere inside the hall was very vibrant and diverse to the usual concert experience.

Kintex consists of multiple halls; the one this event was held in was hall number 5, busy with people from different parts of the world who came to watch their stars on stage. The audience got super hyper and excited, cheering and dancing when DJ DOC appeared on stage singing ‘Run To You’, their hit song, which was released in the year 2000. And the Noraebang’s favorite tune was enough to keep people singing along and happy.

DJ DOC’s vocal sounded very much like playing a record, the main vocal Changryul’s voice was not in the least shaky and it came out very loud and clear. DJ DOC has existed as a band since the 90’s and have produced dance and hip hop music, with the ‘Run To You’ probably being their biggest hit. After three of their songs were performed, runways for everyday outfits began – the clothes shown were targeted for both women and men for the coming fall season. The outfits the models displayed were themed very differently, but they were all very casual wearables.

After one designer’s show was through, a K-pop act came on stage and sang two or three of their songs live. Then another fashion show by a different designer would begin. Boyfriend, Stellar, 100% and After School sang their newreleased singles and their debut singles, which were well-received and cheered on by the fans in the audience.

Boyfriend sang their most current single called, ‘Startup!‘ As well as their 2011debut single ‘Boyfriend.’ Stellar is a four-member girl group formed in 2011 and they performed their song, ‘Marionette’ along with a couple other of their

For those who are not aware of who 100% is, 100% is a seven-member boy band who debuted in 2012, created by the Shinhwa’s member, Andy Lee. Their performance was very energetic with up-beat music.

After School sang their hit singles, ‘Because Of You,’ ‘Bang’ and ’Diva’. And, because it had been quite a while since people were able to see a performance by the girls together, the crowd was particularly excited to see them.

The most popular acts were saved until last that night, since it was obvious the most anticipated artists for this audience was notably B. A. P. and 2PM. The crowd got louder and the air got more intense when B. A. P. appeared. Fans sang along to the lyrics to ‘One Shot,‘ ‘Angel’ and ‘No Mercy.‘ Many hands were raised to take pictures of the group. The name B. A. P stands for ‘Best, Absolute, Perfect’ and their performances were nearly fitting to their name and they displayed a lot of professionalism in their live vocals and choreography.

One Shot – B.A.P Live @ SGC Super Live In Seoul (???????)
David Lee ???
Recorded Live @ Kintex Hall, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Jinyoung Park.

??????? ?? ???. ??? ???. (2014.09.13)

As the very last performers of the night, 2PM wrapped up the concert with their hits, ‘Ten Out Of Ten,’ ‘Put Your Hands Up,’ ‘Go Crazy,’ and ‘Hot.’ 2PM’s main vocalist, Jun. K put in a few words that he wrote the lyrics and music to the latter two songs mentioned above, and the crowd was heated upby the fast track of the songs, very diverse from their previous singles, which were written by J. Y. P’s head, Jinyoung Park.

Hands Up – 2PM Live @ SGC Super Live In Seoul (?? ?? ???)
David Lee ???
Recorded Live @ Kintex Hall, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
??????? ?? ???. ??? ???. (2014.09.13)

The whole concert with the fashions shows were executed brilliantly and very entertaining, and the crowd – even though they were all standing for 3 hours were all civil and very much organized.

The entire show offered fashion, music and entertainment in one night. It was well-planned out and definitely a win-win situation for a lot of people; for the fashion designers, the performers and the fans within the crowd. It’s always agreat cultural experience to be among so many people who gather to see live performances and watching different bands and artists in one show made the concert even more elaborate and fun.

Kcrush wants to thank Stephanie from “HallyuBack” for attending the event as our special guest. What a treat it was to have her there. Thank you Stephanie! Watch Stephanie’s great and sometimes hilarious shows on her channel.


—- J. Chung

Photo credits: Ye Ryu. Thank you for allowing us to share your great photographs with our Kcrush fans.

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