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SATURDAY is a Korean girl group formed by SD Entertainment that made its official debut with “MMook JJi BBa” in July of 2018. The group currently consists of 7 members and their fandom is named SUNDAY.

On December 3rd 2018, the group announced a special Christmas single To Sunday Christmas. This single album consisted of three tracks: All I Want for Christmas Is You (a cover of Mariah Carey), In Your Eyes and Kiss Me. On February 1st 2019, the second single Follow SATURDAY and was released on February 13 with the single WiFi as its title track. SATURDAY went through minor member changes, as new members Juyeon and Minseo were added, after Sunha’s departure in March 29th 2019.

We at KCrush America, are very pleased to be able to deliver this interview. We sincerely wish the 7 members of the group the very best in their musical careers, and would like to express our gratitude to their staff as well. As always, we hope this will be a great read for you all, and that it encourages you to look more into the group and check out their music.


Please introduce yourselves to our readers

Sion: Hello, everyone. This is Sion, the charismatic member of SATURDAY.

Haneul: This is the innocent rapper Haneul of SATURDAY.

Chohee: I am Chohee, the cutie leader of SATURDAY.

Juyeon: I’m the charming Juyeon from SATURDAY.

Yuki: I am Yuki, the fluffy member SATURDAY.

Ayeon: This is the cutie pie, Ayeon from SATURDAY

Minseo: Hi! I’m Minseo the youngest member of SATURDAY!


Please tell us how you came to form as a group.

Sion: I dreamt of being an idol singer since I was a child, so I was given that opportunity when I joined the company and got to debut as a member of this group.

Haneul: I was a trainee for a long period of time, and got connected to a great company I’m currently at, and that’s how I became a member of SATURDAY.

Chohee: Since I was born with an obvious talent at performing, I’ve always wanted to be an idol singer.

Juyeon: When I was young, I actually had a dream that I was standing on a big stage with a spotlight. Since then, I began dreaming of becoming an idol star.

Yuki: I wanted to be in a great girl group, since watching performances on TV since I was young. I was given the chance of becoming one myself, after I passed an audition.

Ayeon: Me and my sister used to watch a lot of videos of idol groups’ performing, so I wanted to be a singer myself. I took an audition for this group and got to make my debut.

Minseo: I loved to dance as a child and dreamt of becoming an idol. I took the opportunity of an audition, was picked, trained then made my debut as a SATURDAY member!


What has changed the most, now that you’ve made a debut as a group?

Sion: Well, first and foremost, it’d be my appearance. I used to think I have a fierce look but I think it’s gotten milder now.

Haneul: My rapping skills! I think I’ve really improved, compared to when I first started as a rapper. I’ve lost a lot of weight too, that enabled me to look more mature and pretty.

Chohee: I used to have a moderately bright personality before, but after getting all the love from the SATURDAY members, I think my personality has become even more sweet!

Juyeon: I think that my mindset has changed. I am grateful for every moment and I write a journal on the things that I’ve done that day and give myself feedback – which is a way of managing my mentality and state. Since being a celebrity is about showcasing oneself, I am always trying to strive to become better myself all the time.

Yuki: I reckon that I’ve become prettier. ^^ I’ve lost quite a bit of weight than before debut, and since being on broadcast, I’ve been figuring out how to look great on camera, which naturally enhanced my appearance, I think.

Ayeon: I think my appearance has changed a lot. Prior to debut, I used to be chubby, so I lost weight since then.

Minseo: What changed the most is, my everyday life. I used to be an ordinary student, with an ordinary life, but now I have to take more care in my school life.



Tell us what kind of songs or albums you enjoy listening to, these days

Sion: I’ve been listening to Taeyeon’s Secret frequently, which is a song from Taeyeon sunbaenim’s album Rain. It’s also a song that I’ve been listening to a lot since high school, and I went back to listening to it regularly, for the sake of reminiscing.

Haneul: I’ve applied to feature in Show Me the Money, so I am listening to more rap songs these days. The song that I listen to frequently is Scary by Nada and Jeon Soyeon sunbaemin.

It’s something that I used to listen to a lot when it came out, but I went back to listening to it because of the show. Hope you guys support me on Show Me the Money!

Chohee: I listen to Youth (청춘) by Oohyo sunbaenim a lot! The words go something like ‘With small hands I comfort myself, that sometimes makes me tear up’. The lyrics, when Oohyo sunbaenim sings them with her healing vocal tone, are such consolation to me. I listen to the song every single day!

Juyeon: My favorite song these days! That would be Oui Oui (위위) sunbaenim’s Thinkin’ about you. I love the lyrics and the melody! I listen to it every night before going to sleep, writing my diary.

