What’s Up With WA$$UP?

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Wassup is a Korean girl group formed under Sony Music and Mafia Records, which debuted in August 2013, after being in training for three years. Wassup’s music video for the first single “Wa$$up” was released on August the 7th, which was in no way like any other ordinary girl group video, bright and loud, plus, displaying quite a lot of ‘twerking’ moves.

When Wassup came out, it was announced by Sony Music that the group will be very different to the ‘standard’ K-pop girl groups. According to their management company, Wassup’s music would consist of genres like dancehall, reggae and hip hop. Overall, their very unique sound and performance drew considerable attention on the net, their music videos brought along a lot of controversy due to their sexy wardrobe and dancing.

Wassup’s 7 members are named Jinju, Dain, Nada, Nari, Jiae, Sujin, and Woojoo in the order of their age. Jinju is the group’s leader and the main vocalist of Wassup at the age of 24, Dain is, also 24 years old rapper and lead dancer. Nada is 23 and her role is the main rapper and lead dancer. Nari is 21 and acts as the main dancer and rapper. Jiae is an 18 year old main vocalist, Sujin is, also an 18 year old lead rapper and sub-vocalist while Woojoo is the youngest member vocalist who will become 18 in August.

Since their debut, Wassup has released one debut album ‘Nom Nom Nom’ and four singles including ‘Hotter Than Summer’ and ‘Fire.’ Like their name, ‘Wassup’ – these young ladies and their music, well, what they are bringing out is extremely fun and entertaining to listen to with less cover ups in their performances and song lyrics. Wassup claims their music is spot on for the summer occasion.

We’ve prepared an interview with Wassup for you. These young ladies are determined to make it huge. Their drive and enthusiasm is second to no other. Read about how the WASSUP girls are enjoying what they do at the same time fighting hard for their dreams. Please, enjoy Kcrush readers…


Hello Wassup! Thank you for taking the time out to do an interview with Kcrush.



Did you all dream of being a celebrity when you were growing up?

Dain: Yes~ I wanted to become a celebrity since I was young.

Jinju: I dreamt of being a celeb for a long time at a very young age but when I started attending school that dream was switched to something else. I think you get to dream about what you really want to do later in life.

Nada: I majored in Art until I was in High school but my dream was to be a celebrity.

Nari: Yes, after knowing that it was a job that requires dancing and singing.

Jiae: It was my dream since I was in kindergarten.

Sujin: I started dreaming of being one when I was n middle school.

Woojoo: My dream was to be a zoo keeper when I was younger but after I starting learning to dance as a 5th grader at elementary, I dreamt of becoming a singer.


Ok…so are you all excited for the summer back? How are you all feeling?

Dain: I’m dying to get on the comeback stage as soon as possible. I can’t wait to meet our fans with our new music.

Jinju: All the members including myself are really anticipating and waiting for it.

Nada: Yes. Would really want to make a comeback and amaze everyone with our new music and new look.

Nari: Yeah, I really want to have a comeback soon and do active work.

Jiae: Really expecting it to happen, want to make a comeback soon!!!!!

Sujin: Yes, we’d like to show how we’ve improved soon.

Woojoo: Yes, we’d like to suddenly appear transformed in a cool way.


How old were you when you started training to dance and sing?

Dain: I loved to sing and dance as a kid, but I started training since I was 17.

Jinju: I think it’s been about 4 years since I had proper training.

Nada: Started when I got into Mafia Records at age 21.

Nari: I learned to dance in the 2nd year of middle school and got vocal training since 17.

Jiae: I started getting trained when I was 10 years old.

Sujin: Since I was 17.

Woojoo: I first learned to dance when I was a 5th grader in elementary school then started learning it properly when I got into middle school. And I started learning to sing when I was 17.


Can we ask how your parents initially reacted when you decided to get into the music industry?

Dain: At first they said no and opposed of the idea. I think I studied hard and most of all tried convincing them by showing I was passionate and sincerely determined to do this.

Jinju: I think they just looked on half in doubt. Then when I started to focus on getting prepared, my parents seem to get concerned and began to stop me.

Nada: They went against it at first, because I was preparing to get into one of the top schools, but my parents said they’d trust me since I do my studies and everything I do sincerely.

Nari: They said they would fully support me in whatever I wanted to do.

Jiae: My parents wanted me to become a singer from the start so they helped me a lot and they also really like what I do.

Sujin: My parents told me I could do it, if that was what I wanted to do.

Woojoo: My parents initially wanted me to do this as a hobby, but later on, they actively supported me to do as I chose.




How would you describe Wassup’s music?

Dain: Could we describe it as a collaboration of Hip hop and other genres? Our music is based on Hip hop compiled with other genres of music coated with Wassup’s own color to bring out a ‘Wassup-ish’ music.

Jinju: Hip Hop + uniqueness.

Nada: It’s like burning hot summer music.

Nari: I think we are sexy, energetic and well-suited to the summer season Hip hop girl group.

Jiae: Our sound is Hip hop, and you would know from listening that our songs are very different to the rest. It’s a very unique sound which collaboration of dancehall, reggae and other genres.

Sujin: Hot!!!

