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(Left to right: JungA, Nina, E.You, YeHana, EunA and Ellie)


We Girls (stylized WeGirls) are Korean girl group formed by Aftermoon Entertainment. WeGirls made their debut on August 31, 2018 with On Air and a mini-album with three tracks, produced by House Rulez. The members were announced through a Global Hallyu crowdfunding website Makestar on October 31, 2017. Through Makestar, participants voted which girls would make it to the group.

WeGirls went through several member changes; the group is now set with 6 members, E.You, YeHana, JungA, EunA, Ellie and Nina. We would like to express “a big thank you” to the girls for a great interview, and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.


Hello, thank you very much for taking a time out for a KCrush Interview. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

E.You: Hello ~!! This is E.You, the pure and innocent leader of WeGirls! ^^

YeHana: Hello, I’m YeHana, the main vocalist of WeGirls.

JungA: Ready, action! ~ Hello, this is JungA of WeGirls. I am the team’s dancer, and the one with the pretty and healthy physique.

EunA: Hello, this is EunA, who is the main dancer of WeGirls.

Ellie: Hello! I’m fairy Ellie from WeGirls. nice to meet you.

Nina: Hello, I’m the cutie maknae of WeGirls and in charge of the dancing.


Tell us how you got into the group. Was it always a dream to become entertainers?

E.You: I was trying to get my name out there by distributing my C.V around, not just for singing but I was looking into acting and commercial modelling gigs. YeHana, was a friend that I’ve known since we were young, and she introduced me to WeGirls. That is how I got the join this group. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher. That is to say, I spent a very ordinary childhood, so my friends all find it unbelieve that I’m now in a girl group.

YeHana: Ever since I was a child, I loved music – especially singing – so I got into college of music and that naturally paved the way for me to become a singer. I dreamt of becoming a singer or a teacher since childhood. 🙂

JungA: I was a trainee for a time, then was contacted by the composer of Aftermoon Entertainment (our current company) to join WeGirls. Since I was in elementary and middle school, I would cover choreography and got to major in dance when I was admitted to high school. Because I loved to dance and sing so much, it was a dream of mine to be a singer.

EunA: I was made a member of WeGirls, through an audition. And of course, I wanted to become a singer a since I was a child.

Ellie: Our CEO was looking for a rapper for WeGirls. One day, he discovered my solo work and liked it, so he asked me to join the group. And guess what? Ta-da ~ now I’m here as a member of WeGirls! And now, I’ve fulfilled my dream of childhood was a singer. (Surprise, ha ha)

Nina: I always wanted to be a singer. I was contacted by the company, after they saw a video of me dancing at a dance contest and was able to join the group.



What has changed the most for you after making your debut as a group?

E.You: Not much has dramatically changes yet, but I feel my parents are less worried now since I got to debut. ~!!

YeHana: We now have fans who support us! Our fan club’s called WINGS, we’re always so grateful to them!! Thank you!

JungA: I don’t think things have changed much as of yet, but I do feel that we need to work harder, be better at our craft and become more responsible.

EunA: I didn’t particularly liked being photographed before, but now I enjoy getting photographed and being on camera.

Ellie: Actually, lots of things have changed. But the biggest thing is the way I think and behave. I felt it carries weighty responsibility than before. (Maybe I’m growing up too slow, haha.)

Nina: I have people who support me now, and I feel more responsibility when performing on stage.


Tell us which WeGirls song that you’re the most attached to.

E.You: On Air!! The song was our debut and also our first live performance on TV. And most of all, the lyrics really refer to our story of wanting to fulfil our dreams, so for that reason, I think it’d be the song I am the most attached to now, and for the days to come.

YeHana: Our debut song ~ On Air, definitely!

JungA: Since we worked hard on it, On Air is probably the song I’m most attached to, and because it’s our first single, we would have to sing it the most frequently from now onwards. The fact that it’s a sampling of a nursery rhyme/song is so cute too!