Yuki: Since it’s the spring, I listen to a lot of songs related to the season! I really love BOL4’s Bom a lot!

Ayeon: I listen to IU sunbaenim’s Knees and Paul Kim sunbaenim’s Every day, every moment! Knees is the song I listened to when I was going through hard times, for consolation. It’s like being in your mom’s arms, when you listen to that song. Every day, every moment is so mellow, and I’ve been practicing it as well as listening to it a lot. I sang it for my family during the recent holiday!

Minseo: For me, it’s Hoons sunbaenim’s ICU. I got to meet the band and I heard this song backstage and really loved it. Still enjoying listening to it.


What kind of food or beverages do you like or dislike?

Sion: The stuff that I like best are ice cream, pasta, and chocolate beverages! But I dislike Omasum ~

Haneul: I just love eating so very much, so I don’t have anything I don’t like. The stuff that I like the best are chocolate ice cream, sushi, chicken galbi, pork cutlet, milk tea, bubble tea and grapefruit juice.

Chohee: I love Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki (엽기 떡볶이) the most! I dislike white milk, since I can’t digest it well.

Juyeon: Meat is the fav thing in the world for me. I don’t like tomatoes. Since having a bit of it when I was 9, I never had it ever since.

Yuki: I can’t drink milk tea very well, and really dislike peas. But I like tofu, lol. I don’t drink green tea that well either. I love all kinds of meat like cutlet, chicken and etc…

Ayeon: I love home-cooked meals the most, while I don’t like to eat oysters, fried shrimp that much. My favorite beverage is coke.

Minseo: I love my parents’ cooking, Tteokbokki, bubble tea and meat! The things I don’t like are eggplant, pumpkins, mushrooms, carrots? I don’t really like vegetables.


Tell us about your hobbies or interests.

Sion: My hobbies are YouTubing, reading, and working out!

Haneul: I am into playing Nintendo, these days. It’s a game where you decorate a house and a village in a forest, so it’s really fun to increase the size of the garden and stuff.

Chohee: My interest is Stiletto dance, these days! I’ve fallen in love with it, because it looks so pretty. I’m always interested in dancing!

Juyeon: I love shopping! I’m interested in clothes, accessories, and playing musical instruments.

Yuki: I think I am enjoying journaling before heading off to bed. It helps me to soothe my mind.

Ayeon: Watching TV is a hobby of mine! I’m also interested in the Nintendo that Ju-yeon has, since I don’t have my own.

Minseo: I’m immersed in Tetris game on my MP3 these days! It’s what I used to play as a little kid, and it’s still so fun.



Who do you admire the most in the world?

Sion: Ariana Grande and Mamamoo’s Solar sunbaenim! Ariana has such a great vocal tone and I’ve seen her at one of her shows one time, and she was so cool!

Haneul: My parents, because they’re always very positive in everyday life. Being an idol singer in an entertainment industry can be stressful, but because I take after my parents, I don’t get stressed much. So, I really have a lot of respect for my parents for making me a positive person.

Chohee: JooE and Chungha sunbaenims! And my mother! I love the fact that JooE sunbaenim is always so energetic, despite having a busy and tiring schedule, so I always looked up to her and want to resemble her. Chungha sunbaenim is also my role model! She’s so charismatic on stage and so sexy that I want to take after her as a singer.

Juyeon: My older sister. She has always been there for me since I was born and, there are so many things that I want to take after her.

Yuki: My parents for me! They are the most precious people that I am lucky to have. And at this point, I really respect them for raising me and my two siblings.

Ayeon: My parents and my older sister! My parents are whom I admire the most, because they raised me and my two sisters and even helped our dreams come true. My sisters are both great mentors and friends of mine. I can always rely on them for great advice. I couldn’t have done anything without any of them.

Minseo: I look up to my parents the most. They are so supportive of me, even with my younger sibling to take care of. I admire and love them so much!


What do you do for your leisure and how do you relieve stress?

Sion: I love to play sports the best for leisure. And my way of releasing stress is going for walks and writing on my diary.

Haneul: Playing Nintendo is my favorite thing. The second fav thing is to chat with my friends, which I think really helps to relieve stress.

Chohee: To release stress, I like to dance to choreography that is very difficult. That way, I can forget what was heavy on my mind, in no time!

Juyeon: I get rid of stress by doing my favorite thing, shopping!

Yuki: I love games. Each time, a stage gets cleared, I get a sense of achievement, which releases stress as well. And eating also helps a lot too.

Ayeon: These days, I get in bed straight after a shower, to read books or write on my diary. I like to play with Yuki as well! Ha ha. 

Minseo: I like playing Tetris, shopping, and reading in a quiet place to relieve stress.


