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A-Daily is a Korean girl group that made its debut in December of 2014 as the first girl group formed under D.K Entertainment.

The quartet are said to be named as ‘A-Daily’ to indicate that the members will thrive to spend each day in the best way as they can. The A-Daily members consist of Sena, Ziu, Jay and Young Bi.

A-Daily have so far released two mini albums, with ‘If You Don’t Tell Me,’ ‘Spotlight’ as their promotional singles.

A-Daily members have not achieved any notable breakthrough in their pop career as of yet, however we think there is a good chance of them making a significant change this year when they return with a full length album. Their fan club named, ‘Edelweiss.’

Over the last year, there have been some vast changes in the members, Jay and Young Bi were newly added to the group. Ziu and Young Bi are still in their late teens while Sena and Jay are 21 years old – and the girls have just begun.

We interviewed the members of A-Daily to ask about their passion for music, what it means to be in the spotlight, who they admire the most as artists and much more.

We’d like to thank the group for giving us a great interview and we wish them all the best in their career. We hope the readers will also enjoy reading.


Interview with A-Daily


Hello, A-Daily members! Thank you very much for taking the time out for a KCRUSH interview. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Sena: Hello, my name is Sena the leader of A-Daily.

Ziu: Hi! This is Ziu who does the rap, dance and vocal for A-Daily. It’s so nice to meet you all!

Jay: Hello! This is Jay, who is in charge of the dancing in A-Daily. It’s great to meet you all. ^ ^

Young Bi: Hello. I’m Young Bi, the maknae of this group…


We are curious to know how you became the members of the group.

Sena: I auditioned to join the group myself, after seeing a post advertised and that’s how I became an A-Daily member.

Ziu: It was always my wish to become a singer since I was very young, so when I found out online that A-Daily were recruiting for members, I was able to pass the audition and become the member of this group.

Jay: I was searching online to take auditions and I got to find out about our current company and after taking the audition, I got in.

Young Bi: I was doing a performance at school and was casted by the company staff. I joined the group right after an audition.




Tell us about your other interests outside of music.

Sena: Cooking and baking! 

Ziu: I majored in acting while I am attending Art High school so I am very interested in acting and really hoping to get to act if given the chance. Naturally, singing, acting, dancing and musicals are some of my interests.

Jay: My father runs a Taekwondo center so I was able to learn the martial art from an early age. I haven’t been in practice for ages but I am a third degree black belt on Taekwondo, second degree black belt on Hapkido and I also hold a license for second level bodyguard martial arts. 

Young Bi: I like to draw, although I am not sure if I have a lot of talent in art and acting but they are definitely some of my interests for sure.  


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sena: I like going around to different places to browse and tour. I love travelling.

Ziu: I love movies and video games. I especially like to watch romantic comedies, crime thrillers. I like both the computer and the mobile games but I prefer the computer games a bit more. I usually play Sudden Attack or other kind of shooting games. 

Jay: I love going to cinemas to watch movies and I love hanging out with my friends so much that my usual routine is to go see the flicks with them and meet up for a long chat, go eat something nice. I also love to travel and I mostly use up my free time this way.

Young Bi: I usually enjoy the everyday cultural activities, go shopping or invest in myself. I meet up with my friends and hang out with them.

At home, I like to lie down a lot so I usually spend the time lying down, practically attach myself to the bed.


We usually don’t leave this question out. Can you name your favorite food or beverage?

Sena: My fav food is Ttukbbokki and tacos and for beverage I like chocolate milk.

Ziu: My all-time favorite food is Budaejjigae and I love yoghurt smoothies! I can eat any kind of food.

Jay: I am into anything related to meat! I can’t take down spicy or hot foods very well so other than those kinds I can eat almost everything. I also like to yoghurt, orange juice and carbonated drinks.

Young Bi: I was always into the foods that adults eat even when I was very young, so I like to eat foods that taste spicy, salty and stimulating. I don’t have a favorite dish set but I think Korean food is the best for me.




Please name one song you’ve been listening to frequently or a movie you’ve watched that inspired you.

Sena: I usually listen to Taeyeon sunbaenim’s songs and I’ve recently watched the movie, The Intern which I was impressed by.

Ziu: I listen to TheArk’s song called, “Light” and in the song there is a part where it says in the lyrics, “Don’t give up and take my hand” so when I am down, the song really gives me strength. The song has really encouraging lyrics.

Jay: I like listening to upbeat songs so I tend to listen to that kind of music frequently and the movie that I was inspired by was The Intern which is about an elderly gentlemen in his 70’s who goes back to work as an intern. That movie made me think to myself that I want to age like that and still be able to put in my all for work.

Young Bi: The Disney movie, Ratatouille and the Intern are the movies that I love.


Who would be the musicians/artists that you like the most?

Sena: Girl Generation’s Taeyeon and Yunha sunbaenim.

Ziu:  I think the powerful sound that comes from someone who is built very petite is so cool. The songs are all so cool as well.

