The secrets of the song ‘Children of the Forest /Mori no Kora’ and ‘Goodbye Halo,’ which are both songs in the album made by Yuko Ando. Yuko Ando’s new exciting album also includes the song ‘Shock/Shogeki’, which is the ending theme song of the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season Part 1”

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The album version of the song ‘Shock/Shogeki’ by Yuko Ando, which is the ending theme song of “Attack on Titan, The Final season Part 1” has been released. It is great timing because the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season Part 2” has just started to air and has been getting so much attention.

When “Attack on Titan, the Final Season Part 1” began, fans who had watched the music video of the song ‘Shock/Shogeki’ noticed that Yuko Ando was not singing the last lyrics of the song. So people have been curious about this mysterious missing line.

The reason why the last line of the lyrics was not sung at that time was because the story was still continuing after ‘Attack on Titan, The Final season part 1’, and the last line was too revealing to include at that time.  But since the original manga has finally ended when Yuko Ando released the album, she recorded this same song again with the last line of the song added, and she included the whole completed song into her new album.

Are there any other songs which can be the theme song for ‘Attack on Titan’ rather than the song ‘Shock/Shogeki’ ?  Please check Yuko Ando’s new album to find out !

It seems that there are more songs about ‘Attack on Titan’ sung by Yuko Ando, rather than ‘Shock/Shogeki’ which was the ending theme song of “Attack on Titan,The Final Season Part 1”.

‘Children of the Forest/ Mori No Kora’ and ‘Goodbye Halo’ are also songs Yuko Ando tried to create for the world of ‘Attack on Titan’. When she first released the album in November there was no official information about the connection between these two particular songs and anime story.

But through some interviews Yuko Ando herself admitted that she created these songs after she read the manga ‘Attack on Titan’. It is quite obvious when you read the lyrics that she created the songs inspired by the story.

Many fans of the song ‘Shock/Shogeki’ pointed out that the song ‘Goodbye Halo’ is about Eren and Mikasa on SNS.

Both the opening and ending songs of ‘Attack on Titan’ are great as usual and please enjoy the final season of the TV anime ‘Attack on Titan’ with the great songs by Yuko Ando. She hopes to complete the world of ‘Attack on Titan’ with her song by adding the missing words.



Reference source:KEP

(Interviewer) The first song of the album, ‘All the little things’ is a very lively song and seems to be full of positive energy.

(Yuko Ando) Actually I was thinking of creating a little bit of a dark feeling song at the beginning.

The last song of the album ‘Shock/Shogeki’ is the ending theme song of the ‘Attack on Titan, The Final season part 1’. When the last comic book of the ‘Attack on Titan’ series was published I felt that I wanted to create a song which will show the real ending of the story. Then I created the song,’Goodbye Halo’ . So when I started making the song ‘All the little things’ , I was thinking of keeping the same tone, like a self reflection, which ‘Goodbye Halo’ has.




‘Shock/Shogeki (album ver.)’ is included in the album “Kongtong Recordings” by Yuko Ando so please listen to it again while watching the exciting “Attack on Titan,The Final Season Part 2”.


■■Information about the album

Release date : On Wednesday, the 17th of the November 2021

【Title】Kongtong Recordings

【Release link】


01.All the Little Things




05.Koi wo Mamotte

06.Children of the Forest/Mori No Kora

07.Shojo Kobanashi


09.Boku Wo Utsu Ame


11.Goodbye Halo

12.Shock/Shogeki(album ver.):The ending theme song of TV anime ‘Attack on Titan, The Final season part1’



【Product number of the CD】PCCA.6075

【Price of the CD】3,300 yen (Tax incl.)


■■ Official site

▼Yuko Ando Official site

▼Yuko Ando Official Twitter


▼Yuko Ando Official YouTube Channel


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