BMSG Brings BMSG FES’23 Online for Overseas Fans

October 10, 2023 | 384 Visits


(Japan – 6 October 2023) BMSG, a trailblazer in Japan’s music industry, has just concluded BMSG FES’23, a two-weekend music extravaganza which took place in Tokyo and Osaka to celebrate its third anniversary. Building on the success of last year’s BMSG FES’22, BMSG ALLSTARS dropped a surprise release “New Chapter. This year’s festival expands its horizons, introducing a fresh concept with two venues and two new songs, marking a significant milestone in BMSG’s journey. BMSG FES’23 took place in both Tokyo and Osaka, Japan’s two largest cities, showcasing the depth and diversity of Japanese music culture. BMSG has just announced that they will be streaming the recording of the full festival online for fans worldwide.

The Music: “The Sun from the EAST” and “The Moon in the WEST

BMSG FES’23 features not one but two new songs, each an ode to the talent and creativity of the BMSG family. Following the tradition of “New Chapter” which was previously produced by BMSG CEO and rapper, SKY-HI and Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, the 2 songs were released on 18 September 2023.



The Sun from the EAST,” features 11 artists from BMSG EAST – SKY-HI, Novel Core, Aile The Shota, SOTA (BE:FIRST), JUNON (BE:FIRST), LEO (BE:FIRST), TAKUTO (MAZZEL), HAYATO (MAZZEL), as well as BMSG artist trainees, RUI, TAIKI, and KANON. The single brings forth these artists’ own skills and personalities through a vibrant mix of dance and hip hop, resounding horn sections, and a playful mic-relaying that harkens back to the early 2000s East coast hip-hop scenes.



Watch “The Sun from the EAST” here

The Moon in the WEST,” by BMSG WEST features MANATO (BE:FIRST), SHUNTO (BE:FIRST), RYUHEI (BE:FIRST), RYOKI (BE:FIRST), KAIRYU (MAZZEL), NAOYA (MAZZEL), RAN (MAZZEL), SEITO (MAZZEL), RYUKI (MAZZEL), EIKI (MAZZEL), edhiii boi, and REIKO. Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai brings a diligently arranged track enabled by repetitive hard drum beats and captivating piano riffs and the coolness of these 12 artists, reminiscent of early 2000s West Coast hip hop.

Watch “The Moon in the WEST” here

Additionally at BMSG FES’23, rare collaborative moments were unveiled throughout the event. Notable collaborative performances included ‘YOLO’ by Team C, featuring Aile The Shota, SHUNTO, REIKO, RUI, and TAIKI, which showcased a reunion of talent from the auditions program ‘THE FIRST,’ which brought energy to the forefront. BMSG artists Novel Core, SHUNTO (BE:FIRST), and RYOKI (BE:FIRST) joined forces to deliver MF,’ a new collaborative hip-hop track that left the audience wanting more. ‘One More Day Remix‘ was a nostalgic highlight, the latter half of the song was performed by BMSG’s original four artist trainees – REIKO, RAN, KAIRYU, and SEITO – who embarked on their journey together during the ‘MISSIONx2‘ auditions program from Day 1. ‘One More Day Remix’ closes the section as a surprise to all audiences, where solo artists and groups collaborate one after another in a non-stop medley for half an hour before handing over to the grand finale. These performances were just a glimpse of the magic that unfolded at BMSG FES’23, making it an unforgettable celebration of music and talent.


BMSG FES’23 Streaming Details

BMSG FES’23 is not just for local fans in Japan, it is a celebration with the world. Overseas fans will have the opportunity to stream over 60 songs performed by 23 BMSG artists over 4 hours from 14 October 2023, via Zaiko.


Start Date of Streaming: 14 October 2023, Saturday from 5PM SGT

Streaming period: 14 to 31 October 2023

Video duration: 4.5 hours

Language: Japanese with English subtitles for talk sections and stage banter

Ticket Purchase online for Streaming: Through 31 October 2023 8PM SGT

Price: 4,800 JPY *additional service fees of 473 JPY excluded (approximately SGD 44, with additional service fee of SGD 4.35 excluded)

URL: ZAIKO – BMSG FES’23 streaming


*Please run a test viewing prior to purchasing of tickets to confirm the service availability in your area. (ZAIKO STREAMING TEST)

For all BMSG FES’23 review requests and interview enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at this email.

(photo credit: BMSG)

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