Top Songs for March 2016

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Top Songs for March 2016

March 2016 is now history, and now it’s time to look forward to April and beyond. March had a few interesting songs that stood out in the steady stream of releases. In no particular ranking, here are some of March’s standouts.

Dasoni “Only You” | March 3

While they’re penned as SoljiHani for “Only You,” people will still call this EXID sub-unit by the name they were originally given. Solji and Hani have rich vocals that are among two of the most recognizable in the current industry. The pair combine well to create a song that has emotion and brightness. While it’s a song about waiting for someone, the fact the MV advertises social media and a phone just makes things a tad bit weird.

KNK “Knock” | March 3

For a debut song, “Knock” is a solid tune for KNK. It has the successful components to be a dance hit that could stand up as memorable come the end of the year. The chorus is easy to sing along to, adding to the strengths. The only issue as of right now is that KNK’s vocals are not that distinct, but that could change with time.

Billion “I Have You” | March 7

Since debuting in 2014, Billion has stayed under the radar thanks to poor promotions. While they’re not the strongest girl group, they steadily improved since “Dancing Alone.” “I Have You” features vocals that are more stable and suitable for their vocal range. It’s not the most memorable song, but it’s cute and summery with a good beat and a cheery vibe. The song earns a nod on this list because Billion is a decent girl group that deserves more love than they receive.

Snuper “Platonic Love” | March 8

The 1980s are alive! “Platonic Love” is a song that Snuper needed to help set them apart a little. The ‘80s sound suits them so well that it’s like being transported in time. The song is cute to boot! If Snuper continued to channel the past, we doubt many would complain because they could carve themselves out a successful niche.

FIESTAR “Mirror” | March 9

“Mirror” is, perhaps, FIESTAR’s best to date. The song is effortlessly sexy while be strong-yet-subtle. The composition fits the girls’ vocals well, and the song content provides the right amount of maturity FIESTAR needs. It came close to winning on The Show a few times in March with fans voting them on top a few times. Sadly, they’ve yet to notch a music show win. They should have with this song as it shows off their vocals and growth better than songs before it.

Lee Hi “Hold My Hand” | March 9

While “Breathe” was the favorite from Seoulite, “Hold My Hand” is the star of the show. Its smooth Motown sound fits perfectly with Lee Hi’s vocal range. Lee Hi has a soul about her that fits the lyrical content and old-school vibe that ranks her up there with other “old soul” singers across the globe. This issue lies in whether she’s used properly and if she will ever develop stage presence. If the latter two improve, Lee Hi could be a global star.

Red Velvet “One of These Nights” | March 17

“One of These Nights” showcases the velvet side of Red Velvet. Many prefer the velvet side because RV do have some incredible vocals that they should be allowed to showcase. The song does promote their vocal abilities, but the tempo is dull, making the song a literal sleeper. It is incredibly beautiful with an artsy video to boot, but their comeback could have been more lively.

GOT7 “Fly” | March 21

While vocals are rough in places, GOT7 finally earned some coveted music show wins with “Fly.” The chorus is the bright spot of this song, so that helps overpower some of the less savory elements such as random sound effects, static, and overuse of vocal distortion. The song makes it onto the list solely because it earned GOT7 some music show recognition. “If You Do” was the song that should have earned them those honors.

Girls Girls “Girls Girls” | March 27

One of March’s surprises was Girls Girls’ self-titled track. While there are some AOA Jimin and 4Minute HyunA vibes in the song, Girls Girls rocked it with a strong balance of swag, rap, and musicality. When they debuted in 2015 with “Deal,” there were some hints that could become something, but their debut was so under-the-radar, they went unnoticed. The MV isn’t that Korean public-friendly, so it might be a while before they gain any recognition, but the song and maknae rapper Miso did earn some international attention. Here’s to hoping they experience more growth because they are surprisingly refreshing!

Oh My Girl “Liar Liar” | March 28

OMG return with a refreshing sound that comes complete with an addictive chorus and a memorable composition. “Liar Liar” has joy laced through it even though it is a song about betrayal. The song’s catchy addictiveness makes up for the age-old trope of everyone in the same group falling in love with one love interest.

BtoB “Remember That” | March 28

“Remember That” earned BtoB some music show wins for good reason: it appears the group finally found their niche! Their smooth vocals that is complete with a solid falsetto. The highlight of the song is the storytelling involved in it. While many loved the fun side to BtoB, this genre suits them strongly.

Jun Hyoseong “Find Me” | March 28

From an international perspective, Hyoseong is one of the goddesses of K-Pop, especially among the male audience. She is pure aesthetics, so that surely helps her case. “Find Me” sports decent lyrics and some of Hyoseong’s strongest vocals. The dance-beat heavy track has a nice cha-cha beat mixed in with some retro sound to create something fresh and new. TS Entertainment has gems in her and Jieun if used correctly as soloists.

Block B “A Few Years Later” | March 28

“A Few Years Later” presents a more mature side to Block B. While the fun, in-your-face sound is their signature, R&B and ballads are a pleasant surprise that enhances what Block B can do. It’s great to see them try different things to help enhance their footing. The grown-up image suits them well, adding another layer to their legacy.


What were some of your favorites of the month? Let us know!


—Joelle Halon

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