Former Korean TV Personality, Amy, Accuses Wheesung of Drug Use, Blackmail; Backtracks Statements

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Former Korean TV personality, Amy (real name, Lee Yoon-Ji) potentially opened the doors to another celebrity-related drug and sex scandal due to an Instagram post shared April 16, 2019.

Amy, who is Korean-American and was deported from South Korea in 2015 following her second drug charge, discussed incidents where she and a fellow celebrity, identified as “A” at the time, took propofol and Zolpidem together and that she covered up for him. In the now-deleted post, Amy said:

Today is such an upsetting day, and my heart aches a lot. Even though it’s late, I’ve been reflecting on myself for the past few years, thinking and feeling regretful about my past. I’ve been trying to improve myself every day and remembering the days I received love but also made mistakes.

I used to have a friend whom I really liked. He was like a soulmate to me, a person I was proud of. And then, I made a mistake and ended up going to the police station. When [the police] asked me who I used propofol with, not a single word came out of my mouth. I begged them to only punish me.

Before I was arrested, when words on the street said I was going to be arrested, I suddenly received a phone call. And I heard some unimaginable things that [someone suggested], “Amy might tell the police about me. Let’s meet up with her to film sexual videos and photos [of her] so that she won’t be able to tell on me.”

The person who suggested that was my friend. The person who received the suggestion only told me because they could not go through with it. It was shocking.

As soon as the investigation started, my friend, who was in the military at the time, called me every morning and made excuses like, “Please help me. I’m sorry. It’s nothing like that.” He may have used me since I’m soft-hearted. He would call me everyday at dawn asking me to take the fall and said things like, “My life as a celebrity could end,” or he would die.

Even though he denied about making plans to film videos and photos of sexual activity, there is a recording [of him saying it]. I at least expected him to contact me on the day he was discharged from the military. To know that he returned safely. However, there was no call from him.

So, I called him. When I asked him if he knows how much effort I put in [to protect him], he said something along the lines of, “When did you ever help me?” The person who used to beg me was avoiding me now that the matter has settled. It would have been enough if he said thank you. There’s a small part of me that cannot forgive him.

What’s more upsetting than keeping my loyalty [to him] like a fool and going to the detention center alone is that I got to know the true nature of my most cherished friend. That makes my heart ache the most, and I will not be able to forget his betrayal.

I was with “A” for every propofol [injection]. Same goes for Zolpidem. I’m still asking for forgiveness and being punished for the crime I committed, while you are smiling so brightly on television. You shouldn’t have done that to me!! You pretended like you did not know and ran away from the things you did. And you still instigated someone to do such a thing to me. Am I supposed to forgive you? That makes me sad.

Since the posting, rumors circulated that Wheesung is the celebrity that was using drug alongside Amy. Wheesung’s agency, RealSlow Company said, “We need to confirm with him directly with regard to his name being mentioned in the current situation. We are currently verifying the facts.”



This is not the first time Wheesung’s name has come up in relation to Amy and her drug scandals. In 2013, he was under investigation for propofol usage while serving in the military. During the investigation, there were allegations that Wheesung used his breaks in the military to seek out clinics that illegally provided propofol and valium between 2011 and 2013. Wheesung denied the allegations and was later cleared of wrong-doing.

“We testified that he did not receive injections of the psychotropic drug illegally,” a representative for Wheesung said in 2013 following the investigation. “Even the doctor who is in trial for administering illegal doses of propofol testified that Wheesung did not use the drug illegally.”

Fast-forward to April 17, 2019, and Wheesung’s name surfaced again due to Amy’s allegations. RealSlow Company denied the claims in a statement.

Hello, this is Wheesung’s agency, RealSlow Company.

We are clearly stating that the suspicions regarding Wheesung that were brought up via social media on [April] 16 are completely false. Wheesung has definitely not done [such actions], and if there is an audio recording as claimed by the other party, he will receive appropriate punishment accordingly.

