ChoCo Entertainment’s Unique Production Plans For Upcoming K-Pop Group ‘ChoCo’ Gains Attention

April 26, 2023 | 588 Visits

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As the upcoming K-Pop group ‘ChoCo’ nears its debut, ChoCo Entertainment has revealed a brief look into the company’s groundbreaking production system.

ChoPD, known as the “pioneer of digital music”, is gearing up to welcome a brand new paradigm of “K-Pop 5.0” through a unique system that includes song camps, world-class collaborations, and ‘ChoCo In Hollywood’ – a reality project that introduces the sincere humanity, dreams, and aspirations of ‘ChoCo’.

By focusing on values like harmony, collaboration, and growth that are integrated into the company’s original artist incubation system, ChoPD will open the door to the 5th generation of K-Pop that is free from restrictive competition and elimination.

On the 24th of April, ChoCo Entertainment announced: “ChoPD, as the Executive Producer, will lead the next-generation global K-Pop group ‘ChoCo’ in a distinguishable way that will bring a new wind to the K-Pop scene“.

ChoCo Entertainment will hold song camps with leading artists in the music industry from different corners of the world to create music that is suitable for the next generation of K-Pop. These song camps will be attended by globally renowned production teams behind top artists such as EXO, TWICE, NCT DREAM, Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and more.

It was also previously announced that star producer Francis Kim, who has worked with K-Pop powerhouses like TWICE, NCT DREAM, and more, will be jumping on board the ChoCo production team.

Through this, ChoPD, the head of ChoCo Entertainment, has revealed his aim of securing ‘ChoCo”s global musical identity by establishing a fresh and new music production system that is unique to the group. In particular, by creating a self-sufficient production ecosystem within ChoCo Entertainment – which includes songwriting, composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and so on, ChoPD aspires to curate a distinct musical niche for ‘ChoCo’.


Photo Credit: ChoCo Entertainment


‘ChoCo’ is slated to debut in 2023 and will be first introduced to the world through a reality show called “ChoCo In Hollywood”, scheduled to be released in May in South Korea. It will be produced in two versions – Korean and US. The Korean version will be helmed by Sole9 Media, and Emmy-nominated producer JoJo Ryder is in charge of the American counterpart, raising expectations for a grand debut.


About ChoCo Entertainment

ChoCo Entertainment is an ultimate IP entertainment company geared towards leading the next Hallyu wave. With a focus on individuality, collaboration, and growth as its core values, ChoCo Entertainment encourages its artists to find their passions and follow their originality to create music that matters. The company’s unique artist incubation system is designed to foster independent and self-sufficient artists who have a thorough grasp of music and can explore their creativity without being constrained by the prevalent culture of competition in K-Pop. With the aim of creating a truly global K-Pop group, ChoCo Entertainment is preparing to debut ChoCo in 2023.


About ChoPD

Junghun Cho, also known as ChoPD, is the founder, executive producer, and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of ChoCo Entertainment. Known as the “pioneer of digital music”, ChoPD is a multi-award-winning artist and has attained legendary status in the K-Pop industry with his trailblazing innovation and impactful contributions to the globalization of K-Hip Hop. He is the genius mastermind behind launching artists like PSY, ZICO, Dok2, and more, and now, he is producing his very own K-Pop group – ‘ChoCo’ – preparing to usher in the 5th generation of K-Pop.

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