Cosmic Girls/WJSN

January 13, 2016 | 3643 Visits

Cosmic Girls/WJSN (Korean: 우주소녀, Chinese: 宇宙少女) is the first binational girlgroup, which means they will be managed under two agencies: the Korean company, Starship Entertainment (Sistar, Monsta X, K.Will, among others), and the Chinese company, Yuehua Entertainment (Hangeng, Zhou Bichang, Zhang Yao, and others). This collaboration represents a symbol of cooperation between these two countries. The name WJSN stands for Wu Ju So Nyeo (Cosmic Girls translated to Korean). The girls are going to debut “early” this year. Some teaser pictures are already out.

Cosmic Girls will have twelve members and they will also be divided in four units: Wonder Unit, Joy Unit, Sweet Unit and Natural Unit. No other information whether they will promote together or separately was given. There are two members already recognized: Exy, the rapper, who participated in the second season of the Korean reality-show, Unpretty Rapstar, while she was still a trainee; Dayoung, one of the main vocalists, who auditioned, in 2011, at SBS’s audition program, K-Pop Star.

This wasn’t the first time that Yuehua Entertainment partnered with Starship or with other companies. They have partnered with Starship Entertainment before, to debut the Chinese-Korean boygroup, UNIQ, and with Pledis Entertainment to promote K-Pop groups, like After School and NU’EST, in China.

The Members:
Xuan Yi (dancer/vocalist, Joy Unit);
EXY (leader/main rapper, Sweet Unit);
Seol A (main vocalist, Sweet Unit);
Bona (vocalist/visual, Wonder Unit);
Luda (main vocalist, Natural Unit);
Eunseo (vocalist, Joy Unit);
Cheng Xiao (dancer, Wonder Unit);
Yeoreum (vocalist, Joy Unit);
Soobin (main vocalist, Sweet Unit);
Dawon (main vocalist, Natural Unit);
Mei Qi (main vocalist/dancer, Natural Unit);
Dayoung (main vocalist/maknae, Wonder Unit).

Here are their nationalities:
Korean – EXY; Seol A; Bona; Luda; Eunseo; Yeoreum; Soobin; Dawon; Dayoung
Chinese – Cheng Xiao; Mei Qi


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