“I Hate This Love Song”: Anti-Love Songs

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Valentine’s Day is a day of love for many people, but for singles, it’s a painful reminder of how forever alone we are. All the candy, flowers, and romantic plans can get pretty annoying, but we shouldn’t let that get to us. Valentine’s Day should be a day of celebrating singledom! For Hallyu fans, think of the K-Drama and MV marathons we can have without having to be swallowed up by Axe spray fumes (the mating musk of high school hallways) and lovey-dovey proclamations of everlasting love. Let’s celebrate ourselves and enjoy Valentine’s Day, starting with a playlist.

2ne1 “Hate You”


So, you fell in love with a bad boy and it didn’t work out? “Hate You” has you covered. 2ne1 knows what it’s like to be in this type of relationship where love was a foreign concept, but they said good riddance to bad rubbish.

Ailee “I Will Show You”


Sometimes the ones who leave us may not have appreciated us as much as they should have. Ailee provides the empowering “I Will Show You” that is less about changing oneself than it is about showing people the sassy, strong soul you already were. Flaunt what you have, ladies, and be proud!

B1A4 “This Time is Over”


Breakups may lead to some conflicting feelings. On one hand, you’re like “yep, it’s over. I can move on and be awesome. On the other hand, there may be some inklings of sadness that may make you question why the breakup happened and if it was worth it. Don’t worry, sometimes the feelings are okay. B1A4 feels your conundrum.

B2st “Good Luck”


Females can be players too as we see in “Good Luck”: Girl plays the field, dates an inexperienced guy, and dumps him, leaving him to feel like he will never love again since he gave his all to her. With people like this, you’re probably better off alone.

Big Bang “Love Song”


Some relationships are harmonious while others destructive. “Love Song” covers the latter as the woman seems bent on destroying a relationship due to her self-destructive tendencies. Even so, there’s someone who loves her, but for how long? To quote Elsa, sometimes you just have to “let it go.”

Billion “Dancing Alone”


The message behind “Dancing Alone” is that you can be fine by yourself. Sometimes people need reminded of this, especially if you’re used to being in a relationship.

BTS ft. Thanh “Danger” (Mo-Blu-Mix)


“Danger” points to all the red flags in a relationship. Once you start questioning yourself and who you are to your significant other, perhaps it’s time to hit the pause button.

JYJ “Empty”


The perfect song for after a bitter breakup or general relationship sourness, “Empty” perfectly sums up the feelings of bitterness with an eloquent dose of “flipping the bird” toward chilly exes.

Ladies’ Code “Hate You”


Nothing hurts more than sticking to a relationship that’s past its prime, though it seems too hard to let go despite your general dislike for the person you’re dating. It may be hard to move on, but a time comes where you just have to cut the cord and move on.

Miss A “Goodbye Baby”


People cheat. Not all people, but some do. Don’t let that person keep you down! Call them a snake, set them free, or you can do like Miss A and try to drown him in a large test tube. Whatever makes you feel good. (Note: K-Crush does not condone murder.)

Miss A “I Don’t Need a Man”


This was Miss A’s “Single Ladies” moment, and they executed it in a cheeky way. Breakups and singledom doesn’t have to be a lonely, heart-breaking experience: It can be fun with the right attitude!

Nu’est “Good Bye Bye”


Sometimes it takes determination to move on; Nu’est knows this. You can hold onto the memories, but don’t let those memories consume you. You can overcome.

Sistar19 “Gone Not Around Any Longer”


Memories, items, photos: Memories of the past may surround you, and the negative feelings may consume you. You may question why it hurts and why you’re reacting, but it’s a human reaction as Sistar19 shows in their anguished tune.

VIXX “Error”


VIXX’s “Error” understands the pain of deciding if it’s right to let go of love or not. “If I hold on to you it hurts, but if I let go of you it hurts”: Truth. Why are these decisions so difficult to make?

Wings “Hair Short”


It’s okay to make a fresh start when you’re in pain. Short hair is an euphemism for fresh starts and new beginnings, so listen to Wings and know it’s okay to move on as a new you, but remember it’s what’s on the inside that matters more.

What are some of your anti-love or anti-Valentine’s Day K-Pop songs? Share below! Happy Valentine’s Day!

— Joelle Halon

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