Woojoo: Hip hop is the basic genre. And, I think our songs are very suitable for the summer.


Why do you think people consider Wassup’s performances sexy?

Dain: I think our performances are considered sexy, may be, because the 7 members with diverse charms get on the stage united in one mind enjoying ourselves on stage with confidence. Thank you ^^..

Jinju: I reckon it comes from the vitality of our performances and the energy we display.

Nada: Are we sexy? Uhm…Wouldn’t it be due to our confident performances?

Jiae: Our choreography show sexy dances, but I think it’s, because of the healthy beauty the 7 members have!

Sujin: May be, it’s the confidence we show on the stage?

Woojoo: I think it could be the healthy beauty that people find sexy about us.


Did you have any part time jobs before joining the group?

Dain: Before our debut, I had a lecturing job teaching kids at an academy who had the same dreams as I did. I remember getting very motivated from teaching them which got me to try harder for myself.

Jinju: I’ve tutored kids and worked in a coffee café making coffee.

Nada: Yes. I’ve worked at a young age until I debuted, working in mean restaurants, sushi restaurants, Korean restaurants and etc… I was practically a part time monster. Ha ha.

Nari: As soon as I graduated high school, I came to Seoul and had a job briefly for around 3 months.

Jiae: Yes, I’ve worked as other singers’ back-up dancer, so being on the stage with them got me determined to be on stage under my name.

Sujin: I have no experience.

Woojoo: I was the type to earn my own money, so I’ve covered a lot of various part time jobs.




Do you all like to cook or do you usually choose to eat out?

Dain: I like to cook and I’m quite good at it too ^^. When we’re working there’s less time we can spend in the dorms, so I don’t get to cook much.

Jinju: I’m not really interested in cooking, so I’m not very good at it. I eat out once in a while.

Nada: I can’t cook at all and I get scared of the knife. I eat the stuff Nari cooks me or eat out.

Nari: I am good at cooking, but when we’re working we spend time, more time outdoors, so we tend to eat out more often.

Sujin: When I’m in the dormitory I have deliveries over often, but I don’t dislike cooking.

Woojoo: I have quite a lot of knowledge on cooking. Both my parents were great cooks, too. But, now I’m living away from home. Now, I think I eat out frequently.


What kind of beverages do you enjoy drinking?

Dain: I think I don’t spend a day without drinking coffee. With the current weather I take ice Americano all the time.

Jinju: Coffee.

Nada: Ice coffee, hot coffee and cold coffee, in other words coffee.

Nari: I like milk tea so much.

Jiae: Because, I’m on a diet 365 days a year, I enjoy drinking coffee as well.

Sujin: I really like to drink soda pop.

Woojoo: I like sweet drinks with powdered grain, coconuts and taro.


Could you share any helpful tips for maintaining health or skin health?

Dain: Out of the Wassup members, I am probably the one most interested in keeping good health. I concentrate on moisture management more than anything. I drink vegetable liquids which is good for the health on a regular basis. For healthy skin, moisture management is the best!!

Jinju: Sleep. Nothing is more effective than getting enough sleep.

Nari: I use a lot of facial masks.

Jiae: I use facial masks on the days I have heavy make-up. I always remember to use sun cream when I’m out. And carry my mist with me all the time.

Sujin: I like working out, so I work out a lot.

Woojoo: If I feel I have damaged skin, I visit the dermatologist often and I try to work out on a daily basis.


Could you briefly describe what your charm is and what kind qualities your ideal person should have?

Dain: I guess my charm is my bright and active personality. I can become close friends with anyone in no time and I consider my friendly personality my charm. I think I feel attracted to someone who focuses only on me and has a gentle attractiveness.

Jinju: My attractiveness would probably be my fair skin. And, strangely enough my ideal is someone with fair skin and broad shoulders. And, mostly we must share the same sense of humor.

Nada: Someone who is really interesting to a point everyone thinks he’s bizarre (We both need to have the same laughing code). I am attracted to someone who has a pride for his work and who is able to focus on it.

Nari: I think my charm is that I have a very easy going personality unlike my appearance. I feel very attracted to very manly masculine men.

Jiae: I think my charm is that I take good care to look after other people and I feel attracted to a person who is indifferent to others, but who is like a really a sweet lamb towards me.

Sujin: I think the charm I have is my voice, which exceeds peoples’ expectation. My ideal is someone who can protect me and make me feel I’m taken well care of.

Woojoo: My charm is my reversed attraction. People tend to think I’m difficult to approach, but when I get to know them I talk a lot and have a really bubbly personality. I feel attracted to someone who is… willing to put up with my complaints, kind and gentle person…someone I can learn from.


Can you speak foreign languages? Do you have any languages you are learning?

Dain: English. I can speak basic greetings in Japanese. I want to learn English more. ( I envy Jinju)

Jinju: I can speak English since I was able to learn it at a young age, so I like learning it a lot. I want to learn Chinese, French and Spanish.

Nada: I don’t speak any foreign languages, but I’d like to learn English..

Nari: I learned Japanese briefly, but I’m not very good at it, so I want to further learn. I have a lot of craving to learn many other languages.

