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W24 is a Korean 5-member band, signed under JARMY Entertainment. The band’s name is an abbreviation for World 24 Hours, which can be interpreted that they’ll produce and cater music to the world, at all times. W24 made their debut on March 8th, 2018, with their first mini-album Singing Dancing, and their second digital single SOSIME was released in October in the same year.

W24 might not be familiar to many of you as of yet, but they currently have a very solid fan base in South American countries, mostly due to the fact that Howon was born in Chile (and grew up in Peru) and able to interact with the fans in Spanish – while the rest of the members Jong-gil, Aaron, Yunsoo and Jiwon were all born and raised in Korea. Jong-gil was the one mostly responsible for putting the band together.

We were lucky to able to attain an interview with the boys who are currently extremely busy, since their album’s to be released out very soon, so we hope this would be a great opportunity for our readers to get to know W24 better. We would also like to express a massive thank you to the members of W24 and their management for offering their precious time for the interview.


*Thank you very much for taking the time out for an interview with KCrush America. Please briefly introduce yourselves to our readers.

Jong-gil: Hello~ This is Kim Jong-gil and I am the team’s drummer.

Howon: I’m Jeong Ho-won, and the main vocalist of W24.

Aaron: This is Park Aaron, the keyboard player of the team.

Yunsoo: Hello, this is Kim Yunsoo and I am the guitarist!

Jiwon: Hi ~ I am Park Jiwon and I play the bass.


*Tell us how you were formed as members of W24.

Jong-gil: I knew our CEO since I was young, and he said that he wanted to start a band that made fresh music and offered me to join. I agreed, since the company’s vision and idea for the band and music was what I had envisioned. 

Howon: I was just attending college like everyone else during the summer of 2017, and was offered to take an audition to join the band by a senior. I took part in the audition and became the last member to join.

Aaron: When I was a freshman at college, I helped Jong-gil on his graduation project and then was asked by him to join the band. I made the decision to join because the team’s musical direction fit my vision. 

Yunsoo: When I was serving in the military, I was introduced to the band through an acquaintance of mine. I made the choice to join the band without hesitation, since the band’s vision matched my own. 

Jiwon: I was asked to audition by Aaron, who was my colleague at my uni. I went along and did the audition because I thought it would be fun, and got in the band, just like that.



(Main Vocal: Ho Won)


*When and how did you start music? Which artists or musicians were you the most influenced by?

Jong-gil: I first got interested in drumming when I was younger, after seeing an older bro playing drums at my church because he looked so cool. The artist that inspired me is Drummer Lee Sang-min. While I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson’s music.

Howon: My hobbies and interests have always been singing. I’ve never learned how to sing professionally but I began getting vocal and music lessons when I got admitted to our company. Since we’re a band, I think I enjoy listening to bands like The 1975 and DNCE.

Aaron: I taught myself to play the piano and got to play at the church service when I was in my last year of middle school. I loved playing piano so much which naturally got me into music. In the beginning, I was heavily influenced by Black Gospel acts like Israel New Breed, Kirk Franklin and Jazz pianist Keith Jarret. These days, I listen to a lot of Synth-pop bands.

Yunsoo: I started learning the guitar from a teacher who taught an afterschool program, when I was in my first year in middle school. Thanks to the teacher, I got interested in playing the instrument and still at it to this day. The artist that influenced me the most would be Stevie Ray Vaughan. Watching him perform for the first time had a huge impact on me, which enabled me to study and play blues music. Most recently, watching a lot of John Mayor’s musicality and live performances have been an influence on me.

Jiwon: I began music when I got into a school band in my third year of middle school, because I thought it’d be great to become popular. I officially started doing music when I got admitted to High school and preparing to get into college. I would listen to bassist Marcus Miller’s music a lot, and was very influenced by him. I am currently listening to a lot of songs by The 1975 and Imagine Dragons.


*Which W24 song are you the most attached to, and why?

Jong-gil: The song that will be released soon, is something that I like the most. You’ll know why when you hear it. LOL.

Howon: I like Sosime the most out of all our songs. It took us quite a long time to produce the song, and spent vast effort into it, which makes it all the more special for me. 

Aaron: Make a Fuss! When you’re feeling down, this can quickly get you in a great mood when you either listen or play it. Our second mini album that is due to be released, has a few tracks that I am attached to, in a different way than the previous stuff we’ve done. 

Yunsoo: The single that is to be released. Ha ha. I think it’s because the more we work on the music, we feel ourselves gradually improving and developing. Please wait and anticipate other songs that we haven’t been able to reveal to you yet.

Jiwon: Nowadays, I like Beyond Measure – 무수히 the best. It’s uplifting to perform the song and I feel rewarded when I watch the crowd scream and jump to the tune.



(Drums: Jong Gil)


*Which album or song do you listen to the most frequently?

Jong-gil: Milky Day’s album OOL and Lauv’s albums are what I’m listening to the most these days.

Howon: I’m listening to Henry’s Untitled Love Song a lot, because I really love its rhythm and lyrics.

Aaron: Map of Soul: Persona by BTS, along with albums by Lauv and Jannavi.

Yunsoo: Zedd, Grey – The Middle, Lauv- Drugs & The Internet, and records by The 1975.

Jiwon: I listen to Sincerity is Scary by The 1975, and the album the song is listed in.


*Tell us your charm, in just one word.

