Asian Hair Fashion for 2019

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Asian women are known to be more open about hair changes than women from the rest of the world. This may come as a surprise to many, but the Asian beauty and fashion department has become very influential and dominated by a large population. Asian women, defined by their extraordinary and unique skin and beauty routines are also pioneers in setting hair trends. Willing to experiment and try new things, some of the most popular Asian hair trends involve color.

Most of the Asian women are born with exceptional dark silky hair which is naturally beautiful. However, as they love to try new things, the different cuts and colors are not strange to them. Contrary to fashion trends where the Asian ones come following the world ones, the situation with the hair trends it’s quite different. It is safe to say that the hair trends are started just by the Asian women and then take over the rest of the world.

To see what we are talking about, take a look at the most popular Asian Hairstyles for 2019:


Purple short bob

Starting with color, Asian women are especially fond of pink and purple hair colors. This particular purple shade has cool undertones and it is toned with blue. It might suggest an ombre technique if the ends are bleached and blonde, but in every case, the color is unique and beautiful. The short bob cut and the straight hair make for a magnetizing hairstyle that suits the Asian face mark wonderfully. The purple color is great for the fair skin tone and it freshens it up.



Choppy cut with blunt bangs

There is nothing new or distinctive in this hairstyle other than the fact it is somehow common and for that matter popular too. Asian women who have long face shape and long hair opt for this hairstyle because it tones down the intensity of the face shape. The choppy layers on the long hair make the style more interesting, and the soft waves are just great for accenting the layering. For a greater effect, highlights or some other coloring technique will be a small change that will completely upgrade the look.



Silver blond long locks

The silver blonde shade is one of the most wanted hair colors among Asian women. The beauty of this specific hair color is in the mixture of ashy blonde and silver hues. The silver tone presents an icy and cold look that combined with the ashy blonde results in crisp and catchy hair color. The high shine and the lack of yellow undertone are a winning combination that Asian women adore. This hair color is mostly seen on long hair, where the locks make the color even more accented.



Pink A-line Bob

Just like purple, pink is an extremely popular color for Asian women. The warm undertones match the skin tone making it look fresher and accenting the eyes. The pink shade can come as a bleached option in ombre technique, or in a color combination with purple. A popular hairstyle that is seen the most with this hair color is the A-line bob. The asymmetry of the cut, side part, and loose waves create a nice balance that leaves enough space for both the cut and the color to stand out.



Smokey grey ombre

As the current hair trends are limited to either bob length or long hair, the popularity of the ombre technique is more present on the long hair. Similar to the silver blonde trend, this great hairstyle comes in a more matte version. The smokey grey ombre presents a gradual and balanced transition of a darker grey base into a light blonde one. There is no shine here as the colors are all matte and ashy. The smokey ombre suggests adding some blond highlights just from the roots. The change of color is better seen on wavy or curly hair.



Rainbow hair

As mentioned above, experimenting with strong hair colors is no trouble at all for the Asian women, so the rainbow hair trend is somehow expected. Mixing and coloring the hair with almost all of the shades of the rainbow is an edgy and daring look that not many can pull off. The look starts from darker colors at the top, moving to the lighter ones to the lower parts. The shoulder length and longer hair are perfect for this style because it leaves enough space for showing off the colors and making the transitions. All the colors are balanced and the final look is rather interesting.


Pulling off marvelous hair looks and hair color combinations have made Asian women the top hair trendsetters in the world. 2019 is definitely a world of color so the coloring of hair is totally in.




—-Maja Krdzic

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