EunA: I’m the most attached to On Air the most, probably due to the fact that it’s WeGirl’s debut single.

Ellie: There are only three songs yet. So, For Now (don’t get me wrong. it’s just because I know there are tons of more good songs that we are working on now. I can’t wait for you to listen to them! My favorite is ‘We go’ cuz it always makes me feel like it’s start of something new.

Nina: On Air. The moment I heard it for the first time, it felt like it was telling my story.



*Tell us more about your hobbies or interests?

E.You: My hobbies are swimming, sign language, and reading books at coffee shops. I’ve also worked as a Pilates instructor in the past.

YeHana: My hobbies are reading, going to art galleries, composing and writing lyrics, studying about various fields of things, working to improve myself, listening to sermons by ministers, discussing with my friends on topics, travelling (into nature), watching movies, cooking, going to kids’ cafes to play with the kids, journaling, swimming, cleaning my room, doing minor labor and etc. My specialty is writing, making melodies, singing, teaching someone else to rap lol… looking after babies and story-telling.

JungA: I love sports, so I’m in a bowling team – I’m quite good at it. I am responsible for the dancing and choreography in the group too. I majored in traditional Korean dance, so I am good at creating new dance moves. I play games a lot, as a hobby too.

EunA: My interest is cooking. I’ve been taught by my grandmother how to prepare various side dishes, stew, soups and other kinds of cuisine, so whenever I’m at home and have spare time, I cook. And dancing is my specialty.

Ellie: I read books. I’m such a lazy person so I don’t do active things when I have time for myself, lol.

Nina: My hobbies are going out in search for great eateries and doing choreography.


Which artists do you respect the most? Also, tell us what kind of music you listen on a daily basis?

E.You: I just have too many musicians to name ~ Autumn Vacation, Bolbbalgan4, IU, Rumble Fish, Gummy sunbaenims ~ The songs that I enjoy listening to is Sometimes I want to hug you like crazy by Autumn Vacation, My love, next to me by Rumble Fish ~ !!

YeHana: House Rulez – Soro Sori, House Rulez – The Planet (Feat. YeHana) ^^ If you listen to the albums while driving, it’s great because it feels like you’re on the rollercoaster on the way to a utopic planet. The song that I listen to a lot is Moment by YeHana. Hahaha.

JungA: Personally, I respect Park Hyoshin sunbaenim. I really love Hip Hop, but also love R & B music, so I listen to a lot of Park Hyoshin songs in order to soothe my mind. I listen to Gift and Breath the most.

EunA: I don’t have one artist that I respect, because there are so many of them out there who are so talented whom I can learn from. I have a respect for all artists. I usually listen to the top 100 on the music chart.

Ellie: Queen Bey forever! The song that I listen to a lot is Juice by Lizzo.

Nina: BoA is someone who has influenced me to dream about being a singer, ever since I was a kid. I listen to Billie Eilish – Bad Guy a lot, these days.



How would you describe your personality and traits in a few words? 

E.You: #구수함. “Deep.”

YeHana: Saint Peter.

JungA: Like a sponge! I often hear that I’m capable of getting along with and absorb people with all sorts of personalities. I love hearing comments like that!

EunA: Cheerful and silly EunA.

Ellie: Tinker Bell??‍♀️

Nina: Carbonated Water ~ since it can be turned into tasty fruit drinks, I also have the tendency to always act positive and energetic like carbonated water.



Tell us about how you normally like to dress and which colors do you like?

E.You: I like white, and my usual fashion style that I enjoy is casual. I’d wear a basic t-shirt that’s kind of see-through, and pants that aren’t completely skinny-fit or of velvet material and etc.

YeHana: Yellow, orange, pink and black are the colors I like. My style of clothes is usually in black ~ and I wear clothes depending on my mood. So, I dress like totally different people, each time.

JungA: I love white and because I suit brighter colors, I like clean white clothing. I wear pants over skirts. I like to dress in a way that seem styled, but not too much.

EunA: I love white and pink the most, and my dress code is usually casual. 

