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Vitamin is a children’s idol group signed under Clevr E&M. The girls made their debut on May 7, 2017 with “Happy Day”. The group consists of 5 members: NaYe, Jaehee, Sarang, Siyoon, and Chaemin.


Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

NaYe: Hello, I am NaYe and I am 14 years old and the leader of VITAMIN.

Jaehee: Hello, I am 13-year-old Lee Jaehee.

Sarang: Hello, I am the refreshing member of VITAMIN, Jung Sarang.

Siyoon: Hello, I am the lovely 12-year-old Oh Siyoon.

Chaemin: Hello, and the cute member, Hwang Chaemin.


How would you describe your everyday routine?

NaYe: I take my dog Nuroongi for a walk when I come back home from school. I practice dance, acting, vocalizing – depending what I am lacking in the most. Then I do my school work at night, since I can do my work better at night.

Jaehee: I spend a great time at school, then I play with my friends after school or go to the studio.

Sarang: I study, cook, and enjoy my time in the studio.

Siyoon: After school, I practice vocals and dance at Clevr before returning home. 

Chaemin: When I finish my lessons at school, I come to Clevr for practice.


KCrush Interview with VITAMIN 2


Which musician or artist do you admire the most?

NaYe: Erm, I like BTS!! I also like IU! Because there is no reason why. They are just so good at singing, for real!

Jaehee: I respect and admire IU sunbaenim. Some of my favorite songs are what IU wrote, so I want to take after her and write songs myself.

Sarang: I admire BTS and IU. I respect the fact that BTS never gave up and made themselves known around the world. I want to take after IU because she’s so good at singing and acting.

Siyoon: IU sunbaenim.

Chaemin: BTS, because they’re so cool – great at dancing and singing.


What is your favorite VITAMIN song?

NaYe: VITAMIN – Sea. Since the song came out during the summer, it’s cool and refreshing. It drives away the hot weather! Ha ha.

Jaehee: My fav VITAMIN song is Now I know. I personally think this song is the best and we seem more mature than when we released Your Dream, My Dream.

Sarang: Exciting Sports Day! It was the first song that I recorded when I joined VITAMIN, so it sticks to my mind the most. 

Siyoon: VITAMIN – Sea was my first single and the fast tempo of the song is so uplifting.

Chaemin: Exciting Sports Day – because it was my first single since starting out as a VITAMIN member.


Tell us about any funny episode that happened while on stage.

NaYe:​ When I was presenting a performance, I was supposed to say the question first but I skipped it and said the answer first. Does anyone else recall?

Jaehee: When I had just joined VITAMIN, we were supposed to present our greeting all at once but I went on ahead and did it by myself. It was embarrassing but a fun experience.

Sarang: I got hit by Chaemin by accident while we were dancing. Looking back, it was so funny.

Siyoon: We were in Jeju Island performing, and I thought because it’s a tourist area there won’t be that many fans for us. But there were quite a lot of our fans there and they cheered for us, which was a great experience. 

Chaemin: We took some time to talk to some fans during the performance, so we played games and danced our choreography. It was really fun.


What do you like to do for a hobby?

NaYe: I like to cook!! I like making things so these days, my hobby is cooking. I am not that good but with a lot of practice I mean to improve.

Jaehee: I like to draw. I sometimes draw the cute dogs owned by the members.

Sarang: Cooking! It’s fun when someone appreciates the food you make and it makes it so worthwhile.

Siyoon: I’ve been learning the guitar these days and I practice each time I get a chance because it’s fun.

Chaemin: I play lego and do origami these days.


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What is your favorite food/beverage?

NaYe: I love live octopus! I love to eat seafood and live octopus is my fav! I also love ionic drinks like Pocari Sweat.

Jaehee: I like lemonade and chicken! I love lemonade so much that I used to drink it often when used to practice cover dances. Chicken is not only tasty but I also like how the family eats it during the night and get the time to talk with one another.

Sarang: Shabu-shabu has both soup and noodles that I love. Fermented soybean paste soup is what I also love to eat. I love Natto for desert and like to drink cool plum juice and lemonade.

Siyoon: I enjoy Korean meals that my grandmother and parents cook me at home. My grandmother’s kimchi is simply the best. I also love barley tea and corn tea.

Chaemin: I love bibimbap and soda for drinks.


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What is your favorite color and why?

NaYe: Purple and blue!!! Because purple is mysterious and blue is cool and refreshing lol.

Jaehee: I like mint the best. Before, I was never interested in the color but the management set it as my main color so I got interested in it and began loving it.

Sarang: Purple, because it left a big impression on me when V said “Let’s trust and love each other for a long time.” After that, purple became a special color for BTS, then it became a color I love as well.

Siyoon: Yellow, because it symbolizes me in VITAMIN.

Chaemin: Sky blue. It reminds me of looking into the sky and it soothes my mind. ^^


What movies, books and musicals have you enjoyed recently?

NaYe: I am really into actress Park Bo-young these days because she’s such an actress.

Jaehee: Peter Pan the novel stays in my mind the most. I read it when I was younger but I get a different feeling reading it this time around.

Sarang: A Resistance was a movie that I watched recently. I got to see how Ryu Gwansun protected the nation and how she was tortured for it.

Siyoon: Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission. I loved how the characters risked their lives in order to protect Hangul. I also enjoyed the novel Daddy-Long-Legs.

Chaemin: Little Women was a heartwarming movie about a family. It also left a big impression on me that Jo became a writer and fulfilled her dreams later on.


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What would be your future goals and plans?

NaYe: Do the best like we’ve always done… and would want to try harder to show better performances. Please stay with us.

Jaehee: We want to work hard and show better performances for our fans.

Sarang: I want to do my best so that I would be able to perform on the same stage as the artists that I admire.

Siyoon: I want to learn how to play many instruments, sing and compose more in the future.

Chaemin: It is our future goal to become great singers, dancers and actors. We’re still very lacking but we think we could make it if we put in the effort.


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Please say something to the fans.

NaYe: I’ll do my best to become like vitamin to you all. Please consume vitamins every day! ❤️?

Jaehee: Thank you for always being there for us and loving us. We will do our best to show you better performances.

Sarang: Thank you for loving us and hope you continue showing support in the future. We love you! ❤️

Siyoon: Thank you for always cheering me on. I will do my best to become a better musician.

Chaemin: Thank you for showing love and support. I will put in more effort to do better in the future. Please show love for VITAMIN as well. Thank you!


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–J. Chung.

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