Under the Radar Songs: February 2015

March 3, 2015 | 2325 Visits

February brought about the emergence of a hopeful spring with the returns of 4Minute and Shinhwa and Niel and Amber’s solo activities. The K-Pop scene may be shaping up to be amazing this spring! Sadly, with bigger names dominating, some good songs are lost in the shuffle. February had artists who quietly released some ear-pleasing tunes. Here are seven you should listen to right now.

Azin “Delete” (2/9/15)


Experimental, dreamlike Azin returns with “Delete,” a song with ‘80s flair and an MV with hints of Sia. Her soft vocals and powerful instrumentals pair well without one overpowering the other. If you enjoy “Delete,” her Developpe album shouldn’t be missed.

Poot Poot (Fresh Girls) “I Want to Tell You Something” (2/10/15)


Poot Poot debuted in 2014 with “Freshman Song,” which was cute, but didn’t show off their vocals well enough to make them memorable. The duo made their return with the refreshing “I Want to Tell You Something,” and if promoted right, it could be enough to get them noticed. Poot Poot are cute and charming, so we’ll see how the song catches on.

Kris Leone “The End” (2/15/15)


Sure Kris has some famous blood in her, but that shouldn’t undermine her talent. “The End” brings forth the raw emotion. Kris Leone has some J-Pop vibes, so there’s a potential for growth into the Japanese market. Check her out and see what you think!

Hong Dan-A “Tat Tat Tat” (2/1/15)


Luminant Entertainment’s rookie singer Hong Dan-A may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but the girl has soul. She’s young, but she sounds like an era gone by, helping her to stand out. In our March issue, we did a feature on her, so be sure to check Hong Dan-A out!

Zion T. and Crush “Just” (2/1/15)


“Just” did win a trophy on a music program, so Zion T. and Crush did earn some recognition with this R&B jam. Crush is smooth and soothing, and Zion T. is as suave as ever. The song’s beat and tone make it perfect for the weather, warming even the coldest of February days even though the subject matter and MV are sad.

GB9 “Joa” (2/3/15)


GB9 gets no love whatsoever, and it’s shameful. “Joa” has soul and romance, a perfect song for the person you love. With slightly husky tones and soothing melodies, it’s a song a listener can really get lost in if they allow it to happen.

Linus’ Blanket “Kangaroo” (2/9/15)


“Kangaroo,” quite simply, is one of the cutest songs this month. The beat makes it impossible not to dance to this; in fact, it begs you to bop along to the music. The song is different without being sickeningly adorable. If you don’t feel even slightly happier after listening to it, you’re soulless.

What are some of your unsung-hero songs for February? Share below and let us know!

—-Joelle Halon

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