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Say YES to ‘Say Yes’ is a Korean band with five talented members who are musical enough to compose, produce and write lyrics for their own music and play their own instruments.

‘Say Yes’ is a Korean band with five talented members who are musical enough to compose, produce and write lyrics for their own music and play their own instruments.

Since ‘Say Yes’ released their first mini album titled, “Virus” in July 2013 last year, this year on June 26th, ‘Say Yes’ has come back reloaded with a newer image through their new mini album ‘SAY ?’ – Get Out’, an album packed with six tracks the band’s members composed, produced, mixed and did other miscellaneous works on.

These talented and very skilled musicians are with the names, Ho-Kyung Song, Su-bin Kim, Sung-Kyu Ji, Si-on Park, Jun Hyoung Kim. Plus what’s very special and positive about this band, ’Say Yes’ is that they know how to proficiently handle their instruments, which differentiates them from the standard idols in other words, they own a firm control of their sound and music.

For this 2nd mini album, ‘SAY ?’ – Get Out’, the five members of ‘Say Yes’ participated in writing the lyrics, composing, producing and overall, created the whole record by themselves. They are said to have spent sleepless nights in order to create the songs and the first single for this album ‘Get Out’, which was also mixed by them, as well as all the composing and producing resulting in the album being acclaimed by the music critics for its quality sound and beat.

For their single, ‘Get Out’ – Su-bin, the vocalist of the band contributed his piano skills (he’s played for over 20 years), Jun Hyoung who usually plays the djembe, this time took over playing the matching snare and blew the whistle.

A matching snare is often used in military bands, the concept of using the matching snare like this has never been thought of anywhere in the world. This album consists of many musical genres from rock, ballads, pop…these guys are already approved for their musical ability, showing a stable fan base in Japan and other Asian countries. And, the guys have plenty of potential to develop and achieve their dreams.

As the members state in our interview, their goal eventually is to make it to the top in America, so Kcrush readers check out their interview and decide if they have the musical drive and zeal to fulfill their dreams and please, enjoy reading. And, thank you to the Say Yes members. We wish them all the best in their music career.

‘Say Yes’ Members


The leader, guitarist, vocalist and flutist of ‘Say Yes’

Name: Ho-Kyung Song

Date of birth: Oct. 8th 1985.

Hobbies: Watching movies, sports, travelling, cleaning-up

Specialty: Playing the guitar, singing.

Picture2Main vocalist, writer and composer, producer of ‘Say Yes’

Name: Su-bin Kim

Date of birth: Oct. 29th 1986

Hobbies: Soccer games (Winning eleven), listening to music, Youtubing

Specialty: Writing and composing songs, piano, voice impersonation,

Picture3Guitarist, vocalist and pianist of ‘Say Yes’

Name: Sung-Kyu Ji

Date of birth: Apr. 23rd 1990

Hobbies: Yoyo, piano, Japanese,

Specialty: guitarist, keyboard player and composing

Picture4Drummer, base guitarist, violinist and rapper

Name: Si-on Park

Date of birth: Feb. 10th 1992

Hobbies: Sports, computer games, watching movies

Specialty: Violin, rapping

Picture5Djembe player, drummer and rapper of ‘Say Yes’

Name: Jun Hyoung Kim

Name of birth: Mar. 16th 1994

Hobbies: Watching dramas, visiting tasty restaurants, chatting, piano

Specialty: Playing music with objects, composing, playing the drums, eating hamburgers quickly

The interview with Say Yes….

Hello… Say yes! Please, introduce yourselves for Kcrush readers…

Ho-Kyung: Hello everyone! My name is Ho-Kyung Song and I’m a vocalist and guitarist of Say Yes.

Su-bin: Hi, I’m Su-bin Kim who is in charge of the vocals and keyboard.

Sung-Kyu: Hello, this is Sung-Kyu Ji and I’m a vocalist and guitarist and keyboard player of ‘Say Yes’.

Si-on: Hello, I’m Sion who is a rapper, drummer and base guitarist of Say Yes.

Jun Hyoung: Hello, I am called Jun Hyoung Kim, I’m a rapper, drummer and djembe (A west African percussion instrument) player from Say Yes.


How did you all become members of ‘Say Yes’?

Sung-Kyu: I was on a TV program called ‘Prodigies Under The Sun’ when I was a 6th grader in elementary school – featured on the show as a yoyo genius. Our company’s CEO watched me on TV and he wanted to meet me, and that’s how I got to meet him. Plus, we happened to be living in the same neighborhood. That’s how I got to audition for this band and became a member.

Ho-Kyung: I used to be in a band based in Hongdae (Short for the Hongik University area) and one day by chance, our current company’s CEO offered me to audition myself, and thus, I came to join the company.

Su-bin: I was working as a song writer and the CEO of our company came to hear my song by accident and asked me to audition, that’s how I came to be here.

