Eduardo Basagana, the Argentine producer who bets on Asian pop in Latin America

July 22, 2021 | 1266 Visits

Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 16, 2021) Prior to the 3YE show, we also spoke with Eduardo Basagana, creator of EB Producciones and + VIVO, who tells us about his expectations regarding this concert and the future of face-to-face Kpop shows and virtual in Latin America.



How did your interest in Asian culture start?

“I always really liked Asian culture, I consume anime and I have always been attracted to its ancient history. But above all else, I deeply admire his resilience in the face of adversity. ”


Which Kpop artists are you excited about?

“Lately I have been very excited about SM’s latest project, AESPA. I find the use of avatars very innovative, which can coexist in the near future independently with the group, and I think it is very likely that they can even tour together or even separately. I was able to personally say this to the Vice President of SM Globally in a talk we shared recently. He told me that behind AESPA, there is an idea for the company to explore new paths, and that they will strongly support it in the coming years. ”


Do you think Korea is interested in the Latin American market?

“I never would have imagined that today we would be announcing that a K-Pop group would be performing an online show exclusively for Latin America! Furthermore, I can announce to you (I cannot advance much more for a matter of confidentiality) that we have just signed an agreement with one of the Big 3 for all Latin America.


How do you see the Kpop movement in Latin America?

“I think the real growth is now, since there is a lot of public discovering Korean music thanks to the globalization of artists like BTS or Blackpink, who are the gateway to other artists. To this is added that the Latin public is loyal, and that our region has 2 of the largest and strongest music markets in the world, Mexico and Brazil, which together with Chile -a country that did a lot for Kpop-, Peru, Colombia and Argentina make up fertile territories for Korean music.”


What expectations do you have about this concert?

“Lots of! All the big agencies are attentive to this show. They are surprised by the announcement and are watching us to see if we are indeed a mature region with regard to this type of formats and technologies, and especially with the avant-garde commitment behind any show by an artist from Korea. If we succeed, we will show that we are a region that supports Korean music and more online shows will come. And then, also face-to-face visits. ”


How do you see the future of the shows?

“The future of music shows points more to virtuality, and the numbers don’t lie. If we talk about K-Pop, it was BTS’s “Bang Bang With: The Live,” which grossed nearly $20 million and attracted more than 750,000 viewers from 107 countries (equivalent to 15 stadium capacity of 50,000 seating!)”


What are your dreams for the future?

I want to be the bridge between the culture of Asia and Latin America. Make many people happy, generate work. Every time I do a show and see the fans excited, I get excited with them. Because I think that beyond dreaming (and working for it) doing the BTS or Blackpink stadium tour, or bringing Festivals like Music Bank or SMTown, my real dream is much deeper. It is creating something that is sustained over time, that lasts. And also facilitate the landing of Latin culture in Asia. Connect, unite. As human beings, we have that need for community, for bond. I believe that differences enrich us, help us to be better, to understand the other. I work to create a better world, and I think music is an ideal place to do it. ”


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