4th Generation K-Pop Groups

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The 4th generation of K-Pop groups is made up of bands that debuted from 2017 to date. With the successful globalization of the 3rd generation groups, the ensuing 4th generation are taking the world by storm. Not only are these newbies further spreading the Hallyu wave, they are putting Korea on the global map and scooping international endorsements and ambassadorships along the way. Below are some of the best 4th generation K-Pop groups.


1. Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈)

Stray Kids was birthed through the Stray Kids reality show by JYP Entertainment in 2017. Nonetheless, this talented boy band officially debuted in March, 2018 with the I Am Not EP. After Woojin’s departure in 2019m the group currently consist of eight members including Lee Know, Bang Chan, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, I.N, and Felix. The fandom name for Stary Kids is STAY denotes that the group wants the fans to stay by their side. Stray Kids’ ‘No Easy’ album was the group’s first million-selling album while their 2022’s Maxident and Oddinary EPs became their first appearances in the UK Albums Chart and Billboard 200. Stray Kids has engaged in various endorsements for its youthful looks including for clothing brands such as Bench (Philippines) and Wego (Japanese).


2. ENHYPHEN (엔하이픈)

ENHYPHEN was formed through the I-Land survival show by Belift Lab, a collaboration between Hybe Corporation and CJ ENM. The boy band debuted in November, 2020 with the Border: Day One EP. ENHYPHEN consist of seven members including Sunoo, Sunghoon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Ni-ki, and Jungwon. ENHYPHEN’s fandom name is ENGENE which denotes that fans are the group’s “engine” towards greater heights and that both the fans and ENHYPHEN share a “GENE” to develop together. Just like Stray Kids, ENHYPHEN has engaged in various endorsements including Ami Paris (French fashion), Abib (Korean skincare), Nike Ari Max (Japanese footwear), Coke Studio (recording studio), and Coca Cola Zero (drink). ENHYPHEN has also participated in various concerts and tours including their 2022 “MANIFESTO” world tour which was also held in the US.


3. (G) I-dle {(여자)아이들}

This hype girl band entered the entertainment scene in May, 2018 with the I Am EP and hit track, “Latata”. Formed by Cube Entertainment, (G) I-dle is currently a 5-member band after Soojin left in 2021. The members include Yuqi, Minnie, Soyeon, Miyeon, and Shuhua. The fandom name for (G) I-dle is Neverland denoting that the group and its fans will forever be together. (G) I-dle is mostly known for the “Dumdi Dumdi” and “Nude” singles. These band’s songs have also gone international confirmed by their ranking on platforms such as Mediabase Top 40 Radio Airplay chart and Billboard Pop Airplay. (G) I-dle has won various awards including 2020’s Best K-Pop Video award and gone on tours such as 2022’s “Just Me ()I-dle” world tour that commenced in Latin & North American and Asia.


4. ATEEZ (에이티즈)

Dubbed as “Global Performance Idols” and “4th Generation Leaders”, ATEEZ officially came to being in October, 2018 with the Treasure: All to Zero EP under KQ Entertainment. This award-winning band consists of eight members including Seonghwa, Hongjoong, Yunho, Jongho, Wooyoung, San, Yeosang, and Mingi. The fandom name for ATEEZ is ATINY which is a combination of ATEEZ and DESTINY thus signifying that the group and its fans were destined to be. Most of their albums, including the ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’ album, have topped the Gain Album Chart. In addition to several endorsements such as being global ambassadors for the Korean cosmetics brand, Mernel, ATEEZ is known for its philanthropism such as collaborating with Polished Man to raise funds for trauma prevention and recovery programs.


5. CRAVITY (크래비티)

Known for its pop culture, CRAVITY debuted in April, 2020 with the Season 1 Hideout: Remember Who We Are EP under Starship Entertainment. This 9-memebr band consists of Serim, Woobin, Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, Minhee, Seongmin, Allen, Jungmo, and Woojin. CRAVITY’s fandom name is LUVITY which means “people who love CRAVITY”. Dubbed as the “Monster Rockies”, CRAVITY was the first 2020 rookie artist on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100. CRAVITY has won many awards including 2020’s Best of Next award. The band has done several engagements such as 2022’s oversees ambassador for Korean culture, 2020’s Black Rouge cosmetics model, and 2020’s Searchit American clothing brand model. CRAVITY is mostly known for its “Adrenaline”, “My Turn”, and “Break All the Rules” tracks.


6. VIVIZ (비비지)

Formed by BPM Entertainment, VIVIZ debuted in February, 2022 with the Beam of Prism EP. This trio girl band consists of Eunha, SinB, and Umji. The fandom name for VIVIZ is Na.V denoting that VIVIZ and its fans will fly beautifully together. The group gained quite a following upon debuting and won a music award by MBC just a week after debuting. The band has won other awards including Female Rookie Idol of the Year award and K-Global Hot Star award in 2022. VIVIZ became the first K-Pop girl band to ever appear on the global show, The Recording Academy, under Grammy’s Global Spin. VIVIZ is well known for its “Bop Pop” and “Rum Pum Pum” hit singles.


7. CIIPHER (싸이퍼)

This award-winning boy band debuted in March, 2021 with the I Like You EP under R.A.I.N Company owned by singer Rain. The group consist of 7 members including Tan, Hyunbin, Hwi, Keita, Tag, Dohwan, and Won. CIIPHER’s fandom name is Clue which also refers to the group’s name that means “code”. Prior to joining CIIPHER, most of the members had participated in survivals shows or trained with other entertainment agencies. CIIPHER also won the K-Pop Star award in 2021 confirming its popularity in the entertainment industry.


8. Aespa (에스파)

Aespa was formed by SM Entertainment and debuted in November, 2020 with the “Black Mamba” single. The 4-member girl band comprises of Giselle, Karina, Winter, and Ningning. Aespa’s fandom name is MY which means “the most precious friend” in the wilderness. Aespa has engaged in various endorsements including wit Givenchy (French fashion), Clio (Korean cosmetics), Acqua di Parma (Italian fragrance), and Chopard (Swiss watch and jewelry) among others. Aespa is expected to have the “Synk: Hyper Line” tour running from late February to late April 2023 in South Korea and Japan.


9. E’LAST (엘라스트)

Previously known as EBoyz, E’LAST debuted under E Entertainment in June, 2020 with the “Swear” single from ‘Day Dream’ mini album. The band’s eight members include Rano, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wunjun, Yejun, Baekgyeul, Seungyeop, and Choi In. the fandom name for E’LAST is ERRING which denotes that fans always ring and respond to E’LAST thus signifying their forever bond. The group’s Roar EP caused ripples in the entertainment industry with its  “Creature” lead single gaining massive views and praises. Fans expect a lot from this boy band despite Seungyeob joining the mandatory military service early January, 2023.


10. ITZY (있지)

ITZY officially joined the entertainment industry in February, 2019 with the ‘It’z Different’ single album under JYP Entertainment. The 5-member girl band comprises of Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Lia, and Yuna. ITZY’s fandom name is MINDZY which denotes “to trust” since MINZY and ITZY trust each other. ITZY has engaged in various endorsements including with Maybelline New York (US), Kia Motors (South Korea), Mac Cosmetics (US), H&M (Swedish fashion), and Charles &Keith (Singaporean fashion) among others. ITZY’s “CHECKMATE” world tour that commenced in South Korea and US further increased the girl band’s global footing. The band has won various awards including 2020 and 2021’s Golden Disc Award Song Division. ITZY is best known for its “LOCO” and “WANNABE” single hits.


—- Karen Mwenda


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