Almost 1/4 of Japan’s coronavirus deaths connected to internal hospitals

July 6, 2020 | 3879 Visits

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The number of hospitals’ internal infections add up to 12% of all coronavirus cases confirmed in Japan. The number of deaths connected with cluster infections in hospitals accounted for 24% of all coronavirus deaths in Japan.

The data conducted in May with medical institution and local government representatives indicates that in-hospital cluster infections broke out at 99 medical institutions in 21 prefectures. The largest number of cases was recorded in Tokyo, with a total of 714 having been confirmed infected in 19 hospitals, Kanagawa’s 242 cases in 13 hospitals, and Hokkaido’s 228 cases in 10 hospitals. Saitama has 140 cases in 8 hospitals, Osaka recorded 285 cases in six hospitals, and Hyogo recorded 101 cases in 6 hospitals.

The number of nationwide in-hospital infections reached 1,028 patients in total, 1,013 health care workers, and 55 miscellaneous employees including clerical staff and external contractors.

Some hospitals have not revealed their COVID-19 fatality figures, but at least 205 patients, or 20% of those infected while staying in hospital have reported to have died. The death rate for patients in hospital clusters was four times greater than all infected persons in Japan, which is 5%.


–J. Chung.

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