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We are excited to introduce Dreamcatcher, a Korean girl group signed under Happy Face Entertainment, based in Seoul, Korea.

The group consists of seven females: JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon. The members officially debuted as Dreamcatcher on January 13, 2017 with an album that goes extremely well with their single title: Nightmare.

In case you were not informed, we’re letting you know that five of the Dreamcatcher members are not newbies to the music scene. JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami were active under the name – “Minx” from back in September 2014 – when they released their debut single “Why Did You Come to My Home?”

In November 2016, their company released notice that they were to re-debut under the new name, with two additional members Gahyeon and Handong.

On April 5 2017, Dreamcatcher made their comeback with singles Dreamcatcher’s concept well: “Fall asleep in the Mirror” and its title track “Good Night”.


We would like to thank each and every one of the members for their time for this interview.


Dear Dreamcatcher members…thank you for taking this interview. Would you like to introduce yourselves?

JiU: Hello, my name is JiU and who is the group’s leader and lead vocalist of Dreamcatcher.

SuA: Hi! This is SuA who is in charge of Dreamcatcher‘s choreography and vocals. I am also responsible for having a pair of “Midas golden hands” in the group since I can draw, make crafts and cook well.

Siyeon: Hello! I am called Siyeon and I was born in 1995 ~ I’m the main vocalist, as well as being the real energizer of our team.

Handong: Hello! I am a 22-year-old student name is Handong, and it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been residing in Korea. It’s been 6~7 months since I’ve been signed to this company.

I came to study in Korea since I’ve been very interested in K-pop for a while and was given a great chance to do an audition when I was majoring in the department of “Practical Music.”

I’ve also been into musicals and so I began taking opera and acting lessons. Currently, I am one of the vocalists from Dreamcatcher.

Yoohyeon: Hello, I am a 21-year-old lead vocalist called Yoohyeon and I will make your hearts fall for my attraction.

Dami: Hello! This is Dami and I am the rapper of Dreamcatcher.

Gahyeon: Hi, this is Dreamcatcher’s lovable Maknae and sub-vocal Gayun!!




Let us know how you got interested in music as a career?

JiU: When I was growing up, my parents used to play a lot of Fin.K.L songs that got me naturally loving to sing and dance, that made me make up my mind to become a singer for sure.

SuA: I loved to dance since I was extremely young, so I was always admiring singers like Lee Hyori and Rain Sunbaenim which led me to being a singer.

I am the one who trained the longest and I’ve been now able to make this debut with all the experience as a member of Dreamcatcher.

Siyeon: I was vocalist at my school’s band for two years and used to going to massive concerts; so I wanted to perform in front of a bigger audience myself.

Handong: When I was in High school, I watched a video of Tayeon singing and felt her voice and face seemed so pure and pretty, shining on stage. From then on I wanted to become an attractive artist like Tayeon.

Yoohyeon: I used to be a Wonder Girls’ fan years before, so after I was watching MTV about them, I made up my mind that I wanted to become a singer like them.

Dami: I began dreaming of becoming a singer after joining the choir in elementary school. Because I loved to response from the audience I wanted to become a singer.

Gahyeon: When I was younger, I had a random thought that I wanted to be on TV. Then my mother showed me a video of BoA sunbaenim and I decided that a singer was what I wanted to be.


Do you have any special talents or interests?

JiU: I love shopping! I like walking around so I enjoy listening to music while I wander around trying out great food. My specialty and interests are dancing, putting on lovely and natural-looking type of make-up and I’m really interested in food that is healthy… clothes and beauty-related stuff.

SuA: I like to meet up with my friends to binge great food, instead of staying indoors, I like to get out and be active. I really like to shop, watch movies, go around visit great restaurants during my free time and in-between those times I stay at home to draw or make artsy craft. But I would have to say, my most favorites hobby is watching TV Dramas.

Siyeon: I like to play games during my given free time. And I either listen to music or just enjoy being alone with the lights turned low in my room.