Jiae: I can just say few greetings in Japanese and Portuguese. I want to learn Japanese and English more.

Woojoo: I don’t have any foreign languages I can speak fluently, yet, but I’d like to focus on learning English.


Who are your favorite Korean and oversees artist?

Dain: For Korean artists, I like Hyori Lee and Hyo Shin Park sunbaenim. For oversees artists, I like Beyonce and Tinashe.

Jinju: I have so many artists I like but nowadays, I listen to Crush the most. The oversees artist I like is Lana Del Rey.

Nada: In Korea I like Hyori Lee and Swing sunbaenim. And Rihanna and Nas for oversees artists.

Nari: I really like Nicole Scherzinger who is the main vocal who’s also doing a solo act.

Jiae: I like Jessie J for my favorite artist.

Sujin: I like Karina for my favorite oversees artist.

Woojoo: I like Maroon 5 so much. Love Maroon 5.


Why do you think you have more fans from abroad than in Korea?

Dain: I think it’s, because Wassup’s concept and music is unique to what you can normally find in K-pop groups. A fresh attraction, may be?

Jinju: Really, when we first debuted, we were amazed and grateful to the fans. I think the fact that we weren’t trying to conceal ourselves, but by expressing ourselves and energy naturally, we were able to approach the fans abroad easily and honestly.

Nada: Probably, because we have both the eastern and western charm unified very well

Nari: I think the fact that our choreography and concept, which differentiates us from the other girl groups, played a big part.

Jiae: Our genre of music is bright, cheerful and not common.

Sujin: I think, because we have a different feeling compared to the general K-pop music.

Woojoo: As Nari sis pointed out, our choreography and concept that is different to the other girl groups.


For the outfits you wear to events and on stage, do you usually pick any yourselves or do you have your stylists do it for you?

Dain: Usually our stylists pick outfits for us, but at times we do prepare our own styling, accessories and shoes

Jinju: Our stylists always takes great care on what we wear, but they also, include our opinions on fashion items and our company’s ideas.

Nada: Usually, our stylists picks our outfits, but we get to choose as well. We talk a lot about styling between the members.

Nari: The concept of the outfits usually comes from out stylists and our company’s representative.

Jiae: We get to choose our shoes accessories and hair styling.

Sujin: Stylists prepare our outfits. A lot of the shoes we wear are our own.

Woojoo: Accessories and shoes are prepared by the members. And, I think the shoes we wear are nearly all chosen by us.


Which countries do you want to visit the most?

Dain: America! I really want to visit there.

Jinju: I want to go to the European countries since I’ve never been there.

Nada: America, Brazil.

Nari: America and Japan are the countries I mostly want to visit.

Jiae: The top 3 countries for me would be Japan, America and England.

Sujin: The U.S.A.

Woojoo: America Australia and Japan!


If Wassup has a world tour, would you be coming to the U.S?

Dain: Yes! Of course! Just call us. We are all set to play.

Jinju: Of course. For me America is a place I want to visit over and over

Nada: Certainly!! If you’re willing to have us!!

Nari: Probably, and we hope for that. We want to meet fans from other countries

Jiae: Sure! That is my dream.

Sujin: Yes, I’d love to visit, ^^

Woojoo: Of course, we’d really love to go!!!!!!!!!


Do you have anything you regret that you’d like to change?

Dain: Well, I’m not the type to linger on what’s behind me…So, I am going to continue living the same way not regretting on anything.

Jinju: I really don’t like having any regrets and I don’t think I have anything I want to change or have anything I regret, but I do think I should have started learning about the things I am doing currently earlier.

Nada: I wish I had started music sooner; this isn’t a regret but rather a slight reluctance.

Nari: I do think of what might have happened, if I had put more effort in the past, but the present is what is important, so I’m going to try my best at present.

Jiae: I think that I have everything in the present, because of the past, so I’m going to try the best everyday for the future.

Sujin: I have none.

Woojoo: Because, I’m still at a young age, I don’t have any regrets or have anything I want changed.


Could you tell us about Wassup’s latest single ‘Fire’ and state the reason why you think it’s a great song…

Dain: It’s the first time Wassup has released a world cup song that is of a reggae genre. We were showing our cute side that we never showed before. And, the fun and interesting choreography added to the song in my opinion.

Jinju: ‘Fire’ is a Wassup styled support song for the 2014 World Cup, featuring M TySon oppa. Because, of the exciting rhythm and simple melody and choreography it is an extremely easy to sing along to. And, I’d recommend it to people to listen to this summer.

Nada: It’s an exciting cheery song revived with a reggae feel to it that features M TySon oppa ~ it has a lighter feel than our previous songs…And, because we were able to do slightly…cute ^^ performances and we really got to enjoy ourselves.

Nari: We were able to show our different charm. The song made us enthusiastically sing and dance

Jiae: The exciting song was written for the World cup theme, also the choreography and the cute wardrobe. These three elements of the song suited well I think.

Sujin: You can get a vibrant feeling every time you hear the song.

Woojoo: The choreography for the song is really cute and I guess people would have seen a new side to us.


Thank you very much Wassup for your time… We wish you all the best in your career…

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