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May 12, 2020 | 4923 Visits


JunWook Kim was one of the members for the Korean rock band The East Light. We had a pleasure of interviewing the promising guitarists and composer. We’d like to express our thanks to JunWook for this great interview.


Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, KCrush readers! Nice to meet you ~ I am Composer Kim Junwook.


Tell us how you got yourself into doing music.

I loved listening to music and playing musical instruments since I was young. I recall spending time playing the guitar and the piano here and there in the house. Then I wanted to write my own songs, so since the age of 10, I’ve been composing.


What song/album do you listen to the most these days?

I am really into The Weeknd’s album and also listening to TXT’s album daily since I love it so much.


Which musician/artist do you respect the most?

My role model is Babyface, who is a producer who has produced countless hits that people love since the 80’s until now, even when the trend of music has constantly been changing.

I also really like and admire music by Park Jin-young and Black Eyed Pilseung.


What is your favorite genre of music?

Each genre has its own unique charm, and I love each of them because of that reason.

These days, there are many songs that are crossovers which have more than one musical genre, so I am enjoying a lot of songs regardless of the set genre.



Where do you usually find inspiration when writing songs?

I tend to sit and produce tracks when sitting at the workshop, then I get hit by great ideas and inspiration, rather than waiting to write songs if I gain inspiration. I improvise by utilizing the created ideas into my songs.


How do you release stress?

I normally just listen to music or watch TV dramas but if stress really gets to me; I lie down and just look at the phone all day.

If I laze about just looking at the phone, I can get recharged with new energy that way.


What is your hobby or interest?

To be honest, the only hobby or interest that I have is music. My hobby is listening to diverse music and studying/analyzing it.


What are your future goals and plans?

Music is truly a beautiful thing. Regardless of being different in ethnicity and speaking in different languages – music is one thing we can all communicate in. I want to produce music that the whole world can enjoy and listen to. It’s a big dream but I will make sure to continuously work hard make it work someday.


Please say something nice to the fans.

Although I am not currently active so I can concentrate on my music – I am always so very thankful and happy each time I get a message of support from you. I will work harder to get to you guys very soon with new work.


– J. Chung.

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  1. Yui says:

    I’ll always waiting for the awesome songs produced by Composer Kim Junwook. I trust his taste in music ^^

  2. theeastlight.facts says:

    Thank you for interview. It means a lot for us
    Kim Junwook, I’ll wait for you ??❤

  3. Lin says:

    Composer Kim Junwook, I’ll wait for your masterpiece ?
    Don’t forget to eat and sleep well, you’re amazing ?

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