Ellie: Hmm… too hard to pick one color. Today it could be pink, tomorrow it could be purple. I mean, it depends on how I feel today. I dress comfy but cute. (UWU)

Nina: I love black and white – and street fashion.


Which foods do you like or dislike the most, and why?

E.You: I love meat the most, and raw chili peppers the least.

YeHana: It’s so hard to pick one ~ but sushi is my fav. I really hate skate!!! I can eat it but I would never pay to eat it. I really detest the smell of it. ㅠㅠ

JungA: I absolutely have no food that I don’t/cannot eat, and I’ve been eating kimchi, rice and fermented bean soup since the age of 1, so I love Korean food! But I can’t eat cow’s liver. I heard that the first time that you eat something matters a lot, so I think I didn’t have a good experience with cow’s liver from the start.

EunA: I like and am capable of eating almost anything. If I had to choose something that I can’t eat… maybe frogs. I could never eat that.

Ellie: Baked ziti!!! Come on. Who doesn’t like it?

Nina: I love meat. I don’t like spaghetti in tomato sauce, I’m just not into cooked tomato cuisine.



What kind of person is your ideal?

E.You: A studious person, who has a personality that can blend well with mine.

YeHana: Someone like Jesus.

JungA: The kind of person that I can learn a lot from and has a good humor. I consider courtesy very important, and I seem to be drawn to people who have a great personality, rather than their outer appearance.

EunA: A guy who has a pretty smile.

Ellie: Someone who loves me, is considerate and shows affection for me. (No cheaters!)

Nina: Someone who has a similar humor as myself, whom I can be comfortable with.


How do you usually release stress or tension?

E.You: I sleep and write on my diary.

YeHana: I pray if I get stressed. I talk to God about the things that make me stressed out. I also watch movies, go on youtube or read books that I can focus on, then I get some sleep lol.

JungA: I don’t like being alone in the house, and like to release all the stress by meeting with people, going bowling, and sharing my issues over drinks.

EunA: I take a nap.

Ellie: I drive away from the city to find calm and quiet.

Nina: I usually eat spicy foods to get rid of any stress.



Where would you most like to perform abroad? 

E.You: Every country in the world.

YeHana: Japan! I went there last year and want to revisit. Would love to meet Wings in Japan!

JungA: There are a few countries that we’ve performed at so far, but it’d be so cool to go to the States to perform. My dream is for us go there and do well!!

EunA: Would love to perform in L.A, for overseas!!!

Ellie: Everywhere! Starting from my country, then all around the world!

Nina: U.S.A.


Let us know your goals, wishes and dreams for the future. And please leave a comment for the fans.

E.You: First, we’re working very hard for our second album ~!! In the future, I’d love for us to be recognized and acknowledged as a great girl group ~ and star in commercials too lol. We are so moved by how our fan base WINGS are always so caring for each of our members. We’ll never forget, and will always stay connected and communicate with you all. ❤️

YeHana: We’re coming back with a new album soon, so please be a little more patient! We miss you a lot. 0ㅠ♡♡

JungA: We’re currently at the stage of prepping our second album. We’ve been away for so long; we’ll make sure to be back with more great music and performances! Hope you’re all anticipating our return. I’ll do my very best and really want to thank WINGS so much. I can’t express into words how much we appreciate you all. Love you, WINGS.

EunA: Our future goal is to reach the top 10 in the music charts in Korea, and do a lot of performances all around the world. Our second album is due out soon, so I want to tell the fans that we’re so grateful that they exist. Will be back to showcase better performances. Thank you!

Ellie: We are working on a next album and I can’t wait to meet you all. Hope I can meet more and more WINGS, day by day! Look forward to it please, and give us lots of love❤️ Thank you. Muah! (Peace✌?)

Nina: We’d love to get to tour the world with our CEO. Because we have WINGS with us to support everything we do, I’m sure we could fly high for a long time. Thank you for staying the same and waiting for us. Let’s meet again soon, I love you.




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