[BREAKING] Ladies’ Code EunB Passes Away Following Tragic Accident

September 3, 2014 | 1658 Visits

In a world full of aegyo, happiness, and hard-working performers, it’s difficult to announce when tragedy strikes the K-Pop world. Sadly, today, there is tragic news to report as Ladies’ Code’s EunB passed away following a tragic vehicle accident September 3, 2014 in South Korea. She was only 22.

The accident occurred after 1am KST.  Rainy conditions caused the girls’ van to ram into a wall on Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading toward Incheon.

The other Ladies’ Code members and staff were in the van also and were rushed to St. Vincent’s hospital. Sojung and RiSe are in critical condition. Two stylists had minor injuries.

Reportedly, Zuni and Ashley were not in the vehicle.

EunB, 22, passed away September 3, 2014 following a tragic car crash./via FanPop

MBC news shared images of the crash on their news report and on their website. Star News broke the news first.

The crash is currently under investigation. More information is sure to be released in the coming days.

ladies code

Our thoughts and prayers are with EunB’s family and friends as well as the other Ladies’ Code members as the coming days and weeks unfold. We cannot imagine the incredible pain they must be experiencing right now.

Ladies Code experienced a tragic lost September 3, 2014./via Wikipedia Commons

We are most definitely in shock as we’re sure family and friends are.

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