Top 10 Songs of February 2017

March 1, 2017 | 1834 Visits

It seems February was the month of TWICE and BTS. With their songs being monster hits on the charts, it’s easy to overlook some of the other releases. February was a surprisingly strong month for K-Pop artists even though February is typically a ballad month. Let’s look at the ten songs that caught our attention. For our list, music charts and YouTube views don’t count; we only go by the songs themselves. Of course, our list may be way different than yours!

Honorable mentions: Red Velvet “Rookie,” Cross Gene “Black or White,” Day6 “You Were Beautiful,” Block B “Yesterday,” Grace “Zombie High,” Soyou X Baekhyun “Rain,” 100% “Sketch U,” Yun “Wonder Land,” Lovelyz “WoW!”


  1. Subin “Circle’s Dream”

Dal*Shabet’s Subin has one of the strongest voices in the current female idol crop. When she’s solo, her idol image disappears in favor of a more versatile vocal talent. For “Circle’s Dream,” Subin channels her folksy side with a song that’s all at once refreshing and repetitive without being grating. The chorus has the cadence of the pitter-patter of falling rain, which is suitable for a track that feels like it’s ushering spring and brightening the winter doldrums.


  1.   MelodyDay “Kiss on the Lips”

“Kiss on the Lips” is a spot of summer in the middle of winter with its light reggae that recalls Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely.” MelodyDay, like another group coming up, tend to fly under the radar despite a solid discography. “Kiss on the Lips” has the perfect amount of great vocals and musical arrangement to make it a standout.


  1. Gu9udan “A Girl Like Me”

“A Girl Like Me” shows off Gu9udan’s more grownup side as the track is a departure from their previous track, “Wonderland.” “A Girl Like Me” is fun, sharp, and features one of the cutest rap breaks to come from a current girl group. There’s a lot of hope for Gu9udan, and this track shows they are a top-notch group in the making.


  1. TWICE “Knock Knock”

While “Knock Knock” isn’t as strong as other TWICE songs, it’s a cute, feel-good song that lifts spirits while recalling simpler times on the K-Pop scene. It’s peppy and cheerful while radiating charm. The catchy chorus is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, which is probably why it’s blowing up records left and right.


  1. Taeyeon “Fine”

Taeyeon’s lovely voice returns to enchant us with the beautiful “Fine.” The song is simple but contains strong emotion to paint of picture of moving on after a failed romance. The track features Taeyeon’s borderline-indie vocals that show her prowess as a soloist.



  1. BTS “Spring Day”

BTS’ “Spring Day” holds a lot of meaning for A.R.M.Y and casual fans alike. The song, which is theorized as being about being left behind following a friend’s suicide, resonated well with listeners. The song shows BTS’ softer side beautifully, highlighting their ability to hold their own with songs that carry emotion alongside their hard-hitting power tracks.



  1. Gavy NJ “An Obvious Melody”

Gavy NJ, a group that’s always flying under the radar, have another strong comeback with “An Obvious Melody” (English title: “An Obvious Melo”). Their powerful vocals pair nicely with the tango-esque track to create a song that’s memorable and sensual. Vocal groups often don’t get enough love from international fans, but they really should.



  1. Jung Joon Young ft. Jang Hyejin “You and Me”

Jung Joon Young does emotional songs well. With his deep, unique voice, there is feeling within every note he sings. “You and Me” is a ballad done right due to its strengths. Jung’s high and low notes are enough to send chills down a listener’s spine. The track is worth more than one listen.



  1. K.A.R.D “Don’t Recall”

K.A.R.D are a group that’s more adult K-Pop fan-friendly than mainstream friendly, which is why they’re so attractive to international audiences. The thing about K.A.R.D is that they haven’t even officially debuted yet. The project group keeps winning more fans, and with tracks like “Don’t Recall,” they will continue to do so with strong rap, vocals, and harmonies. With co-ed groups not being popular anymore, here’s to hoping they can refuel the co-ed trend!


  1.  BTS “Not Today”

BTS’ harder tracks truly show off their color. “Not Today” has powerful lyrics that matches its strong beat and arrangement. “Not Today” has quickly become a mantra in memes as well as youth rallying cry. The track is purely BTS with their signature sound and intensity, making it our number one track of the month.


What songs make up your top ten? Share your thoughts with us!

—-Joelle Halon

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