In addition, Wheesung was already ruled not guilty regarding charges of injecting propofol in 2013 during his military service. He received a highly intensive investigation from the military police at the time, and we once again state that he was cleared of charges as it was proven that the doctor’s diagnosis was given normally for medical treatment purposes. Afterwards, he was also investigated for the use of sleeping pills, and this indictment was suspended, as well.

It is very painful for him to even release a statement to deny that it is true, and it has been a difficult decision to relay this statement. We once again express apologies for causing trouble due to past incidents.



Amy then took to Instagram again and posted a now-deleted response that simply read “can you handle it?”

Following Amy’s Instagram post and Wheesung being identified as the alleged celebrity friend, the joint concerts he was to hold with K.Will were ultimately canceled due to “an inevitable situation.”  The concerts titled The Bromance Show were to be held May 4 and 5.

Spring Entertainment, the company producing the concert, said, “We sincerely apologize to fans who were happy and excited, and for the inconvenience and disruption of plans due to the sudden concert cancellation.”

However, on April 19, 2019, Wheesung took to Instagram in an attempt to clear his name. In a lengthy post, Wheesung explained the situation and also shared an audio recording with Amy—which was recorded with her consent—that discussed the situation. A third-party, identified as “X,” was also part of the conversation.



View this post on Instagram 휘성입니다. 4월 17일 밤 에이미씨에게 연락이 왔고, 통화 녹음본 공개는 에이미씨와 합의 하에 진행되었음을 말씀드립니다. 그러나 공개를 결심하기까지 고민이 정말 많았습니다. 에이미씨 역시 피해자일 수도 있다는 생각은 처음부터 지금까지 변함이 없기에, 공개하는 것에 대해 수도 없이 망설였습니다.하지만 저를 둘러싼 의혹 해소 및 사실관계에 대한 팬 여러분들의 객관적 인지를 위해서는 녹취록을 공개하는 것이 불가피하다는 판단을 했습니다. 에이미씨는 저에게 언론 매체를 통해 공식적으로 사과하겠다는 의사를 명확히 밝혔습니다. 하지만 저는 사실관계에 관한 확인 없이, 감정만 앞선 성급한 내용으로 사과문이 만들어져 논란이 될 것을 염려했습니다. 그래서 먼저 에이미씨에게SNS의 허위 사실 게시물을 내려달라고 했고, 본인을 인터뷰했던 기자분께 사실을 전달해달라고 했습니다. 에이미씨는 이를 받아들였으며, 추가적으로 저는 성급한 행동을 자제해달라고 부탁했습니다. 이 녹취록에서 현재 쟁점이 되는 내용과 관계가 없는 부분들은 부득이하게 편집하였습니다. 이미 거의 모든 것을 잃었다고 느껴집니다. 그럼에도 이후 에이미씨의 사과는 당사자의 자유라는 생각입니다. 다만 사과를 한다면, 진심이 담긴 내용이기를 바랄 뿐입니다. 1. 대응이 늦을 수밖에 없었던 이유 에이미씨가 실명을 거론하지 않았고, 심신이 미약해 보이는 정황이 있는 상황에 제가 섣불리 나설 수 없었습니다. 사실에 근거한 입장문은 이미 사건 발생 당일 작성이 끝난 상태였고, 반박 증거 자료 역시 제출 준비가 되어 있었습니다. 2. 법적 대응에 대한 부분 아직까지는 가수 휘성만으로 매출을 기대하고 있는 소규모 법인 기업으로서 치명적인 타격이 아닐 수 없는바, 이미 법적 효력을 발생시킬 수 있는 허위사실 유포 및 인신공격을 한 언론과 악플러들에 대한 고소장이 작성되고 있습니다. 이 부분 만큼은 총력을 기울여 강력처벌로 이어지게 될 것을 미리 말씀드립니다. 3. 합동 콘서트 취소 모든 법적 조치가 끝나 정리가 된 일을 다시 쟁점화한 것은 제가 아니지만, 현재 상황에서 원만한 공연이 이루어지기 어렵다는 모두의 입장을 받아들여 ,케이윌 휘성의 합동콘서트를 취소하기로 합의하였습니다. 현재 이 부분이 가장 아쉽습니다. 이 모든사태가 정리가 되고 나서 훨씬 완성도 높은 브로맨쇼를 개최할 수 있도록 공연기획사측과 협의할 계획입니다. 이찌되었든 제가 끼어있는 상황때문에 피해를 입은 스프링엔터테인먼트와 스타쉽엔터테인먼트 친구 케이윌군에게 깊이 사과의 말씀 올립니다 4. 놓치지 말아야 할 본질 이 사건에 등장하는 주요인물 모두가 피해자일 수도 있습니다. 이 사건이 언론을 통해 불 난 듯이 번졌을 때, 어느 누군가에게는 실질적 피해가 이루어질 수 있습니다. 상황을 이해하기보다는 감정에 치우치는 시선이 아닌, 중립적인 입장에서 온전한 사실만을 바라봐 주시길 간곡히 바랍니다. 현 상황이 조속히 마무리되길 바라며 저를 응원해오셨던 분들께 심려끼쳐드린점 죄송합니다. ***** 현재 앞다투어 저에게 많은 분들이 응원과 함께 악성 허위 댓글 추측공격글 등등을 발췌하여 보내주시고 있습니다 반드시 처벌하겠습니다 이미 너무 많은걸 잃었기에 좌시하지 않겠습니다 당사자가 저지른일은 당사자가 책임을 지어야하겠지요 저는 저의 책임을 지을테니 원색적으로 근거없이 저를 비난하신 분들 언론관계자분들 각오하시길 바랍니다. 아무 준비없이 드리는 말씀이 아님을 인지 하시길

