MCND’s comeback schedule on August 31st! Surprise release!!!

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MCND, who announced powerful and strong performance, will comeback on August 31st!!
– MCND’s new album [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter. 1] Comeback countdown start!!!!

The group MCND has begun the countdown to their comeback.

MCND released its 3rd MINI ALBUM [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION CHAPTER.1] comeback schedule on its official SNS channel at midnight on the 13th..

According to the released schedule, MCND will make a comeback on August 31 after releasing the entire [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION CHAPTER.1] and the music video for the title song. Prior to this, various contents such as group and individual photos, tracklists, music video teasers, and music thumbnail will be released starting with the upcoming secret mission on the 16th, and it is receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans.

MCND is making headlines by releasing a performance trailer with MCND’s worldview story as the first promotion of the album “THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION Chapter 1”.

In particular, the released trailer featured English lyrics with performances and visual beauty reminiscent of a music video, and messages of affection and longing for fans. As a result, fans from all over the world sympathize with it, adding to expectations for MCND’s comeback.

Global fans are paying keen attention to the new music and performance stage that MCND, who has become a fourth-generation global idol, will present through “THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION CHAPTER.1” by charting in Billboard, Amazon, and iTunes charts with 2nd MINI ALBUM <MCND AGE>.

MCND’s third mini-album [THE EARTH: SECRET MISSION CHAPTER.1] title music video and full digital tracks will be released on August 31.

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