Plagiarism Controversy: Did Taeyang Copy the Instrumentals for “Eyes, Nose, Lips?”

January 8, 2015 | 2663 Visits

2014’s undisputable hit, Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (ENL), seems to be embroiled in some controversy lately as amateur artist Derrick Bullock accuses him and YG Entertainment of plagiarism.

plagBullock claims the instrumentals for “ENL” came from his song “Change Me.”  Bullock claims he has ownership of the instrumentals and says he has paperwork to prove it. On the now nonexistent MV for “Change Me,” Bullock wrote, “…It [the song] DOES NOT belong to a Korean band — it was stolen from me and used in music in Korea 4 years ago. Before you start telling Derrick he stole this music, get your facts straight. Video and paper documentation are available for proof that all rights belong to Derrick Bullock.”

Both K and I Netizens have called Bullock’s word into doubt given the release timeline for both Taeyang and Bullock’s songs since the timeline shows– in terms of availability and release– Taeyang came first. And Bullock’s own words posted earlier than the amended text (image, above left) on the “Change Me” MV seem to contradict his claim (image, Right).


June 3, 2014: Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” released digitally

June 10, 2014: “ENL” released on RISE’s physical album

July 11, 2014:YG releases the official instrumental version for “ENL”

July 31, 2014: Bullock uploads “Change Me” to YouTube

August 12, 2014: Bullock uploads “Change Me” to iTunes

Bullock also seems to contradict his own timeline, first by saying the song was used in Korea 4 years ago (2010-2011), then stated he began composing it in 2008 (7 years ago), then told someone on Koreaboo that he wrote it in school 5 years ago.

Bullock could just have a fuzzy memory. He allegedly has paperwork to prove he composed the song years earlier, but he has yet to produce such documentation. By producing legitimate documentation, the whole issue could be laid to rest, and YG and Taeyang may face consequences.

Upon Bullock’s accusations, YG released a statement that said, “We are aware of the issue at hand and we are internally preparing to deal with the matter.”

plaggAs of January 6, Bullock’s heavily synthed and autotuned “Change Me” was blocked on YouTube on YG-filed copyright grounds; Bullock later removed the entire video.

With YG looking into the matter, fans anticipate that some legal action will be taken. In response to the individual who contacted Bullock about the copyright issue, he stated “I composed this music back in school 5 years ago with all the documentations to prove it. If anyone is getting sued, it’s your boyband guy that stole my music, not me. Thanks tho.”

There are a few different angles to this story:

1)      Taeyang did plagiarize the song. Given the timeline and contradictions, this seems unlikely for now until Bullock produces the alleged paperwork.

2)      Bullock plagiarized and is now trying to cover his tracks after getting caught.

3)      This is all a publicity stunt on Bullock’s end to raise awareness toward his music and artistry.

We’re only a few days into 2015, and already it looks like scandal-filled 2014 isn’t ready to let go. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch how this whole scandal unfolds!


—–Joelle Halon

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  1. pillarofwisdom says:

    This guy Bullock admitted he made the whole thing up to get attention! he should have still been paid the penalty.

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