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September 9, 2014 | 1933 Visits

 On September 4, KBS already announced that 2PM’s upcoming single “Go Crazy” is already banned due to “inappropriate lyrics.” Never mind how a tracklist wasn’t shared with the public yet or how audio teasers were not released until later in the day; nope, the song needed to go and KBS offed it. The lyrics in question are:

“Let’s go for a second round”

“These guys are planning to go crazy”*

*Apparently, the Korean is a vulgar expression.  As Naver commentators say, the lyrics are not necessarily bad, but the term used is a “rougher term for ‘guys.’”

In honor of 2PM’s ban (since getting the axe from KBS seems like a badge of honor anymore), here are some of KBS’ most ridiculous bans over the years!

Akdong Musician “Galaxy”


Apparently KBS didn’t get the memo that there is a galaxy outside of a cell phone and that all of us actually live in said galaxy.  KBS deemed AKMU’s play unfit for broadcast due to the repeat of the word “galaxy,” which listeners may have confused as an advertisement for the phone.  I guess that’s the side effect of living in the digital age?

Orange Caramel “Catallena”


Wrapping people in plastic is a bit extreme and shows a disregard for human life, so I’ll give KBS that. But, that’s beside the point here.  Orange Caramel are mermaids and sushi, so they’re mythical creatures and a yummy meal. Unless KBS wants seafood to be unwrapped!  Then we have a disregard for human life if it’s advertised seafood should be left out in the open.  Food poisoning isn’t pretty, KBS.

PSY “Gentleman”


This ban is funny, because it was banned for what wasn’t expected: A kicked traffic cone.  You can pick your backside, pull chairs out from underneath people, and incorporate sexual innuendo with food, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT kick a traffic cone no matter how squirrely it may be!

Hot Potato “Pillow”

psy gangnam style


Being artistic and symbolic in an MV is a punishable act; just ask Hot Potato. Walking the wrong way on the moving sidewalk is a misdemeanor in KBS-land, so is littering.  Littering is bad and people shouldn’t do it, but is it a ban-able offense?  Apparently so back in 2010, but not so much in 2012 when “Gangnam Style” was the craze and crazy-amounts of trash blew past PSY.

Real trash a la PSY’s “Gangnam Style?” Okay.

Embrace the trash, PSY. KBS thinks it’s okay!/via hancinema.net

Dropping portions of your memories to drive home the point of the lyrics?  Don’t even try it.

GD and TOP “Knock Out”


For years, KBS hasn’t been too fond of Big Bang, and that’s no secret.  While fans were outraged, they weren’t surprised by “Knock Out’s” ban.  Reason: “It’s damaging to national psyche.”  The Korean title “Bbeokigayo” is slang.  I’ve heard that listening to this song may cause you to rebel against society and might cause you to kick traffic cones, walk the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, and dance on buses. Maybe KBS was right to remove this song from its playlist?

So what KBS “strange reason” bans were your favorites?   Let us know in the comments below!

– Joelle Halon

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