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Korean people are known for their casual, but unique fashion styles.   Many have great style and when I was looking through some Korean fashion magazines, I was amazed by the concepts and how much effort is put into every little detail.   Have the craziest ideas and somehow managing to pull them off.   It may be hard for the students to wear what they want during the week ,because it’s school code to wear uniforms throughout the week, but on the weekends, they fully dress up.   Most people dress like people living in New York, and they love wearing designer clothes.   In fact, a lot of them only wear brand named clothes even if it’s hard for them to afford it.   Clothes that are name brand are expensive in the United States, but it’s even more expensive in Korea.   The price usually doubles or even triples, so if you’re living in the United States and you think that clothes are expensive, you’re wrong!   You should be very thankful to be able to buy it at lower prices, because when these products are shipped overseas, they will become really expensive.

Because fashion is so important in Korea, there are a lot of Internet shopping sites those teenagers own.   Yes, I said teenagers.   These teenagers from age 17~25 usually, are the CEOs of these clothing websites and if it becomes popular, they can make a lot of money from them.   There are also many models used to advertise clothes on these sites and it’s very common for the CEO to participate as a model.  To give you an idea of how Koreans’ dress, a great example would be G-Dragon of Big Bang.   If you’re not familiar with him then you should look him up because this guy has some of the best/craziest ideas when it comes to fashion.   He is very well known to many designers, so popular that these designers/companies send him free products to try on and if he ever wears them out in the public, it will instantly become popular.

Models are also a great example.   If you look into fashion blogs, magazines, etc., there are a lot of models with great styles.   Even though they kind of have to look their best since it’s their job, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore how great they look.   Normal people might not go as full out as these people, but they still dress really nicely.   They are highly interested in brand named clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Like I said before, brand named items are very expensive in Korea, so for people to keep liking them and buying them, you can really see their love for fashion.

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  1. louvretower says:

    Imported stuff are expensive in any country because of the taxes. If you’re trying to buy European beands like louis vuitton, or any italian stuff it’s cheaper in Korea than in the States cause of the free trade or whatever. Korea has the best bargains in department stores imo.

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