Hyukoh’s Lim Hyun-Jae Announces Upcoming Marriage

March 9, 2020 | 3892 Visits

Hyukoh’s Lim Hyun-Jae Announces Upcoming Marriage


Hyukoh’s guitarist, Lim Hyun-Jae, shared exciting news on the March 7, 2020 episode of MBC’s Hangout with Yoo!

On the show, Lim stated that he and his longtime love will be getting married this coming May!

“They have been together for a long time,” leader Oh-Hyuk said of Lim and his soon-to-be-wife. “She is his first girlfriend.”

Lim said, “We have been friends since middle school, and we started dating each other in our twenties.”

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-newlyweds!

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—-Olivia Murray

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