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From writing and composing songs to becoming a sensational figure and label in the K-Pop industry, JUNNY has made such an unmatchable impression as an artist. The Korean-Canadian singer and songwriter is not only making a buzz in the South Korean peninsula only but globally as well, especially with the “Not About You” hit single. Join KCrush America Magazine as we unwind with JUNNY and get to know him more.


1. The “Color Me” single, alongside Chung Ha, is amongst your hit collaborations. How did this come to be and how was the experience?

청하와 함께 했던 “Color Me” 싱글은  당신의 히트곡 중 하나이다. 이것은 어떻게 생겨났고 그 경험은 어땠습니까?

It was just pure and simple. I had a session with my long time friend/ songwriter MinGtion and we were working on a song for myself. I wanted to have a female vocal as a feature and I was fortunate enough to be able to send over a demo to Chungha as soon as it was finished. Thankfully she liked the song and the collaboration was possible and it was an amazing experience being able to meet and record with her. Big shoutout to MinGtion and Chungha!


2. You just finished the North America tour with your first-ever full-length “Blanc” album. Given that you’ve mostly worked behind the scenes as a song-writer, how was the one-on-one experience with the fans? How does it compare with working behind the scenes?

당신은 북미 투어를 이제 막 첫 정규 앨범 “Blanc”로 마쳤습니다. 주로 작곡가로 무대 뒤에서 활동했던 것을 보면, 그 팬들과의 일대일 경험은 어땠나요? 막후에서 일하는 것과 비교하면 어떻습니까?

It was an amazing experience throughout the tour and seeing the fans I loved every moment of it and made me want to focus on my own music even more. I was just thankful for all the love and I want to continue to grow more as an artist and show a even better version of me each time I visit.


3. You wrote and composed the “Blanc” album, which has gained massive reception just a few months upon release. What does “Blanc” symbolize in your career?

발매 몇 달 만에 큰 호응을 얻은 ‘블랑’ 앨범을 작사, 작곡하셨는데요. “블랑”은 당신의 경력에서 무엇을 상징하습니까?

It’s a big career changing project for me, I was able to go on my first tour because of this album and it helped me learn about what it takes to make a full length album as well as the amount of focus I need to put in my artistry. I feel like this put me on a new playing field and I’ve got to work harder to make the fans proud.


4. The lyrics for the latest “Not About You” single are quite intense. What’s the story behind this song?

최근 싱글 ‘Not About You’의 가사는 꽤 강렬합니다. 이 노래의 줄거리는 무엇습니까?

It’s about an ex during my high school days and it’s honestly something that started very light heartedly but at the time it was a message I had to get off my chest. After making a song about it I’m very proud of this song and hopefully she’s given it a listen as well, ha ha.


5. Despite your recent debut, you are making waves in the entertainment industry not to mention the successful U.S tour. What’s the secret behind your success as an artist?

최근 데뷔에도 불구하고, 당신은 그 성공적인 미국 투어는 말할 것도 없고 연예계에 큰 파장을 일으키고 있습니다. 당신이 예술가로서 성공한 비결은 무엇입니까? 

To be honest I’m nowhere near where I want to be because I set my standards real high but I am definitely grateful for being able to be in this position and travel across the globe and perform. It just motivates me as an artist and I think from the beginning I set my goals high not caring about how long it’ll take me to accomplish it, but trusting the process and working hard on my craft.


6. While on your U.S. tour, was there a best food or place you enjoyed the most?

미국 투어를 하는 동안, 당신이 가장 즐겼던 최고 음식이나 장소가 있었습니까?

We once hit the buffet in Vegas, Caesars Palace and it was amazing but I got full so early I wasn’t able to eat as much as I thought I could. Every city was so beautiful and had its own vibe half the time. I just wanted to work on music staring outside the window from my hotel. It was an amazing experience.


7. If you were not in entertainment, what would you be doing with your life?

만약 당신이 연예계에 있지 않다면, 지금 당신은 당신의 삶에서 지금 무엇을 할 수 있습니까?

I literally have no idea because my life was all about music as soon as I graduated high school and I never had other thoughts on anything else but this. If it HAS to be something different it’d probably be something that’s related to arts.



8. Who inspires you to thrive in the entertainment industry?

누가 당신이 엔터테인먼트 산업에서 성공하도록 영감을 주시겠습니까?                     

Everyone I know in this industry and the friends I’ve made along the way. They are all so talented and to be able to call them my friends I am so grateful. They inspire me to be better as a musician and a person as well.


9. What is your favorite food/drink and what is the most fun thing you have done in your life, so far?

당신이 가장 좋아하는 음식/음료는 무엇이고 지금까지 당신이 살면서 한 일 중 가장 재미있었던 일은 무엇십니까? 

Fav food is lasagna or pasta/ my go to drink is Zero Coke or Pepsi these days. The most fun thing I’ve done in my life so far is go on tour no cap.


10. Out of the songs you’ve written, composed and performed, which would you say was the most difficult to undertake and why?

본인이 작사, 작곡한 곡 중에서 어떤 곡이 가장 어려웠고 그 이유는 무엇이라고 생각하십니까?

Boyhood was one of the difficult songs that comes to mind because I had to get very personal with the lyrics and had to reach deep into the emotions I’ve felt throughout my early years till now. Even musically there were a lot of changes and rearranging because I wasn’t satisfied with how it was sounding at first but we managed to pull through and I’m happy with how it came out in the end.


11. What should we expect from JUNNY as an artist as of 2023?

2023년 현재 아티스트로서 우리는 주니 씨에게 무엇을 기대해야 하겠습니까?

More fun projects, more shows, more JUNNY and most importantly a continuous improvement of myself for the fans and for me right now, sky is the limit. I’m just enjoying every step of process.


12. What would you want to relay to your fans?

팬분들께 전달하고 싶은 게 뭐뭐습니까?

Just want to say I am truly grateful for each and every one of y’all and I’m doing my best to come perform at a city near you so please be patient and hope to see you all soon! More music on the way and hope you are all excited for what’s to come! I will make you all proud. Love you all! Peace & love


—-Karen Mwenda 


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