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December 31, 2014 | 4890 Visits

This week has been a competitive week for the artists. There are so many singers/groups making comebacks and the rankings on the chart have been on and off.

1)     Number one on the charts would have to be EXID- Up and Down. This song was released in the summer and wasn’t very known, but when a fan uploaded a fan cam of the member Hani dancing to the song, it started gaining more and more attention. This video instantly went viral and it almost has 5 million views on YouTube, which has higher viewers than the music video. Their song has been on the top 10 charts for weeks now and it recently reached number 1. It’s crazy to see how many fans this group has gained by just one fan cam.


2)     Super Junior’s member Kyuhyun released his first single as a solo artist and the song became a huge hit. Not to offend anyone, but it was very surprising to see how much success he had with the solo because it’s rare to see solo artists who have become successful in SM. The groups are popular in this company, but a soloist has never been a hit until Kyuhyun-At Gwanghwamun. This song is pleasing to listen to because he has a soft tone in his voice so it’s very relaxing and smooth.


3)     Apink-LUV. It seems like every song they release is a hit. Apink has never gained so many trophies from music shows until this song and they sure deserve it. This song is so catchy and it will be stuck in your head after listening to it even if it’s your first time hearing it. I love how this group doesn’t have to change their concept to sexy to gain interest from people. Apink is probably the only group to debut as a cute concept and still have the same concept years after their debut.


4)     GD, Taeyang- Good Boy. It was nice to see GD work with Taeyang. They’ve been training together for years before their debut and they never got the chance to work together, separately from Big Bang. It was nice to see their teamwork that built since the training years. This song is really upbeat with cool choreography. Although the choreography is hard to dance along to, it’s one of those songs you can easily free style to.


5)     Epik High-Happen Ending. It’s been more than a year since their last comeback , so many people were looking forward to this song. With the sad melody, this song will remind you of the person you’ve been missing, but the lyrics will help you push through the tough times.


6)     Toy-Three People. Toy has finally made a comeback and the song is featured by Sung Si Kyung. The melody is so touching and sad, but the song is so addicting that you will find yourself replaying it.


7)     Beast-12:30. This song is produced and written by one of the members Yong Jun Hyung, and the song really shows the strength in their vocals. The chorus part is so high pitched that most male singers are not able to reach, but the main vocalist seems to pull it off without any problems. You can see how much talent his group has by just listening to this song and they sing amazing live.


8)     Park Hyo Shin-Snow Flower. If you want to listen to a guy with a sweet voice, this song is for you. His voice is so unique and it’s not something you’ve heard before. This song is perfect for this kind of weather and it’s good to listen to while relaxing.


9)     AOA-Like A Cat. This group made another hit comeback with this song. Just like the title, it’s basically about the members acting like cats to win the guy they like. The choreography is also fun to dance along to and the song is overall just fun and catchy.


10) Hi, Suhyun ft. Bobby-I’m Different. This is a new unit from YG. No one was expecting this kind of collaboration and it sure met and exceeded the expectations people had. The song has a fun/catchy beat that you’ll be able to sing along after only listening to half of the song.



—-Juyeon Oh

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