What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Sion: The first thing I do is, to weigh myself.

Haneul: I listen to the rap that I’ve recorded.

Chohee: I weigh my weight…

Juyeon: I look at the time first!

Yuki: I wake up the friends that I go to school with!

Ayeon: I weigh myself first, and then I peel fruits that I’ll have for lunch.

Minseo: I wash in the morning then weigh myself!



What is your favorite color and do you have color or shade you dislike?

Sion: I love yellow, and don’t have any colors that I dislike!

Haneul: I like sky blue and pink the most. I don’t think I have any colors that I don’t like.

Chohee: I love pink so much that my room is practically all pink! I like all colors because they each have their own diverse charm.

Juyeon: I like purple, light purple, light grey and if I had to pick a color that I dislike… maybe brown?

Yuki: I think bright yellow and pink colors that stand out are the prettiest! There aren’t any colors I don’t like.

Ayeon: I like yellow and black. I really don’t have any colors I don’t like.

Minseo: Pink is my favorite – I don’t think there’s a color I don’t like.


Recommend us any books, musical or movie you’ve enjoyed recently.

Sion: I want to recommend a book called, I Decided to Live as Myself – 나는 나로 살기로 했다, which helped me to overcome some of the difficulties that I was going through. I’d also like to recommend The Greatest Showman, even though it’s not a recent movie. I think I still have the imagery of the movie, because it was so fabulous, and it was emotional and entertainment all in one show, so I really enjoyed watching.

Haneul: It’s been a while since I’ve read this but, I’d like to recommend I am a Cat by Natsume Sōseki, which is written from a cat’s perspective and so fun to read.

Chohee: I write answers to the book The Moon’s Consolation! It’s so healing.

Juyeon: I think the book Self-esteem Lesson has really been a great help for me. As it says on the title, it basically makes you feel like you’re given a lesson on esteem.

Yuki: Recently, Haneul lent be a book called The Maze Runner, and I enjoyed reading it enough to start actually like reading, which I’ve previously hated doing.

Ayeon: I like the book The Mail in Post Box 110! It was so fresh, as a love story between grown-ups, and exciting as a romance novel! My favorite movie is Maze Runner, because I really like thrillers and escape stories. Maze Runner is just perfect for my tastes!

Minseo: These days I’m reading the book I Decided to Live as Myself – 나는 나로 살기로 했다. When my head is filled with thoughts, this book helps me to sort things out! I enjoy watching action films a lot, so I want to recommend the Marvel series and Terminator.



Which country or venue would you most likely want to perform?

Sion: I’d love to go to Japan, Europe, the States and everywhere else.

Haneul: We’ll go right wherever you want us.

Chohee: I would love to perform in the U.S.

Juyeon: I want to perform at the most famous places in so many countries! And a world tour? Lol.

Yuki: Each country has a main concert venue, so I want all those seats to be filled with SATURDAY fans!

Ayeon: My biggest wish is to hold our own concert at Gocheok Sky Dome.

Minseo: I always wanted to go to America, if I was to go abroad! I’d be so happy to be able to perform there.


Tell us about your plans and wishes for the future and add something for the fans too.

Sion: These days, I am composing and learning musical instruments. I am doing my utmost to showcase many diverse sides of myself. I really hope that there will be many people who like my singing voice. Thank you for always supporting and loving SATURDAY! We’ll be back with better shows, so please be patient!

Haneul: I’ve been working very hard on my rapping lately, so I wish I could get more recognition and become an all-round entertainer. Even when I am faced with difficulties, I can get through the day, thanks to the SATURDAY members. Thank you so much for all of your undying support. I love you.

Chohee: I plan to become a multi-entertainer who is capable of anything! I will strive to become a cuter, more cheerful and at times, sexy version of myself. I’m always grateful because you exist, my loves!

Juyeon: I will do my best to work on my guitar and piano, and be singer-songwriter for you all! SATURDAY is a group that you’ll think of anticipating like the weekend. We’ll work extra hard and focus like we have done from the start. Thank you ~!

Yuki: It is a dream of mine to see SATURDAY become a successful group!!! Thanks to all our energetic supporters, we will be able to work harder! Stay with us, and I hope both SATURDAY and SUNDAY will have a lot to look forward to in the future! I love you!

Ayeon: I want to show you a more unique concept in the future! We’ll put in all our efforts so that SATURDAY will be remembered as a legendary girl group and rewrite history.

Thank you for all of you who care to support us ~ we will do our best to repay you!

Minseo: I want to show you that I always work hard! My biggest goal is to succeed as a SATURDAY member. Thanks, SUNDAY, for being with us. Let’s do this for a long, long time.




— J.Chung.

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