Ladies’ Code’s RiSe Passes Away

September 7, 2014 | 1115 Visits

At 10:10am September 7, 2014, another tragedy struck as Ladies’ Code’s RiSe passed away. She turned 23 August 16.

RiSe sustained critical injuries from the September 3, 2014, accident that took fellow Ladies’ Code member EunB’s life. Doctors operated on RiSe for seven-to-11 hours, having to suspend further surgery after her blood pressure dropped.

During surgery, RiSe’s heart stopped, and doctors needed to perform an internal cardiac massage to get her heart pumping again.

Since the surgeries, RiSe had been in a coma. Her family members stayed by her side.

Since RiSe’s passing, Polaris released a statement to the public stating, “RiSe received a critical injury to her head and was moved to the hospital. She received surgery for as long as possible but ultimately passed away. Her parents, who came from Japan, and Polaris staff stayed with her until the end. We are so sorry to give you the sad news. Since EunB has also passed, we cannot hide our sorrows.”

We cannot hide our sorrows either.

Information has not been released regarding funeral plans or how the other members are doing.

As our thoughts and prayers remain with EunB and her family and friends, our thoughts and prayers go out to RiSe and her family and friends and Ladies’ Code members during this time.

Rest in peace, lovely angels.

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