Jong-gil: When I converse with people, I tend to react well and concur what they have to say, as well as expressing my own thoughts. 

Howon: Since I’m a bit of an introvert, I express my thoughts, only after I look at smallest detailed things. At times, I hear people make remarks that I am intensive, but there are others who like my attention to details.

Aaron: I have a cheery and positive personality, and tend to stay that way in any kind of situation.

Yunsoo: I am kind of sensitive when it comes to both my music and how I live my life. However, I find there are people who actually understand that about me and approve of it too.

Jiwon: I’m normally very shy and quiet, but when I get in the midst of the fans who like me, I tend to act cute, at times.



(Guitar: Yun Soo)


*Do you have any habits that you’d want to fix?

Jong-gil: I want to fix the habit of frowning my nose.

Howon: I tend to shake my legs when I feel nervous or uneasy. I want to fix that.

Aaron: I sleep all the time!!! I’m not sure if this would be classified as a bad habit but I sleep so much and well just anytime, anywhere.

Yunsoo: I’m too sensitive. And because I am this sensitive, I tire myself out sometimes. So, it’s a tendency that I want to get rid of.

Jiwon: When I’m in front of the camera, my facial expression becomes uneasy and my speech gets slightly slurred, most probably due to nervousness. I want to become less nervous and more natural.


*What is your favorite food or beverage?

Jong-gil: Samyang ramen, Braised short ribs, Gamja-tang, Tteok-bokki… How can I choose just one?

Howon: Lomo Saltado, which is a Peru cuisine, is my favorite. It has meat, rice and potatoes all in one. And I like Fruit Ades the best, for beverages. 

Aaron: Steak and ice Americano.

Yunsoo: It’s so difficult to select my fav food, because I generally eat anything and don’t have anything that I dislike. I do like an Americano, for beverage though.

Jiwon: For food, my fav is Tteok-bokki. And for beverage, Cold brew!



(Keyboard: Aaron)


*Who do you respect the most in the world?

Jong-gil: My dad and Dr. Lee Guk-jong.

Howon: Jesus! I respect Jesus Christ the most!

Aaron: Jesus for me too!!

Yunsoo: My mom, dad and our CEO.

Jiwon: My father. I grew up watching him putting his all into everything that he does, and I’ve always wanted to be like him.


*Where do you think is the best place to travel or visit in Korea?

Jong-gil: Banpo Hangang Park at sunset.

Howon: I’ve never been yet, but I heard that Jeju Island would be the best. Even on screen, it looked so cool.

Aaron: I personally love the city, so I reckon Seoul is great for travelling.

Yunsoo: I haven’t been able to do much travelling, ㅠㅠ so I’m not too sure… Where would be the best location?

Jiwon: Jeju Island! Because of its mountains, ocean and scenery ~ the food is great too, so it’s perfect for a trip.


*What kind of a person is your ideal type?

Jong-gil: A woman who is able to make wise decisions, respects her elders and loves babies.

Howon: Someone who’s easy-going, expresses her opinions well and honest.

Aaron: A person who doesn’t clash with me, and knows how to adjust to my personality.

Yunsoo: First, someone who is strong enough to lead me. And has pretty eyes.

Jiwon: Someone who has a nice smile, and works hard at what they do.



(Bass Guitar: Ji Won)


*Outside of Korea, which country or venue would you most wish to perform?

Jong-gil: We would love to perform starting from North America to South America.

Howon: I want us to perform at the music festival Lollapalooza in Brazil. 

Aaron: There are just too many to mention: South America, China, the States, Europe, Japan…

Yunsoo: Want to perform in the U.K and America, and would love to watch other artists perform there too – not only to learn from them musically but learn their overall attitude to music.

Jiwon: We want to be on stage at rock festivals abroad, since I think it’s so cool to watch my fav bands perform in major venues by interacting with the audience.


*Share with us your hopes and plans for the future. Please leave a comment for your fans too.

Jong-gil: It’d be meaningless for us to work hard to create music and perform if there is no audience there for us. So, we’re so very appreciative of your love. The members of W24 will never take that for granted and will do our best to work to make you proud with great music. Thank you!

Howon: We’d like to thank all of our lovely fans who have supported us and loved us until now. We are currently recording our next album and will film our music video very soon so we hope you guys are excited! Thank you!

Gracias a todos nuestros fans por esperarnos y amarnos hasta el dia de hoy. Estamos grabando nuestro siguiente album y estamos muy ansiosos y emocionados por eso. Esperamos verlos muy pronto otra vez en nuestro siguiente concierto. Gracias!

Aaron: Hello ~~ everyone. Thank you for supporting us while waiting for so long for our next album to be released! Soon, we will be back with great news on new material! Please watch this space and we ask for all your support and prayers please ~ We want to stay around and make good music that connects with people, for many days to come. Ha ha. Thank you so very much!! And for our fans in South America, we have a tour planned there in the near future, so please be patient ~! Gracias~!

Yunsoo: We still have a long way to go, but we’re so grateful to have fans who support and love what we do! We’ll definitely be back with fab music, and strive to become a band that encourages and provides healing to our listeners. In return, we will be energized by them too!

Jiwon: We’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who shows love and support. Please watch us become better as a team, as we work harder to achieve our goal to bring you better music. We want to perform in front of all of you, all around the world. Thank you!



— J. Chung.

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