Filipino pop icon ena mori, winner of NME’s Best Asian Albums of 2022, joins Japanese trackmaker Tomggg for new single ‘Ichigo Miruku’

April 15, 2023 | 1032 Visits


Japanese trackmaker Tomggg has earned acclaim both in Japan and abroad for his highly original sound. Last year, Tomggg’s track ‘License of Love’ – cowritten with Japanese indie-pop artist kiki vivi lily – was used in a commercial by Apple. This was followed by the release of ‘Wetlands of grey and blue’, an EP featuring five songs that were originally written for the popular videogame ‘Deemo II’.

Tomggg has collaborated with a variety of artists from around the world, releasing ‘Turn The Lights On’ with Indonesian indie-pop artist Vira Talisa, and ‘it’s okay!!’ with Hong Kong electronic musician Merry Lamb Lamb, attracting attention from audiences in Japan and overseas.

Tomggg’s latest release ‘Ichigo Miruku’ is a collaboration with ena mori, a pop icon from the Philippines. Taking the No.1 spot in NME’s Best Asian Albums of 2022 list, ena mori has received high praise from music fans around the world, with catchy melodies and lyrics in a mix of English and Japanese that draw on her Japanese ancestry. The lively and fun lyrics to ‘Ichigo Miruku’ uniquely depict a girl lost in the streets of Tokyo, resulting in a colorful pop song that is perfectly synchronized with Tomggg’s precise and unique beats.

The cover artwork was illustrated by Mami Ikeda, with a rich and impactful pop style that matches the music, adding an additional layer of color.


Tomggg & ena mori

Ichigo Miruku

2024.4.14 Release





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