Handong: When I have free time, I enjoy Youtube and like to go shopping.

Yoohyeon: I love surfing on Youtube, I like channels like Pewdiedie, Buzzfeed...since I enjoy learning languages so much; I wanted to initially learn German but decided to start with English instead. I am learning English currently but not that I am not that great anymore.

Dami: I usually read a book or watch a video when I have free time. I carry a book when I have schedules and read constantly, enjoy whatever genre.

I usually like to watch videos which are music-related sources.

Gahyeon: I like to go shopping with the sisters, rest at the dorm or meet my parents. My hobbies are experimenting with cooking and I am currently absorbed in dieting and food reviews.


Who would be the one person you admire the most?

JiU: I respect my parents the most!!! I believe they’ve brought me up right and I consider that if I can only live like they do in the future, I’d consider myself happy. When I grow old I would like to be just like them.

SuA: I respect my parents the most; I am so thankful to have my mother and father as my parents – they are always diligent, know how to persevere in life and they are very considerate of others – so I respect them the most.

Siyeon: My parents, they are warm-hearted, honest folks who always strive to do their best in everything they do.

Handong: My mother~

Yoohyeon: My father is someone I admire and respect!! Because of him, I knew what I wanted to do from an early age. He told me that I could achieve anything if I put in the work which would lead me to the road to success. I also admire mother’s character and personality.

Dami: My parents: Their whole existence is an honor to me.

Gahyeon: My mother.


What would be your favorite or least favorite color?

JiU: My favorite colors are black and pink. I don’t have any colors I don’t like.

SuA: I like the color red but don’t particularly like orange.




Siyeon: I like all shades of blue and I don’t have any colors that I don’t like especially.

Handong: I like black and white; green is the color that I don’t like.

Yoohyeon: I like green and brown. Purple I never used to like.

Dami: I prefer yellow, black and white over other colors but I generally like all colors without exception.

Gahyeon: I like light pastel tones like pink and sky blue. I also like simple colors like black and white. I don’t have any colors I don’t particularly like, have a full wardrobe orange or green.




Tell us what you like to eat or drink?

JiU: There are so many foods and cuisine that I love, I love rice types of foods like sea food rolls and as to drinks, I love them all. I really don’t have a definite preference when it comes to drinks. This question seems to be the hardest for me, personally. Haha.

SuA: I love anything that is made of meat. Eateries like rice rolls, sushi and anything that people in general love to eat at when we are young.

Siyeon: I like onions and enjoy drinking coke.

Handong: I like cookies and egg tarts, and like to drink Oreo chocolate smoothie.

Yoohyeon: I really love ramen and kimchi!!^^~! And I think Schweppe is tasty.

Dami: Sweet potatoes – I carry dried sweet potato chips around with me these days. I like all kinds of dumplings.

Gahyeon: Chicken! Meat! Raw fish, mixed noodles my gran makes, the egg rolls my mother makes, soy bean paste soup and fizzy drinks like coke and Fanta. The thing is, there isn’t really any food that I don’t like but I hate cucumbers – I eat them only if they are served with tuna.




Let us know if there were any films, books or musicals you’ve enjoyed recently.

JiU: Well…there have not been any movies I’ve seen recently, and no books for that matter. I get to sleep after monitoring our own videos.

SuA: The film I saw recently was Master, and I read the book called, “The Courage To Be Hated.” I enjoy watching dramas so I would like to recommend you “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” which most of you have seen. It is a drama that made me cry so much as “Kill me Heal me” did.

Siyeon: Master! I really enjoyed watching the work. After watching Master the film, I became a fan of actor Kang Dongwon. ♡

Handong: The book I’ve read recently is called, The Devotion of Suspect X.

Yoohyeon: The Resident Evil, the recent movie. It was really thrilling to watch and the actress has not aged at all.

I read a book called “Courage To Be Disliked” which something you read in life, it really helped when I was stressed, it also helped me to become more mature.

