KIM WOO SEOK Enters the War of Comeback in March… A singer and an actor, aiming for two rabbits at the same time.

February 22, 2023 | 1703 Visits


KIM WOO SEOK will return to his main job as a singer a year after his third solo album “3RD DESIRE [Reve]” released in March last year. In the March issue of the recently published Singles, KIM WOO SEOK showed a colorful visual that leads people’s attention by perfectly digesting a concept full of boyishness using retro items and announced his comeback, saying, “I’m currently preparing a new album.”



In an interview, KIM WOO SEOK said about the new album, “I think I can show my inner emotional line with a heavier feeling,” signaling a new start from the albums of the DESIRE series up to the third album.

In addition, he released an episode of filming the main character Baek Woo-hyun in the OTT romance healing drama “Finland Papa,” which is scheduled to be released in April, raising expectations for KIM WOO SEOK’s upcoming various activities. Finland Papa’ is expected to be pre-sold on various global platforms such as the United States, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.



Meanwhile, KIM WOO SEOK, who successfully completed “KIM WOO SEOK 1st FAN MEETING: NNN” in Thailand as well as in Korea after his third album “3RD DESIRE [Reve]” last year, is catching the attention of domestic and foreign fans through various activities such as pictorials and dramas, and is set to release his fourth solo album and drama “Finland Wave” in March.

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