A post shared by 휘성 (@wheesungnym) on


As translated by Soompi, the post reads:

This is Wheesung. I received a phone call from Amy on the night of April 17, and the following recording was made with Amy’s permission.

Nonetheless, I thought a lot about whether I should release it. From the very beginning, and even now, I believe that it is possible that Amy was also a victim in this case. I hesitated for a long time as to whether I should release this recording. However, I judged that it was better to release it so that the fans can learn the truth behind all the suspicions that have been cast over my name.

Amy has clearly stated to me her intention to make an official apology. However, I was uneasy that without any evidence of checking for the truth, an apology made out of emotion would only further the controversy. That is why I asked Amy to first remove the post on Instagram and to tell the truth to the reporters who interviewed her.

Amy has accepted these requests and in addition, I asked her not to take any more rash actions from now on.

Out of necessity, the recording has been edited to remove parts that have nothing to do with the case.

I feel like I’ve already lost everything. Nonetheless, Amy’s apology should be considered as an action of her free will. If she does apologize, I only hope that it is sincere.

(1) The reason I was late to respond to the issue

Amy did not use any specific names, and it was not possible for me to intervene in a situation where there was no strong sense of identification. But our statement about the facts and the proof behind our denial had already been prepared by the time the situation had broken out.

(2) Legal response

As a small business that depends solely on the business of the singer Wheesung, it’s obvious that we would make a tempting target. We are preparing lawsuits against malicious commenters who have initiated personal attacks and spread false information to the point of requiring legal force. We intend to pursue strong punishments in this matter.

(3) Cancellation of concerts

It was not I who chose to bring up this incident again after everything had been settled [six years ago], but I recognized that it would be difficult to hold a concert in this situation and agreed to cancel the joint concert between me and K.Will. I am very regretful about this. After everything has been settled, we plan to consult with the concert agency in order to put on an even better concert.

In any case, I’m deeply sorry to my friend K.Will, Spring Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment for having to get involved in this case.

(4) The essential thing

It is possible for all of the major players in this case to have been victims. When this case was picked up by the media and spread like wildfire, it became possible for anyone to have been victimized. Rather than understand the situation, I ask that we not get carried away by the influence of our emotions but stand neutral in order to seek out the whole truth.