Dami: The first book of the Harry Potter series. I read the books, “Seoul District” by Sangwook Hahn and Youngjin Mun’s “Living Is Like A Flower.”

Gahyeon: A book of poetry called, “Maybe The Stars Will Take Away Your Sorrows” – it also has a blank space for you to make notes.




What would be the one song you’d recommend?

JiU: “Chase Me” by Dreamcatcher is a great song! It was really great lol. Please check that song out!

SuA: Bruno Mars Finesse is a song that makes you want to dance to funky rythmn and tune.

Siyeon: ONE OK ROCK One Way Ticket

Handong: A song called, Lay Me Down.

Yoohyeon: All songs by Troye Sivan! I like “Youth and a song called “Kiss Me” that he covered.

Dami: Dynamic Duo’s – U-turn.

Gahyeon: Dreamcatcher’s – Emotion – which is a side B track but it’s a

really cool song. It’s very different to Dreamcatcher’s title song.


Do you have any bad habits you’d like to fix?

JiU: I don’t really have a bad habit to be frank. Hahaha. But I think I need to quit eating up all the food when I am really full.

SuA: I have a habit of playfully hitting people which is usually okay but sometimes I hit hard, so I think I need to work to fix that habit.

Siyeon: I pinch the back of my hand a lot and have the habit of over-thinking too much.

Handong: I get restless unless I concentrate on my eyes constantly.

Yoohyeon: I want to learn how to walk with a straight posture; usually my back is kind of crooked.

Dami: Licking my lips.

Gahyeon: My bad habits would be nibbling the skin from my finger nails, licking my front teeth and rolling my eyes.




Which stadium or country would you like to perform in the future?

JiU: In honest truth, I want to travel all over the world for a world tour!!!

SuA: We must have a performance in Tokyo Dome in Japan! We want to fill the whole place. And if I was to choose another location, it would be somewhere massive in Europe.

Siyeon: Japan! I like their uniqueness in terms of the sound system and recording.

Handong: An end-of-the year performance in Korea or I want to go to China.

Yoohyeon: I have loads of places where we want to perform. I want to go a bunch of places including; Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, Finland, Thailand, Russia, China, Japan, Australia and etc.

Dami: I want to perform in diverse places, both domestic and abroad.

Gahyeon: I want to travel all over the world!!! A world tour!




Please let us know about your goals and aspirations are for the future and please add something nice for your fans. We at KCRUSH hope 2017 will be one special year for you!

JiU: I personally want to receive the Newcomer’s award as well as the award for the performance. I hope it all comes true! We hope that Dreamcatcher will get placed on the charts.

And we want to let you know that we miss our fans, although we don’t get to see them very often but they are always on our minds. We love our fans!

SuA: Hi everyone! This is Dreamcatcher’s SuA ~ I am so happy everyday due to your love and interest. We are boosted by the chants from our fans even if it means less sleep for us from working hard.

We will work extra hard to meet the expectation of our fans, so please show love and interest!!!  We don’t need to consume vitamins when we’re with our fans. We love you all! ♡♡

Siyeon: We want to have a schedule that will keep us really busy this year so 2017 will be the year for Dreamcatcher!!! We will keep our fans entertained. We love you!

Handong: We want to have a number 1 on the charts this year; it won’t be easy but we will try hard! We are always thankful to our fans for their dedication and support!

Yoohyeon: We want to become active not just in Korea but abroad; and receive love from fans from all over the world!! That being said, we are going to work extra hard.

Dami: In 2017, we want to top the charts, get the Rookie Award, stay high in the charts whilst we get to meet with our fans frequently.

Gahyeon: This year we really want to receive the Rookie Award that we can’t get ever again unless it’s given to us this year. I will try to develop myself in all aspects. Thank you for loving and showing support we will do our best to return it all.

Watch out for us and please show us love and support!!



– J.Chung.



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