Joelle’s top 50 K-Pop Songs for 2014: 10-1

January 1, 2015 | 2213 Visits

The end is year, so now we face the final curtain as we reveal the top ten best songs for 2014. As with the rest of the list, there are quite a few surprises on top. Let’s close out 2014 with some songs that made the year worthwhile!

10. Younha “Umbrella”

Ten years after the original release, Younha released “Umbrella” sans Tablo. Younha still provides strong emotion and beauty which makes the updated version just as gorgeous and memorable as the original. The ending notes where “forever in the rain” echoes and trails off packs such a heart-wrenching punch, even the coldest of people may feel some tears. “Umbrella” truly stands the test of time.

9. Ailee “Don’t Touch Me”

Ailee’s music has an empowering quality that just makes a listener want to burst into a room and strut like she’s an unstoppable being. “Don’t Touch Me” embraces power and womanhood in its beat and instrumentals, making the song feel less about ending a relationship because personal empowerment reigns supreme more. You go, Ailee!

8. Puer Kim “Manyo Maash”

Released in February, it’s pretty safe to say “Manyo Maash” has been forgotten by many because of the rush of idol group releases and rookie debuts. If that’s the case, it’s a shame since Puer Kim’s unusual vocals are memorable. Her dark, gothic styling for the song turned her into a modern-day Morticia Addams with jazzy, bluesy sound. She’s different and that matters!

7. Akdong Musician “Melted”

The AKMU siblings have wisdom well beyond their years as shown in “Melted.” “Melted” gets right to the bottom of human existence these days by covering how people generally seem colder and less kind, yet it leaves the door open for hope. While these two are still in their early teens, it’s safe to say people can learn a lot from them in terms of musical styling.

6. Roy Kim “Home”

Roy Kim is not just a singer: He’s a storyteller. His vocals in “Home” paint a picture of the meaning of family eloquently. Kim’s talent should not be denied.

5. Girl’s Day “Something”

“Something” surprised everyone with how much of a hit it was, propelling Girl’s Day into a position of being one of the next “it” groups. The sexy yet classy dance added to the song’s appeal for many also. Since “Something,” Girl’s Day has made many TV appearances, held fan meetings, and released two other successful singles. There’s “something” about them these days.

4. Beast “Good Luck”

Billboard named “Good Luck” as the top K-Pop song of the year for 2014. From the word “go,” the song captivates while providing an awesome dance track. Yoseob and Junhyung feed off each other greatly, and the other members stepped up to shine in each of their respective parts. The MV’s themes pull from the films 2046 and In the Mood for Love and does so effortlessly and flawlessly to show how well Beast thinks about their concepts.

3. MC Mong “Miss Me or Diss Me”

MC Mong made his return much to Korea’s chagrin, but that shouldn’t undermine how amazing his return was. “Miss Me or Diss Me” covers his time away and how he felt in a beautifully poetic way. Jinsil’s chorus is what will keep listeners’ attentions because she plays a powerful role in the song’s bold message.

2. EPIK HIGH “Happen Ending”

Whenever EPIK HIGH releases a song, fans can count on it being popular. “Happen Ending” just had all the right moves in all the right places. 조원선’s voice added depth to Tablo and Mithra’s rap to make the song haunting and amazing. But, it’s EPIK HIGH, can we expect anything less?

1. Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

When it was released, “Eyes Nose, Lips” set the bar high for music this year to the point where it was pretty much clear it was the song of the year. Other artists covered it; fans covered it. The song was everywhere, yet, it never got annoying. Taeyang had a bonafide, timeless hit on his hands, so there’s no denying it is 2014’s Song of the Year!

There you have it: 2014’s best songs! Of course, our list may be different than yours. What was in your top 10?

Now it’s time to look ahead to 2015. Who will be on top then?

—- Joelle Halon

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