I hope that this situation is quietly resolved. I apologize to all of the people who have supported me until now.

The post also links to a video that contains the phone call between Wheesung and Amy. The third voice in the video is “X,” and the person’s voice is obscured to protect his identity.



In the phone call, a misunderstanding between X and Amy was revealed, and Amy and Wheesung discuss it. RealSlow Company also provides commentary. Allkpop translated the conversation:

 Amy: “It took me a lot of courage to make this phone call [to Wheesung]”

[Audio in the next part of the conversation is removed]


[Agency Text Message in the video – “We’re discussing who of their acquaintances told Amy that Wheesung is the one that suggested blackmail using the sexual photos. Wheesung already knew the identity of acquaintance ‘X’ that told Amy about the blackmail because of the allegations Amy had made in 2013 because it was ‘X’ that was concerned about it at the time].

[Wheesung calls ‘X’ whose voice is distorted to hide his identity]

Wheesung: “I had no reason to say those things to her [Amy], no reason to even want to do it. First it was death threats, then sexual assault…it just keeps changing. Anyways, is it Amy that is saying this or did you tell her that, because she’s saying its you.”

X: “Why would I tell her something like that?”

Wheesung: “Did I say those things? Did I really ever say those things about her??”

X: “There’s no way you would’ve said that stuff. You were really close to Amy. When I said bad stuff about her you got mad and we fought over it.”

[Recording returns to conversation between Amy and Wheesung]

Wheesung: [tells Amy what X said to him in the call. Amy doesn’t respond verbally but you can hear her sigh] “I recorded the conversation with him. What am I supposed to do. How am I going to live now?

[Agency Text Message in the video – “Wheesung has been put under suspicion because of the misunderstanding between Amy and X. If anyone has any recordings about the situation, please release it to the public.”]

Wheesung: [Gets emotional] “What am I going to do??”

Amy: “I feel like trash. After listening to you today I realize I was wrong” [starts crying]

Wheesung: “Even if you say sorry right now, I won’t believe you anymore. They cancelled my concert and terminated all my contracts. How am I going to live? Do you think I can sing now??

Amy: “Forgive me. Even if people swear at me, I promise I’ll take it all back.”

Wheesung: “Why do you only think about yourself? What about me?”

Amy: “I’ve always felt like I’m inferior to you.”

Wheesung: “But why do I have to pay for that with my life. MY livelihood.”

[Then audio fades out and the recording ends there. Another agency statement follows]

[Agency Text Message in the Video – “After the call, Amy removed the post she wrote on Instagram. We made this recording with permission from all parties. It wasn’t pre-arranged or anything and Amy was the first one to call Wheesung on April 17th at 10:00pm KST.

We want to reiterate that it’s not true at all that Wheesung ever threatened anyone with sexual assault. This whole thing happened because Amy heard something from a third party and thought Wheesung actually said it. In the phone call Wheesung told her about the misunderstanding. We plan to take strong legal action to prevent any of these rumors from spreading. Also, Amy is claiming that she has a recording, so we urge her to make it public. We know that Amy is feeling confused about this situation, but we can no longer sit back and let these false rumors spread. We ask her to clear up all the allegations.

Again, 6 years ago Wheesung was cleared of propofol use after a detailed investigation. All the allegations of blackmail and sexual assault are all false. We reiterate again that we made this recording after Amy called Wheesung first.

Wheesung is in shock because of these false allegations and is being sued for breach of contract. His livelihood is now in question because of someone’s unconfirmed SNS post. Who’s going to take responsibility for all the damage that has been caused?? We hope in the future that people refrain from witch hunts based on groundless rumors so that no one else is hurt.

RealSlow Company also stated that Wheesung may be sued for contract breaches.

This story is a developing one that has severe implications for the parties involved. Wheesung’s side is currently waiting for Amy’s alleged recordings and an apology.


All parties are innocent until proven guilty.



—-Olivia Murray

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