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NOIR is a Korean 9-member boy band formed by Luk Factory, and group made their official debut on April 9, 2018 with album Twenty’s Noir. We’re very pleased to have attained an interview from the 9-member-group and would like to take this chance to thank the boys and their management for making this happen. We wish them all the best with their careers and hope their fans enjoy reading.


*Thank you for your precious time. Please introduce yourselves to our readers please.

Seunghoon: Hi ~ This is Shin Seunghoon, the leader of NOIR ^^. I’m the rapper, composer and lyricist of the team. I took part in creating all the rap making for all the songs in our most recent album.

Yeonkuk: Hello!!! This is Kim Yeonkuk and the vocalist of NOIR.

Junyong: Hello, I’m Lee Junyong, the main vocalist of NOIR.

Yunsung: Hello! I’m Nam Yunsung ~ I’m the talker and the blooming visual in the team!

Siheon: Hello! This is NOIR. Ever so sweet honey Siheon!

Hoyeon: Hi, I’m the tough charmer Hoyeon.

Siha: Hello, I’m NOIR’s husky voice Siha!

Minhyuk: Hi, I’m Kim Minhyuk – the prankster of NOIR.

Daewon: Hello, this is Kim Daewon, the maknae of NOIR!!



*How did you all debut as a group? Has it always been your dream to become a singer?

Seunghoon: I wanted to be a doctor since I was very young. I thought having a profession where you provide cure for people would be so cool. When I got into high school, I got into a dance group and performed on stage and got immersed in singing and dancing after that, which has paved a way to where I am now. I want to provide healing to people through music.

Yeonkuk: I wanted to be a doctor while growing up and when I got into high school, I suddenly wanted to try singing and changed my dream from then onwards. I got into this group because my friend, Yunsung kept nagging me to go to the auditions at my current company with him. So, I got through the audition and was made a member of NOIR.

Junyong: I was recommended by a music teacher to take an audition at our current company, and got to join the NOIR as the last member! My dream as a child was to become a singer. It’s because I felt comforted each time I sang, lol.

Yunsung: My childhood dream was to be an actor. But as I learned to sing and dance, I found it all so fun and energizing – that’s how I began to want to be an idol singer.

Siheon: I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger since I loved creating and learning about new things. I was a trainee in Seoul, and was going through a lot of hardships and wasn’t sure if I would make it. I was given a great opportunity to audition for a spot and was able to join the group.

Hoyeon: I dreamt of becoming a soccer player when I was younger, then later a scientist. But after watching a certain music program, I started dreaming of being a singer.   

Siha: I just wanted to sing when I was growing up. It wasn’t anything specific like an idol singer, singer songwriter, musician or anything like that – I just wanted to become someone who sings.

Minhyuk: I initially wanted to be a back-up dancer, but after performing on stage ~ I knew I wanted to be at the center, so that’s how I came to debut. 

Daewon: I wanted to be a singer since I was younger and I wanted to fulfill that dream. After countless auditions, I finally found my current company.



*Which NOIR song do you like the most and please add the reason too.

Seunghoon: There’s a track called Burning, which I participated in composing the music and the lyrics to. The song is dedicated to our fans, in thought that we’d even go through fire for Lumiere, even though that sounds cheesy. I enjoy listening to the song immensely.

Yeonkuk: I am the most attached Travel from our first album because I personally feel my part of the song sounds pretty sexy.

Junyong: I think it’d have to be Gangster from our debut album. That is because I can never forget the day when we received the song and the decision for us to debut was announced. I recall everything that happened since then, so that’s why I’m so attached to the song.

Yunsung: Be Taken! The lyrics are what we want to convey to our fans, Lumiere.

Siheon: Become a Star!! It was the song I got to record while I was still a trainee, and now it’s become a precious memory for me. 

Hoyeon: I think I’m the most attached to Airplane Mode. I liked how both the performance and song had a very defined concept.

Siha: Become a Star from our first album. Somehow, the song is so heart-wrenching and the story is what we want to express to Lumiere.

Minhyuk: It’s Be Taken for me, since it’s such an upbeat song.

Daewon: I’m the most attached to Become a Star from our first album. When I listen to it, I get consolation whenever I feel down and tired out.



*Name one artist/musician whom you admire the most.

Seunghoon: BTS Sunbaenims, who are currently doing incredibly right now. I look up their videos and read articles about them often, and they seem to be achieving of what one can only dream of. They’re such a cool act, and I’m learning so much from just watching them.

Yeonkuk: I respect Taemin sunbaemin the most. On stage, he’s so dreamy, sexy and his diverse facial expression, dancing skills, vocal ability and stage presence is all admirable.

Junyong: For me, I admire singer and musician Sia the most. She’s such a powerful vocalist, has her own way of sound and expressing her feeling through her music, which always makes my heart flutter! Lol.

