Korean-Inspired Christmas Gifts

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Korean-Inspired Christmas Gifts

Christmas holiday is here and it’s time to pamper and show affection to our friends and loved ones. A thoughtful gift would go a long way in expressing your desire to be part of your loved ones’ life journey. It would ooze your support towards their dreams, even in the little things such as hobbies and likes. For your friends and loved ones who are obsessed with all things Korea, we’ve got you covered with Korean-inspired gift ideas that will blow their minds this holiday season.



For food and drink enthusiasts, the choice for a perfect Christmas gift is endless. Kimchi and a pack of Ramyeon are by far the best Christmas food presents. Both foods are quite popular amongst Korean enthusiasts, especially K-drama fans. Korean Soju and Makgeolli are the best choices for a Christmas gift. Brewed from fermented rice, these two drinks are deeply rooted in traditional Korean culture infusing a taste of Korea in every sip



K-Pop Fans

Make a K-pop die-hard’s dream come true this Christmas with a K-pop-themed gift. It’s advisable to choose the gift bearing in mind the biased K-pop group or artist of the one receiving the present. A K-pop album is a collection of memories that would quench fans’ thirst for the K-pop act they support. An album usually contains a K-pop group’s photo cards, posters, tapes, and sometimes t-shirts.  K-Pop merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, and caps would also go a long way in turning a fan into a legitimate army. K-pop posters and K-pop light sticks would solidify a fan’s loyalty towards their biased K-pop artist. K-pop-themed characters such as TinyTAN (BTS members’ characters), would also brighten a fan’s Christmas mood. K-pop groups-themed stationery such as pens, books, and pencil cases among others would also be a great choice for a Christmas gift. For instance, if your friend is a BTS die-hard, BT21 stationery would be the ideal match.



Health Freaks

Korea is known for traditional concoctions good for one health. To those who value health, the best Korean-inspired gift would be a package of Korean red ginseng root extracts. The extracts come in different forms including powder ginseng, ginseng tablets, and ginseng-infused teas. Talking of teas, Korea is also known to have a wide variety of specialty traditional herbal teas that would be the ultimate Christmas gift. Recommendable teas include citron tea, jujube tea, yuja tea, corn silk tea, and mugwort tea among others.




As for our loved ones who admire history, tradition, art, and culture there is a way to make their Christmas memorable as well. You can gift such loved ones antique artworks that deeply reflect Korean history. A Hanbok, a Korean traditional dress, might be too much given that one won’t have an occasion to wear it outside of Korea. However, you can gift them vintage Korean wooden carvings or figurines of people in Hanbok to display in their living rooms. You can also gift these loved ones traditional household products, such as Korean traditional tea sets, to brag about with their fellows. Korean traditional game sets such as the Yut Nori game board would also be the best gifts ever as they would strengthen the bonds when learning the game and playing together.



Skincare Addicts

For your friends who are into self-care routines, giving them a touch of Korea’s 10-step skincare routine, or part of it, would make their Christmas insanely memorable. If you’re unsure of their skin type, you can get them a bundle of face sheet masks as they are a one-time-use sachet and can be used on all skin types. If you would wish to surprise them further, a tine secret investigation into their preferred brands wouldn’t hurt. If more, it would express your unwavering dedication to their satisfaction and well-being. Korean brands such as Etude and Cosrx would be a place to start for your Christmas gift quest, especially for their skincare package sets.



Language Nerds

For your linguaphile loved ones who find joy in perfecting their multilingualism and have an interest in Korean, gifting them Korean language books or a paid online Korean class package would mean the world to them. These resources would help them achieve their life goals making you a crucial figure in their life journey. Recommendable resources would be the TTMIK (Talk To Me In Korean) book series and online Korean class packages. For the book-warmers, a gift of Korean-inspired books depending on their biased genre would be the perfect choice.  Korean comics and print cartoons, famously known as Manhwa, are the perfect gifts for such individuals. You can also gift these bookworms bestselling Korean novels such as “Please Look After My Mother” by Shin Kyung Sook.

Do you have any suggestions for great Christmas Holiday gifts?



—-Karen Mwenda



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