Top 5 Korean Drama Actor Rankings in September 2023

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With recently released dramas and others ongoing as well, the September Korean Drama Actor Rankings have seen a reshuffle. As compared to the August rankings, some of the actors and actresses have been dethroned as others leap closer to the top of the list. Below are the actors and actresses who made it to the top 5 list of the September Korean Drama Actor Rankings.


1. Nam Goong Min

Nam Goong Min took the crown in this September’s Korean Drama Actor Rankings topping with a brand reputation index of 4.824,141. His role in “My Dearest” K-drama, whose first episode aired in early August, made this rating possible. In this drama, Nam Goong plays the mysterious Lee Jang Hyun with a deep and dark secret that he strives to hide behind his cheerful nature.


2. Ahn Eun Jin

Ahn Eun Jun took second place behind her co-star in the currently airing “My Dearest” K-drama with a brand reputation index of 3,872,507. Being one of Ahn Eun’s highest rankings in the Korean drama actor brand reputation rankings, the September results showcases her blossoming popularity, which is expected to soar even higher with the ongoing part 2 of “My Dearest” drama. In the drama, Ahn Eun plays Yoo Gil Chae, a confident daughter of a noble family fighting her way through a political upheaval only to find love in dangerous waters.



3. Han Ji Min

Han Jin Min clinched third place with a brand reputation index of 2, 484,684 this September. Starring in the currently airing “Behind Your Touch” drama, Han Jin Min has taken the viewers by storm with her exceptional acting skills weaved in a captivating storyline. In the “Behind Your Touch” drama, Han Jin Min plays Bong Ye Bun; a veterinarian with psychometric powers to see people’s pasts which entangles her in a series of endless inexplicable murder cases.



4. Yeom Hye Ran

The fourth place went to Yeom Hye Ran for her role in “The Uncanny Counter 2” drama with a brand reputation index of 2,184,741. Yeom Hye Ran’s roles in “The Uncanny Counter 1” and “Mask Girl” also contributed to her growing popularity and impact in the entertainment industry raising her brand reputation index from the 598,022 August index. In both seasons of “The Uncanny Counter”, Yeom Hye Ran plays Chu Mae-ok whose alibi career is a chef at Eonni’s Noodles. As a counter, she is possessed by Su-ho’s spirit giving her healing abilities which are crucial for the success of the counters’ missions.



5. Kim Sejeong

The fifth place also went to another actress starring in “The Uncanny Counter 2” K-drama. Kim Sejeong clocked the top five with a brand reputation index of 2,008,169. Kim Sejong; a singer and actress, showed an increase in popularity as her brand index increased from 1,384,469 in August. In both seasons of “The Uncanny Counter”  k-drama, Kim Sejeong plays Do Ha-na whose alibi career is a server at Eonni’s Noodles. As a counter, Do Ha-na is possessed by Woo-Sik’s spirit giving her superhuman psychometric and strength. These abilities enable her to sense evil spirits from miles away as well as read and enter other people’s memories.


— Karen Mwenda


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