Yunsung: Out of all the bands, I respect BTS sunbaenims the most. And, I’m a fan of Taemin sunbaenim personally.

Siheon: Park Hyoshin sunbaenim is the singer whom I respect the most! I grew up listening to him. I get a lot of thoughts and feelings through his music.

Hoyeon: BTS and Taemin sunbaenims.

Siha: I really have a lot of respect for Beak Yerin and Moon Myung-jin sunbaenims.

Minhyuk: BTS sunbaenims, because of their performance stage presence and superb dance skills.

Daewon: BTS sunbaenim for me. 



*Recommend us a song/album that you’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Seunghoon: I frequently listen to Undelivered Truth by BTS, these days. I think I tend to listen to it when I’m down.

Yeonkuk: BTS – Boy With Luv, Taemin – Thirsty and 10cm – However are some of the music I listen to a lot nowadays.

Junyong: I used to listen to Sia’s Alive every day of the week. I really recommend it.

Yunsung: Dan & Shay- Tequila!

Siheon: I’m listening to a lot of Park Hyoshin sunbaenim’s Goodbye!!

Hoyeon: BTS – Boy with Luv (작은것들을 위한 ), The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha – Call You Mine, and Taylor Swift – ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco).

Siha: These days, I’m really into Park Hyoshin sunbaenim’s Goodbye! I love the heart-wrenching feeling of the song, so I recommend you guys to check it out.

Minhyuk: Ovan’s Happiness.

Daewon: I recommend you to listen to Young Forever by BTS.



*How would you describe your personality and character?

Seunghoon: Can I define myself in one word? Lol. I can sometime turn out to be a little weird in many ways.

Yeonkuk: Sunshine.

Junyong: I’d say, I’m a prankster who has a positive and bright personality.

Yunsung: Attentive, feminine but valiant…?

Siheon: A shiny pebble.

Hoyeon: I have a lot of mood swings but I am a really fun character. Honestly!

Siha: Just nice.

Minhyuk: Innocent and cheerful?

Daewon: Passionate!!



*What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?

Seunghoon: I drink a ton of water. ^^

Yeonkuk: I brush my teeth first.

Junyong: I eat a snack because I’d be hungry. That way, I can wake up quickly.

Yunsung: I talk to Sihyeon, who sleeps on the bunk bed above me and ask him “What’s the time?”

Siheon: I lie still for a about 5 minutes and stare at the ceiling.

Hoyeon: I zone out.

Siha: I turn the alarm off.

Minhyuk: I drink a cup of water.

Daewon: I grab a towel and head to the bathroom.



*Recommend us any movies, musicals or books you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Seunghoon: I love the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I’ve watched countless many times, but I feel that it’s such a great classic each time I watch it.

When I need to gain inspirations on writing love songs, I would watch the film occasionally.

Yeonkuk: Avengers, I think.

Junyong: I want to recommend the movie Me Before You

Yunsung: The Avengers: Endgame is the best movie of the year!!

Siheon: I really loved Punch (2011) the movie!!! I can still recall the movie from when I first watched it, so vividly because I felt so entertained and refreshed.   

Hoyeon: Avengers: Endgame is the movie of my life.

Siha: I very much enjoyed watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

Minhyuk: Avengers: Endgame.

Daewon: All the Avengers movies.



*What is your special charm, in your opinion?

Seunghoon: I’m laidback? Tsundere… ^^

Yeonkuk: I think my charm is… the bright and positive vibe that I emit.

Junyong: A smiley face with pure skin! And perhaps, my abs? LOL.

Yunsung: Shiny and pretty eyes?!?

Siheon: My not-so-great Seoul accent is my charm, I think.

Hoyeon: I’m multi-talented and easy-going.

Siha: Innocence?

Minhyuk: I smile with my eyes.

Daewon: I am cute charismatic, dreamlike and I have chubby cheeks.



*What kind of person is your ideal?

Seunghoon: Someone who matches my humor and lovable, ha ha.

Yeonkuk: My ideal is someone kind and warm like a mom.

Junyong: I like someone who has the same taste for food as myself. I’m pretty particular so an average person would probably find it hard to adjust to me. Lol.

Yunsung: Someone who is capable of looking after me like a mom and the ability to make my heart flutter!!

Siheon: My ideal would be someone who is a really great listener, and someone that I can respect (and vice-versa).

Hoyeon: Someone who gets along really well with me.

Siha: Someone who fits well with my personality!

Minhyuk: Someone who never changes and stays the same.

Daewon: My ideal is a lady who has her attention only on me!!


*NOIR can refer to the color “black” in French, which color or colors do you like the most?

Seunghoon: I particularly like black, white and red. I like other colors too, but I don’t think I like navy or greyish tones that much.

