[BREAKING] Kim Hyun Joong Accused of Alleged Assault

August 22, 2014 | 1885 Visits

Korean news portal Naver reports that on August 22, 2014, singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong was accused of allegedly assaulting his girlfriend of two years.

He is currently facing a lawsuit for assault and battery.

Acquaintances of the woman known only as A have reported that she was assaulted multiple times by Kim at his apartment between the period of May and July 2014. Acquaintances said that after each alleged assault, Kim became apologetic, but each act of violence grew worse over time. According to reports, A suffered facial bruising and lacerations and bruising on various other locations on her body. The July incident resulted in a fractured rib and a recommended six-week recovery time for the alleged victim.

Even though the violence was supposedly bad, acquaintances of Ms. A said she went back to him due to his apologies.

Ms. A has filed her first testimony and allegedly submitted proof of her and Kim’s relationship. It has not been released what proof that may be.

Kim has yet to testify but prosecutors say his testimony is expected soon. Kim is expected to still perform in Bangkok, Thailand August 23 for his “2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour.” But with this news breaking, this may not be a wise decision since Knetz are already reacting negatively.

Comments on “Dispatch” via Naver:

  1. [+3,879, -76] This b*****d was trash all along too
  2. [+3,465, -41] How did he beat her that her rib cage is all broken?
  3. [+2,216, -224] Hul… Kim Hyun Joong, what a disappointment
  4. [+2,008, -51] Dispatch is scary.
  5. [+1,997, -52] He had a girlfriend..?
  6. [+819, -38] I never took him for the type… the worst type of man is one that beats his girlfriend.
  7. [+774, -14] He was a woman beater? It also seems like he only beat her because he got caught meeting another woman too…
  8. [+696, -14] He made his image so positive and went and ruined it all ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Comments on Nate:

  1. [+498, -5] He had such a nice boy image… wow… daebak scary…
  2. [+432, -11] Men who beat women are hopeless!!! You pathetic b*****d!! Farewell!!!
  3. [+382, -6] You should never continue dating any man who hits you once. It’s a habit that’ll never be fixed.
  4. [+66, -1] I’m sure there are two sides to every story… but after seeing stars like Kim Hyun Joong, Song Hye Gyo, Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, and Han Hyo Joo.. you can’t be fooled by their manufactured images.
  5. [+43, -0] Of course there are two sides to every story but that doesn’t change the fact that he beat her~

Key East Entertainment has yet to release an official statement on the matter as they’re looking into the situation to either confirm or deny the news.

Right now, this is an alleged assault. There is still a chance this information is not true, but A says she has proof. Right now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens as the story continues to break.

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