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Today, global superstar TAEYANG (of BIGBANG fame) releases his long-awaited second EP album [Down to Earth]. Listen HERE via THEBLACKLABEL/Interscope Records. The 6-song set includes “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS) a smash hit collaboration that reached #1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, and the just-released “Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)”. Stream HERE.

His first project since 2017’s WHITE NIGHT, TAEYANG’s latest solo offering is truly worth the wait as TAEYANG partook in the entire process of creating the EP and has songwriting credits on every track on the album. [Down to Earth] opens with the sultry, ’80s-90s R&B-inspired “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)“.  A cross-generational release that unites superstars of different eras which debuted at #76 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Needless to say, the track generated massive buzz upon release — racking up more than 120M Spotify streams and 100 YouTube views.

The project’s second single, the LISA-assisted “Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)” is destined to be every bit as big. A booming trap anthem that showcases TAEYANG’s smooth vocals and his collaborator’s crafty raps, the duet is an undeniable event for fans around the world who love BIGBANG and BLACKPINK. In addition to uptempo A-list features, [Down to Earth] also includes moments like the deeply personal ballad “Seed” and the unabashedly romantic, ’70s-inflected “Reason”. While “Inspiration” is a nod to all of the artists who have inspired TAEYANG and features rapper, Beenzino, and “Nightfall” fittingly closes out the EP with a feature from THEBLACKLABEL’s own, Bryan Chase.

“This album comes from various emotions and inspirations that I felt underneath my skin as I gazed at the sunset,” TAEYANG says of [Down to Earth]. “The sunset, which decorates a day’s end, welcomes the dark night and not a new morning. Just like the sunset, my world is colored with beautiful memories of the past, but what came back to me was the ceaseless night that followed. Thus, I began to realize that the image of myself over the past 6 years was not much different than the sunset.”

He continues, “In a way, I was deeply touched and felt relief by the silent sunset and how it greets the night, fulfilling its role in the most beautiful way possible. The repetitive and burdensome times that I could not overcome alone guided me ‘back to the drawing board’. Thus, this album allowed me to capture my heart that was ready to jump back up into a fresh new start.”

TAEYANG reflects on the personal and creative struggles he has faced in recent years. “I now have an understanding that the prior experiences and stages of my life were indeed necessary as I prepare to open this new chapter of my life.” he says. “To the producers and staff members at THEBLACKLABEL, who offered me a new home, and to my fans, who waited all this time without any guarantees, I want to express my infinite gratitude.”

It’s impossible to talk about K-Pop’s global ascent without discussing BIGBANG, one of the most influential and decorated acts in the late 2000s and 2010s. They were the first to gain global recognition, performing at stadiums worldwide for millions of fans in record-breaking numbers and have influenced countless acts in the genre for their various musical styles and self-production. Dubbed the “Kings of K-Pop, BIGBANG is one of the best-selling boy bands of all time, winning over 100 awards, landing on the New York Times “Best Concerts List“, and picking up “Best Worldwide Act” at the MTV Europe Awards.



In addition to making history with the band, TAEYANG is also an accomplished solo artist, releasing four massively successful albums including two that have gone #1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart with a string of hits including “Eyes, Nose, Lips” which won Song of the Year on all the major Korean award shows. Now, with [Down to Earth], TAEYANG is ready to reclaim his throne as one of K-Pop’s most influential artists.


[Down to Earth] tracklist

  1. VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)
  2. Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)
  3. Seed
  4. Reason
  5. Inspiration (feat. Beenzino)
  6. Nightfall (feat. Bryan Chase)


TAEYANG– Down to Earth (eAlbum)


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