5 Must-Watch Kdramas that Kicked Off in January 2023

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2023 kicked off with a blast, especially for K-Drama fans around the globe. With the unveiling of new dramas hitting the charts and the release of new seasons for ongoing series, life could not get any better. Here are some of the most thrilling series released in early January this year that ought to be on your must-watch K-drama list.



1. Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance tells the story of sparkling chemistry fighting to rise above overpowering societal pressures. Nam Haeng Seon is a side dish store owner whose handball career was thrown under the bus when fate made her a mother. Choi Chi Yeol is a celebrity math instructor, a career that has taken him blood and sweat to achieve and maintain. Nam HeYi is Nam Haeng Seon’s blessing in disguise and whose unfortunate childhood still haunts her present forcing her to survive in the shadows. Nam He Yi’s entanglement with Choi Chi Yeol springs up endless altercations between the math instructor and side dish store owner fused in traumas, jealousy, and scandals that take the viewer into a roller coaster of emotions.



2. Kokdu: The Season Deity

Kokdu is a being who dates back to ancient times and is endowed by the gods, giving him a free return pass to the present every 99 years. His mission is to punish humans for their fragility. During his errands, Kokdu bumps into Han Gye Jeol; a low-class doctor who binds Kokdu into a spell, compromising his mission and borrowed time. Despite being an immortal grim reaper, Kokdu races against time and all odds as fate takes the wheel dragging the viewers’ emotions with it.



3. Can We Be Strangers

Famously known as “Strangers Again”, this drama took January 2023 by storm within the airing of its first episodes. Can We Be Strangers revolves around a divorcee couple who find themselves back into each other’s lives after a fascinating turn of events. Goo Eun Beom undergoes a health issue that affects his sex life which gives Oh Ha Ra a window for divorce despite having cheated on his husband with a man ten years younger than her. With the urge to survive the harsh law career world, the two former love birds are bombarded with an array of puzzles creating a thin line between the two being strangers and lovers.



4. Brain Works

Brain Works is another thrilling drama that had viewers glued to the core as it hit the screens in January 2023. This scientific-comedy series revolves around two men who despite the grueling hatred between them end up working together to solve criminal cases. The inhumane neurologist Shin Ha Ru and kind but surly-speaking Detective Geum Myung Se are forced to put aside their conflicting personalities to bring justice and sanity to their community. Kim Mo Ran; detective Geum’s overly sensual ex-wife, and the hypnotic investigator Seol So Jung also add to the mix resulting in the rattling fusion of four strange brains working towards solving criminal cases



5. Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2

After a thrillingly successful season one, Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2 once again broke the chart records upon its release in January 2023. Yoo Se Poong is a charming physician who worked for the royal family before a conspiracy against him that tinted his career and social life forcing him to seek solace in Gyesu village. The downfall is a blessing in disguise as Poong finds solitude and purpose at Gyesu Clinic thanks to his eccentric teacher, Gye Ji Han. His rebirth as a physician couldn’t improve as he finds love in Seo Eun Woon, a widow in Gyesu village. Just when everything seems to fall into place, an epidemic ravages the royal courts and Poong’s newly found happiness is put to test.


—-Karen Mwenda


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