Vietnamese Top Five Fashion Trends

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In recent years, Korean pop music and Korean movies have become really popular in Vietnam.  Therefore, Vietnamese fashion is influenced by a lot of Korean pop stars and movie stars, especially young people.   Here are a few fashion trends in Vietnam nowadays.


1. Simple youthful Street styles

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Young people like to wear simple color outfits, but they create interesting and youthful styles.  They want to look energetic and cheerful, and also fashionable.  For girls, sweaters or t-shirt, tank tops with cardigans, are mixed with high-rise shorts, skirts or skinny destroyed jeans.   Boots or sneakers usually look well with those tops and bottoms.   For guys, they usually wear jogger pants, jeans with flat shirts, hoodies, T-shirt and sneakers.


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2. Simple and elegance

Vietnamese woman would like to look elegant.   They also learn from the world’s trend, which is simple color.   They usually choose to wear long and straight one color dresses.   Because the dresses are simple, therefore, they mix them with a little fancy accessory, like necklaces, earrings, and purses.

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3. Young and sweet style

A-line skirts, flowery dresses are the popular items for young and sweet style today. Women, who prefer this style, usually want to show their feminineness.  Sometimes, they wear midi skirt with button-down shirts or blouses.  The material of their clothes is usually soft, bright colors.  A lacy dress is also one common item for this style.


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4. Men’s body fit dress shirts

Not only women care about fashion, men do also.   Vietnamese men are trying to catch up with the world’s trends.   They care about their body and fitness.   They have started going to the gym to work out and built muscles.   They want to look manly, strong and sporty.   Therefore, their fashion has changed as well.   Nowadays, even in business casual, they prefer to wear body fit clothing with simple colors. They also often choose a smaller/narrow tie.

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5. Business casual for women

Business casual is no longer just black and white.  Vietnamese women choose to wear a variety of classy and fashionable clothes in the office.  Still with the traditional black skirts or dress pants, but they mix those with blouses.  That combination makes businesswomen look very classy and fashionable.

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—-Titi Chan

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