Joelle’s Top 50 Song for 2014: 20-11

December 31, 2014 | 1739 Visits

The end is in sight with our countdown of 2014’s top songs. At this point, it’s clear some really great songs were left off, but then the list would be hundreds of songs in, and really, “ain’t nobody got time for that” to quote the Internet meme. With that said, let’s get into numbers 20 through 11!

20. Block B “Her”

Block B’s signature quirkiness and wacky antics provide one of the most feel-good songs of the year. It is impossible to not dance along to “Her.” The song’s addictive hook and beat are enough to propel to top-20 status.

19. J.Min “Shine”

J.Min’s music seems to have gotten lost in the idol group melee this year, which is shame considering she made her Korean debut with two amazing songs in “Hoo” and “Shine.” “Shine’s” subtle rock sound and J.Min’s amazing vocals make up for the lackluster lyrics. The chorus feels empowering and sends a message about reaching the stars, and that’s a message we all need.

18. Wings “Blossom”

Sony’s rookie duo Wings has the vocal prowess to become the next Davichi if utilized well. Wings has heart and soul in their voices along with raw talent. Their debut song, “Hair Short,” showed their personality, but “Blossom” gave them a chance to show off their vocals in a beautiful way.

17. Raina & San E “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”

Raina made her solo debut, which was one of the highlights of 2014. Her voice definitely feels like a midsummer night sweetness because it’s heavenly and soft. The song performed well on the music charts and caused many fans to “ship” Raina and San E because they had great chemistry together.

16. TVXQ “Something”

Big band and 1940s charm dominate “Something,” and it turned out to be one of TVXQ’s best moves of late. The song is enjoyable, but the MV and live performances are what make it great. TVXQ’s backup dancers stole the show and help make the song way more amazing than it already was.

15. CNBlue “Can’t Stop”

“Can’t Stop” couldn’t be stopped earlier in 2014. The song shifts from mid- tempo to a quicker paced song to eliminate dullness. For those who hate ballads, this is the perfect song for you. For anyone who wants to introduce CNBLUE to a non-fan or non-K-Pop lover, “Can’t Stop” is perfect. The echoing vocals and Yong-Hwa’s high notes are beyond delightful.

14. Dia “Paradise”

How can a song that came out a few days ago make it to the top 20? Simple: Sing a great song that provides a hopeful message about a personal journey. Dia’s voice has hope and makes a listener feel that hope. The message Dia flawless delivers makes the song great.

13. Roy Kim “Nothing Lasts Forever”           

Roy Kim’s Home album should have been a contender for album of the year, and “Nothing Lasts Forever” needed more recognition. The song itself is one of the best on the album because of the chorus and the power that erupts toward the end.

12. Ha:tfelt “Ain’t Nobody”

Wonder Girls’ Yenny released one of the absolute best songs of the year this summer, yet it’s seldom discussed. Her vocal range was on-point in “Ain’t Nobody,” and the emotional performance in the MV—which utilized interpretative dancing well—made the tune even more glorious.

11. MBLAQ “Be a Man”

MBLAQ does ballads well as heard in “Be a Man.” From high note to low note, the members harmonized well. When paired with the MV, the song becomes even more impressive and worthwhile. Sadly, two members have now left MBLAQ. Hopefully the three who remain can recapture the magic.


Tomorrow brings us to the finish line! Have you seen your favorites yet? Who do you hope will be in the top ten?


—-Joelle Halon

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