Meet The 7 Trainees Of The First Korean-European Entertainment Agency: SG entertainment

November 13, 2020 | 3722 Visits


Today, SG entertainment is pleased to announce its 7 trainees who will be selected to compose its first female group: Alpha Ray!

Alpha Ray will be made up of 4 artists, representing 4 rays coming together with their respective energy and ability to create a great group synergy.

To achieve this, the 7 girls have been selected based on their MBTI personality, so that they can find natural harmony, a first in the history of the Kpop industry.

SG entertainment – the first Korean-European company – wants to create a new trend in Kpop with new concepts, more creativity and a focus on personal and emotional development.

That’s why the trainees, in addition to classical training in music, singing and dance, have courses in psychology, composition, theatre and debate and come from different backgrounds and countries.

You can follow the adventures of Yelin, Jiyeon, Jiyun, Chaeyeon, Aiganym, Hanna and Yuri on SG’s instagram : sgentertainment_agency !


About SG Entertainment:

Part of SG Group, SG Entertainment is the first Korean cultural content production company founded by French producers. With a strong focus on creativity, SG Entertainment strives to produce engaging and appealing content to inspire the younger generations to develop a positive attitude towards their future and take their lives in their own hands. The company’s mission is to find, train and empower performers, creators, models and thought leaders to define the way forward so that everyone can find their place and envision a harmonious tomorrow for all.

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