Jay: I really like BoA sunbaenim! I grew up listening to BoA and following her dance moves. She has such great songs and she is one spectacular dancer. She’s so good at live performances as well, I have a lot of respect and admiration for her and want to be a great artist just like her!

Young Bi: There is a musician who goes by the name, Gyuseon Sim, a.k.a Lucia and her voice is impossible to describe into words. You’ll all agree once you hear her voice. She is the singer that I love and respect the most.


Regarding your second single – Spotlight – What does it mean to be in the spotlight as a group and personally as individuals? What are the goals you want to achieve in the music business?

Sena: Being under the spotlight and getting the attention would mean that you can be the one that someone idolizes and that’s a great thing for a singer and entertainer. I’d like to become a singer that produces music that the public can relate to.

Ziu: To me, having the people’s attention would tell me I am doing my job well that also gives me a sense of relief that people are taking interest in me. It makes me very grateful and exhilarated when I am on stage and I believe that feeling ultimately becomes the driving force for me to work even harder.

The No. 1 goal we want to achieve as a group is to reach the top of the music charts. Other goals would be to shoot commercials which we haven’t gotten the chance to do yet and I would love to do concerts with other artists.

Most of all, I wish that more people will get to know A-Daily and get to really like us for our music.

Jay: I think being in the spotlight as a singer is just the best kind of feeling. Because it means people are concentrating and interested in us and every time we get into the spotlight, I feel really proud and good at the same time. And that is one of the reasons why we are doing this.

We want to become No. 1 on the music charts as A-Daily, and eventually hold our very own concert to perform in front of a massive audience!

Young Bi: When I get in to the spotlight, I feel that I’m being loved. I want to spend my life doing music and gain more experience to later venture into doing solo activities as well. We want our group to be known for good singing and musical abilities – become singers who can relate and share happiness and sadness with other people through music.




What kind of music can the fans expect from A-Daily’s new music due to be out soon?

Sena: The kind of music that will show you the everyday life of A-Daily.

Ziu: The new music will be completely different from our previous tunes. The new music will be very fast and upbeat that people can dance to. I hope the fans will respond well to the music and dance along with us. 

Jay: This time the music will not be like the stuff we did previously. We’re coming back with something that both the female and male audience can enjoy and I hope they would naturally want to dance while listening to us.

Young Bi: We are coming back with something that is totally different from our previous songs so we ask for your support and love please! We will be back soon with exciting and upbeat songs.


Where would you like to perform the most in the world?

Sena: I would love to perform in New Zealand and also at the Berklee College of Music?!

Ziu: First, I would love to perform at the major stadiums like the main Olympic Stadium in Seoul in front of a large audience. It would also be fabulous to perform at Japan’s Tokyo Dome. We even have big dreams for a world tour as well.

Jay: Tokyo Dome based in Japan. I was in Japan several times as a tourist and I’ve never seen a concert hall that huge in size. Only few artists get to perform there so I would love to perform there.

Young Bi: Would love to do a show in the U.S, U.K and France.


Do you own any object or ornament that you regard as the most precious? 

Sena: The wallet that I bought with the first wage that I earned from my first proper job.

Ziu: I keep and collect all the hand-written letters I get from my family and friends that are very precious to me.

Jay: The mobile phone is something that has a lot of my happiest memories and you can practically do anything these days. I can also see the faces of people whom I miss very much, so the phone is very precious to me.

Young Bi: I have a photo album of myself as a baby. That portrays a lot of happy times and I can see faces of people that I miss dearly, so this makes it so precious.


young bi


Let us know what you want 2016 to be like for A-Daily, plus a shout out to the A-Daily fans out there. Thank you so much for the great interview.

Sena: We want to spend the last days of this year at the broadcasting station on stage. We use the public transportation often, so we would love it if some of the people would acknowledge and recognize us at times. Thank you very much for all your love and support!

Ziu: This year, we expect to get more on the air with various types of broadcasting activities and we are in hope that our music will be played a lot publicly as well.

We hope that more people would get to know about our group, A-Daily and we want to perform at the end of the year award ceremonies and appear on major broadcasting stations. We want our fans, Adel Weiss to know that we are so grateful for the letters and gifts they’ve sent us. You are our driving force to do this again and each and every one of you is so precious to us.

A-Daily members are going to put in the most of our efforts to make you proud of us and return the love that you’ve shown us. Again, we express our gratitude.

Jay: We want to become a group that many people will know and recognize and what we really want is to win awards at ceremonies!!

And to our dear fans, we are able to have the strength to do our work because of your existence. ^^ Thank you so very much and please show us love and support in the future as well~! We’re going to work harder to develop ourselves into a better group. Thank you. ♡

Young Bi: A-Daily debuted in December of 2014 but we are still not very well-known to the public. This time around, things can overturn but we want people to hear our songs and even recognize us as a group. We want to enhance ourselves to become a great group than ever before.

We haven’t got that many fans at present, but we would like to thank our fans who have been supporting us from the very start.

Thank you for being with us and for the love for A-Daily. We will make sure that we return the love we’ve received. Love you all. ♡


 —-J. Chung

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