Si-on: I was previously a member in a band called Song Hoseop, and after I wrapped up my work there I came to meet our representative and got offered to take an audition for this group.

Jun Hyoung: I was an art high school student at the time and one day the head of our major recommended me to our company’s CEO and I came to meet him that way.


How long have you been trained to become singers?

Sung-Kyu: It has been about four years since our band ‘Say Yes’ has been formed as five members – I started in the music business since I was in 6th grade in elementary so it’s been 10 years for me.


How do you describe Say Yes’ sound and music?

Ho-Kyung: First off, the music and the lyrics from the whole album were by Say Yes. Of course, that includes the producing and the mixing. And, all our members participate in writing the music and lyrics for the album. Each of our members knows how to handle more than 2 musical instruments.


Who is the actual leader of the band?

Ho-Kyung: I am the leader of Say Yes. Since we are all musicians we respect each other’s individuality and we look out for each a lot, so considering those points we get along very well.


What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Si-on: Since we are all musicians we all have different tastes to the music we enjoy listening to. Because I’m a rapper, I listen to a lot of Hip hop genre and jazz.

Ho-Kyung: I tend to enjoy listening to pop music.

Sung-Kyu: I also like listening to pop, but nowadays I’m listening to a lot of old gayo. (The word to describe Korean pop)

Su-bin: I’m in the similar state with Sung-Kyu, but I’m listening to old pop songs.

Jun Hyoung: Since I do a lot of research on performances, so I enjoy live music with videos.


How would you describe Say Yes’ music?

Su-bin: Our band’s music does not concentrate only on one particular genre. We consider our genre of music to be something that is suited for the current generation. And, letting the public hear what they want to listen to.


Do you have any artist you want to collaborate with?

Jun Hyoung: Maroon 5! We are both bands, so we could produce really interesting music, if we do a collaboration work with them.


Which member of ‘Say Yes’ has the best personality and also, who is the most difficult member?

Ho-Kyung: The member with the mildest personality is Sung-Kyu. He’s comforting to the younger members and looks after the older members well; he’s the most mild and kind. But the funny thing, the fussiest member is also Sung-Kyu as well.


When did you start playing your instruments?

Ho-Kyung: I played the classic guitar since I was in elementary school. When I got into uni I started on the electric guitar, and since, I’ve been playing the electric guitar.

Su-bin: I learned to play the piano since I was 4 years old. When I was younger I dreamt of becoming a professional pianist and I’m still playing it.

Sung-Kyu: I played the piano since the age of 6, but at the time I liked jazz more than the classical music. And, I started playing the guitar when I got into university and still playing it.

Si-on: I first started the classic guitar when I was a third grader in elementary school. Then I got to learn the drum when I got into middle school and started on the base guitar when I got into university.

Jun Hyoung: I started playing the drums since I was in middle school and started playing the djembe when I got into high school.


What are your hobbies other than music?

Ho-Kyung: My hobby is doing sports. When I work out I can release my stress and feel refreshed.

Su-bin: My hobby is voice impersonation. I can always figure out peoples’ characteristics.

Sung-Kyu: My hobby is to play computer games. I enjoy the competition between friends when we play games together.

Si-on: Sleeping is my hobby. I can sleep absolutely anywhere I can rest my bottom.

Jun Hyoung: Watching films is my hobby. I enjoy it, because I consider it as passive experience.


Which country would you like to visit and the reason please…

Ho-Kyung: America! Because our band’s goal is to be, get number 1 on the billboard charts.

Su-bin: It’s America for me as well. All of my cousins live there and I don’t get to see them that often.

Sung-Kyu: I want to visit Finland. I once saw from a film, and fell in love at one glance with the scenery, so I really want to be there.

Si-on: It’s Switzerland for me. I want to be able to see the natural scenery with my very eyes.

Jun Hyoung: I want to visit Canada…my relatives who live there, because I haven’t seen them for a long time, I want to visit and see them.


What kind of person are you most attracted to?

Ho-Kyung: I like a woman with a kind heart. I like people who are good natured.

Su-bin: I like a woman I can be comfortably friends with.

Sung-Kyu: I like a woman who is like my mother. My mother is really fun and beautiful.

Si-on: I like a woman with long hair whom I can talk well and connect with.

Jun Hyung: I like a female who can cook well!


What is your favorite song that you listen to the most?

Ho-Kyung: Mine is called “Good Feeling” which was our title song for our 1st album! It’s a very precious song for me, because it was from our debut album.

Su-bin: I like, “We Are The World” that was sung by all the artists from all over the world. I felt such inspiration when I first heard it playing.

Sung-Kyu: For me it’s Craig David’s “All The Way”…! That song I listened to extremely frequently back when I was at school, so that song brings reminisce to my school days.

Si-on: I would choose our band’s recent album’s title song, “Get Out” for my favorite song. It was also, a song that showed a different side to our band and, so I’m excited about it. So, I usually listen to it often.

