A Kcrush interview with the CEO of ‘Ballet Fitness’

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Regardless of age and gender, the people of our generation are generally interested in health and keeping in shape. They also have the tendency to be very open to experiment new ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Working out every day is generally considered extremely important by fitness and health experts, who claim that doing exercise on a daily basis is the most effective way to lose weight and attain a healthier state, both physically and mentally.

The type of food you eat and don’t eat will also contribute to your well-being and will massively affect how you feel and look.

I was able to interview a CEO who runs a business called, ‘Ballet Fitness,’ a business where ballet, yoga and other dances are taught to adults as well as children in pre-school. The CEO, Susie Lee has been at this fitness business since the mid 90’s.

For this interview, I questioned Ms. Lee for advice that many would be interested when it comes to dieting and working out.

We would like to express a massive ‘thank you’ to Ms. Lee for providing us with great advice and interview.


*Would you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your fitness business?

I am the CEO of Ballet Fitness based in Itaewon, Seoul Korea.

Our business focuses on teaching our clients ballet, stretching, core yoga and power step. I majored in Ballet at Myungji University, participated in international competition (Jazz Ballet) and when I was at an Art High school, competed in various national and international competitions. I own a first grade license from KAFA fitness and a certificate of completion for the gymstick muscle routine.


*How did you get started in learning ballet?

I began learning ballet as a hobby when I was in elementary school, until my first year in middle school. Later, I majored in ballet when I moved onto high school, I participated in several national and international competitions, for fan dance, Jango dance and Korean traditional drum dance. I majored in Ballet at Myungji University and after graduating from university, I became a lecturer for dance.


*What is the most difficult when it comes to business and when do you feel the most rewarded?

The difficult part for me is probably doing the promotion for the business. I must say that I feel the most rewarded when I find my students are getting better postures, and when their body structure evidently improves for the better.


*What do you like to do during your free time?

I like to swim for my leisure!


*What do you think are the most important factors in order to dance well or exercise efficiently?

You need to do a lot of stretching to become physically flexible. You also need to choose to do the most adequate muscle exercise suitable to your level.

Above all, you need to have the right kind of moves in order to move in time with the music and to the beat to become a good dancer.


*What kind of person do you respect in general?

I respect someone who is always making an effort to become better.


*What kind of advice would you give to anyone who is struggling to lose weight and how do you maintain a healthy physique?

In the morning, I would advise them to drink a cup of fruit smoothie (Banana + blueberry, banana +kiwi, banana + mango…with half of the cup filled with water). They should have a full lunch and eat a light dinner. Then after dinner, drink a cup of smoothie or tea. Drinking tea can do a lot to dissolve unwanted fat in our system and it will also enhance blood circulation. The right kind of tea can also help you from aging and reserve healthy skin.

You can follow the above mentioned diet and remember to exercise every day. It is very challenging to live with just consuming 1700~1800 calories per day, but it would definitely bring you great results.


*Which Korean dish would you recommend to foreigners, which is great for a diet effect?

For lunch, I’d recommend them to try a dish of Dried mushroom soup (??????) and because the dish is low in calories, it is great for diet and extremely helpful for your immune system.

The seaweed soup (???) is very beneficial for the liver and it has very low calories, so when consumed it can easily give you a feeling of fulfillment. Cabbage is also very low in calories and is good for your liver and digestive system.


*Thank you very much for your time in taking this interview. Would you like to let us know your plans for the future?

My plans for the future? It would be to put my utmost and do my best for the business promotion and overall, I wish the business would go well and that people would achieve what they are looking for through our fitness program.


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— J. Chung.

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