Generations Hard Work Pays Off Big….

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Generations is a Japanese pop boy group, who is signed under the sub-label, Rythym Zone, and the agency, LDH. The boys were trained well in terms of singing and dancing, making them experts in what they do. All the members attended Exile Professional Gym, which is a school where people can have dance and vocal lessons. The idol group consists of seven members: Shirahama Alan (Performer), Katayose Ryota (Vocal & Performer), Kazuhara Ryuto (Vocal & Performer), Komori Hayato (Performer), Sano Reo (Performer), Sekiguchi Mandy (Performer) and Nakatsuka Yuta (Performer).

Generations debuted in 2012 and, right now, they have various singles, a special collaboration with labelmates, J Soul Brothers, one full album and some remixes, too. Their debut track was ‘’Brave It Out’’ and was released in November, 2012. The song was a hit on the charts, becoming their first Top 3 ever. It was also used as a theme song for the drama, Sugarless.

After that huge success, the group’s label didn’t wait long to release another single. In January of 2013, ‘’Animal’’, Generations’ second official single, dropped. Just like its latter, this track was also a massive hit, peaking at number two on the Oricon weekly charts. ‘’Animal’’ was also used as the ending theme for the TV Show, Onegai! Ranking. The tune has an english version.

Months have passed since their second single and, in May of 2013, Generations made, finally, a comeback with a brand new song called, ‘’Love You More’’. The track became their third consecutive Top 3 hit, on the Oricon weekly charts. Like ‘’Animal’’, this track has an English version, as well. In the summer of 2013, Generations paired with their labelmates, J Soul Brothers, and released a single EP as a collaboration between the two boybands. The digital release included three exclusive songs, plus instrumental versions of them. The title-track was ‘’Burning Up’’, which ended up being number one on the charts, making the first time that Generations had accomplished such a ranking.

The idol group later came back, in October, with a brand new single and an album to follow. The new song was, ‘’Hot Shot’’, which preceeded their first debut CD, ‘’Generations’’. For a fourth consecutive time, the boyband won themselves the Top 3 spot, again. ‘’Hot Shot’’ debuted at number two, on the charts, making the second time they did so, the first being with ‘’Animal’’. ‘’Hot Shot’’ has an English version, just like the previous singles.

Their first album, a self-titled one, was released in November of 2013 and features all their songs, plus brand new ones and another from the joint single they had with J Soul Brothers. Speaking of ‘’Burning Up’’, that track gained also a Generations-only version, which is also included on their album. The CD was out in three different types: CD, CD+DVD and CD+Blu-Ray. The DVD features music videos and a special docummentary that the boy group filmed. The album sold pretty well, debuting at number one on the charts. That wasn’t a surprise, actually.

A bunch of hits, an album selling a lot of copies, a fan base growing… You can say that these seven guys were pretty lucky and they didn’t stop there! This year (2014), Generations released a new single titled, ‘’Never Let You Go’’. The song was released in April.

Much continued success to this hard working group.

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