K-Pop Yellow Hair – Who Wore It Best?

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I thought green was the unwearable hair color until K-pop idols did it again, this time glamming in yellow. And not just a deep blonde or a faze and pinch of “yellow,” the literal basic yellow to neon yellow shade. The hair shade factor has gradually become a fashion statement oozing out an individual’s personality, uniqueness, style, and occasional moods portrayed to the ever eagerly awaiting fans. As a statement piece, the hair shades bestow an identity to the idols’ personal brand further promoting their musical creations. Sophistication and exceeding normality with every fashion piece makes idols stand out despite what it is paired with as it portrays their unmatchable ability of pulling together exceptional statement pieces. Consequently the icons’ trend status increases awarding them an advantage of maintaining power in the fashion and entertainment industry they ascribe to. Moreover, the statement pieces creates inspiration in particular idol’s diehards further increasing fan base capacity and overall idol success.

Quite a number of K-pop idols have ventured into the yellow hair challenge bringing out different overall looks that attracted diverse reactions from fans.



1. BTS’s J-hope

BTS band members are the most anticipated fashion trenders not only in the Asian peripheral but the world at large. The members’ king of style, J-hope, swept the frenzy fans off their feet in a yellow-shaded hair look during their debut for the “Butter” comeback. The smoothly blended yellow shade running from the roots to the ends of the hair matched and acted as a metaphor symbolizing the new single (Butter)’s lyrical content.



2. WINNER (위너)’s Mino

If you think you have seen all that the YG’s WINNER member Mino has to offer in terms of hair hue, you are in for a surprise. The star once again demonstrated his ability to go beyond expectations as he elegantly shone in mustard yellow-shaded hair after a substantial period of blondness.



3. GOT7’s Yungeom

GOT7’s tallest member Yungeom wowed the fans with a breathtaking new look primarily owing to the yellow hair. The dancing machine stood out from fellow members who also wore flamboyant colors according the brand fashion credit in the entertainment industry.



4. Sandara Park

The fashion diva and k-pop idol had fans streaming in her social account upon her provoking neon lemon hair tint stunt that impressively blended with her personality. The one-sided shaved part in natural black flawlessly fused with the long dazzling yellow-shaded hair birthing spontaneity and attention.



5. Red Velvet’s Joy

As usual, Joy anew exceeded our prospects by mortifying the two-shade trend in a blonde and yellow hair look. The light blonde hair stemming from the scalp craftfully blends into a neon yellow hair strands at mid-length to the ends. The beautifully straightened blonde bangs and the culled yellow ends clearly bring out the color difference between the two hues.




6. Blackpink’s Lisa

Blackpink’s queen Lisa is known for her iconic hairstyle with a fringe statement. The idol has however, compensated for the long-decade style through bold and bubbly hair colors giving her fresh new looks. During the four-girl band’s “Boombayah” debut, the diva wore a two-shaded hair of blonde from the roots and neon-yellow highlights fusing in from mid-length all through to the hair ends.



7. TXT’s Yeonjun

The TNT member, Yeonjun, mastered the art of playing beyond safe zone with a two-hue hair statement. The bleached hair roots that gracefully blended with yellow hair strands at mid-length outlining the vibrant splash of colors.



8. NCT’s Jaemin, Xiaojun and Winwin

The SM Entertainment’s South Korean boy group, NCT, has subunits whose members enjoy experimenting beyond the normal fashion expectations. Some of their members who have tried the yellow-hair challenge include Taeyong, Xiaojun and Winwin. Jaemin went for a full yellow version, all the way from the hair roots to the tips. Xiaojun rather further added some color and did a two-shaded look with light blonde from the hair roots which gracefully blended with yellow at mid-length. Winwin also decided to color clash; but with two bold colors, and went for a yellow shaded front (from the center) and a bright pink back.



9. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

The bubbly Super Junior member, Eunhyuk, has always wowed his fans with overly bright and vibrant colors. This time, the idol went frenzy in a neon yellow hair shade.



10. BTS’s RM

The rap monster has shared with the fans diverse versions of himself in different hairstyles and hair hues. The aesthetic K-Pop band member has gone all wild from blonde to cotton candy hair colors always creating a frenzy in the k-entertainment industry. RM made yet another fashion statement with a neon yellow hue hair in one of their shoots. The yellow tint craftfully blended with the white-themed attires stunningly flaunting the BTS member’s fine facial complexion.


Who wore yellow best?

Of course, no one can beat J-hope whose facial framework and tone combined to create an amazing blend of color-merge. Despite his regular dying, J-hope’s hair looks absolutely healthy given that the yellow shade clearly showcases the streamline hair strands. The star’s hair appears smooth with a shade of yellow that perfectly matches the real cooking butter’s color hue. Hence, the smoothness and shade type indeed symbolizes and illustrates the particular single (Butter)’s lyrical content, making J-hope’s yellow hair most appropriate; lyrical-wise, and best worn.

Do you agree with our choices?



Poll results:
BTS’s J-hope: 30 votes
WINNER (위너)’s Mino: 8 votes
GOT7’s Yungeom: 7 votes
Sandara Park: 4 votes
Velvet’s Joy: 19 votes
Blackpink’s Lisa: 23 votes
TNT’s Yeonjun: 26 votes
NCT’s Jaemin, Xiaojun and Winwin: 7 votes
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk: 3 votes
BTS’s RM: 15 votes


—-P. Earlkh

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