Yeonkuk: I like black, purple and ivory. I don’t think I have any colors I don’t like.

Junyong: My favorite color is red, because it seems to symbolize love and passion so well.

Yunsung: When we first came out, I was into black and white a lot, but we wear a lot of luminous or bright colors often nowadays.

Siheon: Black and white for me, there aren’t any colors that I dislike much.

Hoyeon: I actually like black the best!

Siha: I love black too!

Minhyuk: I don’t have any dislikes, when it comes to colors. I like pastel-toned colors.

Daewon: I love black, white and red the best!! There aren’t any colors I don’t like either.


*Do you have a way of releasing or relieving stress? Please share.

Seunghoon: When I get stressed out, I play shooting games or just take a long nap.

Yeonkuk: I like to shop, play games, watch movies or watch an animation.

Junyong: I play sports, since I’m a sports addict lol.

Yunsung: I eat at night to relieve stress!!!

Siheon: I play games or draw.

Hoyeon: I play a lot of games. These days, I like to compose or edit videos.

Siha: I like to release stress by eating.

Minhyuk: I either cook or eat.

Daewon: I take some time alone, for myself. I watch a movie by myself or go for walks or something.


*What are you good at? Tell us about your interests, specialties and hobbies too.

Seunghoon: I rap, compose, write lyrics – I’d call these my specialties. For hobbies, I like games, customize outfits and shopping.

Yeonkuk: I am a great swimmer and my interests are shopping, movies and games.

Junyong: My clear, high tone vocals, maybe? That includes the volume too, lol… I can also speak Japanese! My hobby’s watching soccer matches!

Yunsung: I read comic books or animation!!! I’m really into comic books and love watching movies!

Siheon: My specialty is art!! I’m pretty good at drawing lol.

Hoyeon: My specialty is creating choreography, composing, editing videos… My hobbies are gaming and making things. 

 Siha: I collect electronic devices!

Minhyuk: I cook, play games, play basketball and watch films.

Daewon: My specialty is dancing and singing. And I love to watch movies, monitoring our stage performances and shopping.


*What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years’ time?

Seunghoon: In 10 years, I should we’d be better entertainers and be going around all over the globe on a world tour to see Lumiere.

Yeonkuk: We want to grow and expand as a band, and want to repay all the love that we received back to the fans.

Junyong: I would be volunteering to teach students who want to learn music. I’d be discovering talents and teach them the things I’ve learned myself.

Yunsung: I think I’d want to be remembered as a very successful musician.

Siheon: I should expect I’d be better off overall as a real grown-up and still be doing music.

Hoyeon: 10 years from now, I would like to have become a great artist and producer…!

Siha: I think we would still be active as Noir members… with Lumiere by our side!

Minhyuk: I think we would be having a great time touring the world and meeting our fans.

Daewon: I expect NOIR to enhance develop as a better group, and would be flying around the world to meet our fans.


*Let us know about your dreams and goals for the future. Please leave a comment for the fans too.

Seunghoon: We’re going to become a team that makes great music and performances that will always excite and inspire you… I hope you’ll please stick around with us for a long time. Love you, Lumiere… ♡♡

Yeonkuk: We plan to do our best to work on our third, fourth and many more albums to come in the future. We’re always working hard to showcase better music and performances to you all. ^^ Lumiere, I love you!!! We’ll do our utmost to meet you soon. Send us a lot of good vibes and love please…

Junyong: We’ll be releasing our third album soon…. We want to reach the charts before 2019 is over and attend award shows. And, we’d love to perform at Wembley! It took so long to produce this album, so we’re so grateful for everyone who waited for our return. We’ll be back with better performances for you. Wherever you are, we’ll work hard so you’d be proud to be Lumiere! Love you!! Thank you and see you all soon!

Yunsung: Our goal for the future is definitely to embark on a world tour. That’s one of the things we want to achieve with Lumiere. I believe we can make it happen! Hope to see you all soon. Lumiere, I love you!

Siheon: We want to work harder and keep producing great records, so even Lumiere will find it hard to browse somewhere else. We love you, Lumiere…!! We’ll be back with great performances!!

Hoyeon: First, we’d love to release more albums and meet up frequently with our fans via concerts, broadcasts, fan meetings…

Siha: We ask you to listen to our new single Doom Doom and thank you for always supporting us, Lumiere. Love you. 

Minhyuk: We’ll be back with great performances in the future. Please wait up for us. Lumiere, we’re always grateful for your love and support.

Daewon: We plan to showcase more diverse side of us and will do our best to progress!! NOIR exists because we have Lumiere. We’ll keep fulfilling our promises to you, one by one and will become what you’ll be proud of!! Keep your eyes on us!! We love you all.



— J. Chung.


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