Jun Hyoung: Mine is the ballad song from our debut album called, “I Wish It Was You”. Whenever I hear it, that song makes me a very emotional.


Do you have any special skills or hidden talent?

Sung-Kyu: I can do the yoyo! When I was younger I was on a program that was similar to the ‘Star King Show’ these days, because I was considered a yoyo genius.


Please name one movie you’d recommend to the fans.

Sung-Kyu: The movie I’d recommend is a movie called ‘Kamome Diner’, which is a Japanese healing movie. And, it’s something that is enjoyable you can easily watch without much thought in your mind. The movie is based in Finland, I recommend you guys to watch.

Su-bin: I recommend the Harry Potter series. There movies are entertaining, but the books are unbelievably enjoyable to read!


How do you deal with stress usually?

Ho-Kyung: I release stress by working out. My body gets healthier and my mind gets fresher as well.

Su-bin: What I do is eat tasty foods. I love to eat extremely spicy foods and hot or extremely sweet cookies

Sung-Kyu: I meet up with my friends and play video games or go to coffee shops and chat with them.

Si-on: I go to the noraebang (karaoke room) and sing my heart out for full two hours.

Jun Hyoung: I play the drums! Playing the drums is the best to get rid of stress.


Who is the most precious person to you?

Ho-Kyung Song, Su-bin Kim, Sung-Kyu Ji, Si-on Park and Jun Hyoung Kim – we are Say Yes! The five of us are like brothers and all our members are equally precious to each other.


As a band, which country do you want to advance to?

Ho-Kyung: To get to America and become number 1 on the billboard chart is our goal.

Su-bin: The same goes for me. I share Ho-Kyung bro’s goal.

Sung-Kyu: Same here! It’s our dream to become on the top in the American charts.

Si-on: The U.S. for me as well.

Jun Hyoung: It’s the U.K for me! I really want to perform at the rock concerts in England.


Say Yes! Please say something to the fans reading this interview. And thank you so much for your time – we wish you a wonderful success in your music career this year!

All members: We are still a new group, so it’s our priority to let the public know about us. We really hope that everyone would become happier through listening to our music.


“Get out” – Say Yes


Hey! Why? You know what time is it now? Grrr!

Say yes! One (one) two (two) Dararara!

Wow wow

?? ? ?? ???? (dararara) What have you grow up eating?

??? ??? ???? (dararara) How come you’re this pretty?

?? ???? ???? (dararara) From head to toe

??? ??? ? ??? Crazy, crazy, you’re crazy.

Wow Wow

?? ??? ???? (dararara) As if I’m hypnotized.

??? ? ??? Red sun (dararara) I’m fully into you.

?? ??? ?? ???? (dararara) My head is spinning around & around

??? ??? ? ??? Crazy, crazy, you’re crazy.

Every say Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah (Yeah!)
?? ? ???? Hey lady oh beautiful lady I can’t think straight

Every say Yeah! (Yeah!) Yeah (Yeah!) oh no!
I want you I want you I want you baby

? ?? ?????? Why are you tormenting me?

Please Get out Get out ???? I’m going crazy

Get out Get out, Out of my mind

Get out Get out ? ???? ?? ??? It’s all because of you, please get out, Out of my mind

Da Da Dararara Say yes!

Da Da Dararara Oh my lady

Da Da Dararara ?? Red sun To me

??? ??? ? ??? you’re crazy.

???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? (Be okay!)

?? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ? (?!)

?? ????? ? ?? ?? ? ??? ??? ???? So mad

?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ? ?? ?? ????

Come on boys, Let’s gonanana nanana nananana

Okay, ladies! nanana nanana nananana

And tha.. Everybody! nanana nanana nananana


I want you I want you I want you baby

? ? ?? ????? Why can’t I forget you

Please Get out Get out ???? I’m going crazy

Get out Get out out of my mind

Get out Get out ? ???? ?? ??? It’s all, because of you, please get out

Out of my mind

??? ?? ? ??? ?? ? ??? ? ??? ?? ?

Can’t let go of something inevitable, I am still missing you.

I want you I want you I want you baby

? ? ?? ????? Why can’t I forget you

Please Get out Get out ???? ???? I’m going crazy, come back

Get out Get out Out of my mind

Get out Get out ? ???? ?? ??? It’s all, because of you, please get out

Out of my mind

Wow ??? ?? ???? ????? ??? ???

I heard something, shall I run on the battlefield known as the stage

???? ??? ?? ? ???? ? MIC

My mic shakes as the sound of the drums hit my eardrums

? ?? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?????

My rapping is a dynamite, unapproachable final highlight

???? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???? Fever time

Don’t worry about this and let’s run I’ll entertain you like no other

??? ??? ? ??? Crazy, crazy, you’re crazy.

Da Da Dararara


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